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All sex offender files currently in our database from Ohio and located in the city/town of London are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Ohio sex offender information.

Robin Hughes (M: 31) Earl J Aeschliman (M: 53) Walter Scott Ailiff (M: 32)
Timothy Dale Amweg (M: 45) Albert E Anderson (M: 55) Leon J Ashcraft (M: 54)
Winston Semeco Autry (M: 33) Charles Baker (M: 39) Mathew Barber (M: 49)
Travis Wesley Basham (M: 31) Clyde Beck (M: 62) Jonathan Andrew Berryman (M: 28)
Bryon Leon Blackwell (M: 34) Eric Boland (M: 51) Michael Boswell (M: 62)
Deandre Brown (M: 49) Michael S. Brown (M: 34) Ralph Brown (M: 76)
Larrien Asanti Brownaustin (M: 27) Stephen Anthony Burks (M: 30) James Curtis Butler (M: 40)
Vincente Campos (M: 28) Dale A Cardosi (M: 38) Henry Carpenter (M: 59)
Terry Lee Carter (M: 57) Casey Lee Caudill (M: 31) Michael Chaplin (M: 53)
James M Childers (M: 36) Jimmie W. Clark (M: 51) Johnny Cockshutt (M: 52)
Karl Collins (M: 58) Corey C Cook (M: 39) Timothy J Cook (M: 38)
Johnny Everett Cooper (M: 50) Lawrence Cooper (M: 81) James P Cotter (M: 63)
Aaron Scott Counts (M: 31) Rodney J Crooks (M: 46) Andrez Crosby (M: 43)
Damon Cure (M: 53) Bobby Curry (M: 41) Donald Leon Cutlip (M: 31)
Arvil Davenport (M: 55) Jerry David (M: 54) Matthew Donell Davis (M: 47)
Matthew Mark Dawson (M: 30) Kenneth Walter Dixon (M: 40) Willie Lee Douglas (M: 65)
Michael Dozier (M: 58) Kenneth James East (M: 58) Michael A Easterling (M: 40)
James E Eaton (M: 51) Kirk M Eberle (M: 45) Charles Bryon Edwards (M: 41)
Todd D Elder (M: 49) Robert K Ely (M: 72) Leland Blaine Evans (M: 53)
Willie James Faison (M: 58) Jason L Fitzpatrick (M: 28) Paul Jo Fitzpatrick (M: 44)
Michael Flowers (M: 60) Rex Fockler (M: 56) Benjamin Freeman (M: 50)
Britt Freistuhler (M: 49) Gary D Frost (M: 69) Antonio Lamar Fuller (M: 26)
Ellis Gabbard (M: 24) Silas Galdamez (M: 38) Richard E Garabrandt (M: 67)
Al George (M: 22) Steven Wayne George (M: 55) William R Goode (M: 51)
Benjamin P Gordon (M: 48) Donald Green (M: 65) Kevin Greer (M: 49)
Robert Raymond Groh (M: 46) Thomas L Hale (M: 56) Jerry Hall (M: 49)
John E Hall (M: 30) Michael G Hamilton (M: 62) Roy Hammonds (M: 46)
Robert L Hardwick (M: 58) Shawn Harmon (M: 39) Timothy Hatten (M: 41)
Jad Holmes (M: 22) Phillip Hutton (M: 55) David A Ihle (M: 42)
Scott D Jewett (M: 53) Joseph Ray Jones (M: 37) Michael D Jones (M: 49)
Michael Jones (M: 52) Vincent Jones (M: 41) William F Keeley (M: 60)
Christopher Keith (M: 46) Kevin William Keith (M: 29) Brett Randall Kelly (M: 43)
James Matthew Kepling (M: 38) Jerry D Kilpatrick (M: 30) David Richard Korecky (M: 46)
Donald Kozma (M: 65) Paul J Kramizeh (M: 62) Charles W Lade (M: 70)
David Dwayne Leet (M: 31) Ronald Leslie (M: 46) Nathan Ryan Litfin (M: 34)
Clifford Long (M: 48) Norman E Lucas (M: 255) Michael Luks (M: 53)
James Kevin Mack (M: 46) Sheila Macke (F: 44) Michael Ray Maier (M: 54)
Milton D Malone (M: 76) Brandon Mapes (M: 22) Robert D Martin (M: 44)
Shane A Martin (M: 33) Andrew Robert May (M: 69) Antwan Leander Mccarrel (M: 38)
Huey Mcclellan (M: 57) George Mccomas (M: 58) Kenneth Mccown (M: 57)
Jerry Mccurry (M: 73) Dillon Mitchell Mcdermott (M: 21) Steven Eugene Menda (M: 42)
Charles J Miller (M: 56) Dennis Miller (M: 41) Henry C Miller (M: 51)
Charles Irvin Napper (M: 32) Gregory Allan Nichols (M: 37) Mark Nicodemus (M: 53)
Henry Ohara (M: 61) Steven Anthony Omalley (M: 46) Gus George Owens (M: 65)
Michelle Lee Pace (F: 39) Philip E Palmer (M: 45) Robert L Parker (M: 66)
William Daniel Parker (M: 56) Chadwick Ronald Patterson (M: 25) Joe Peters (M: 44)
Terry D Porter (M: 58) Donald E Powell (M: 54) Marvin Powell (M: 42)
David Power (M: 67) Michael J Powers (M: 65) Ned Robert Presley (M: 50)
Dean M Prisco (M: 57) Marvin E Ramage (M: 52) Jason P Ramey (M: 39)
Jacob R Reeder (M: 69) Dennis J Reeves (M: 55) Robert David Reynolds (M: 62)
David Ridenour (M: 30) David Ries (M: 45) Victor Rivas (M: 64)
Rex E Robertson (M: 48) Bryan Rose (M: 32) Harold C Rotherum (M: 59)
Ryan A Roy (M: 39) Steven Todd Roy (M: 49) Juan Ruiz (M: 22)
Robert William Rush (M: 49) Roger Lee Rutan (M: 62) Vincent W Sabbagh (M: 40)
Steven Sammons (M: 52) Kenneth Sandlin (M: 59) Nathaniel Owen Sandlin (M: 51)
Kenneth J Schwalbauch (M: 56) Michael Scott (M: 40) Roy C Sebastian (M: 56)
Ronald R Shaffer (M: 53) Abraham Mcnalea Shears (M: 44) Cory Michelle Siefke (F: 32)
James Edward Simpson (M: 43) Thomas King Sims (M: 46) Todd M Snyder (M: 36)
Todd D Sodders (M: 45) Anthony Spezzalli (M: 50) Steven Steckman (M: 45)
Erik William Steffen (M: 30) Richard Stephson (M: 57) Clifton C Stevens (M: 64)
Carl Straight (M: 46) Shawn Swanson (M: 41) Aaron B Tabor (M: 44)
Darryl L Tate (M: 46) James Tayse (M: 35) Ohleg Test2 (M: 52)
Paulus S Thomas (M: 45) Michael Thompson (M: 46) Andrew James Tooill (M: 25)
Jeffrey L Town (M: 53) Gerald C Tressler (M: 57) Terrell Triquerro (M: 32)
Christopher K Tucker (M: 26) Lerone Ennis Tucker (M: 49) Calvin J Turner (M: 51)
James C Vaughn (M: 50) Jerry Vickroy (M: 48) Larry Wade (M: 53)
Anthony A Wallace (M: 43) Jeffrey L Waller (M: 57) Jeffrey A Walton (M: 56)
James Ward (M: 22) William Washington (M: 55) Carl E Weber (M: 71)
Tony Welch (M: 53) Jereal Damont Wells (M: 28) Duane Werner (M: 46)
Joseph West (M: 28) Gary Whitlock (M: 34) Thomas A Williams (M: 51)
Thomas R Williams (M: 66) Kenneth Winkle (M: 41) Dennis Morris Wolfel (M: 62)
James R Wyckhouse (M: 58) Edwin Zimmerman (M: 50) Jeffery Dewayne Jones (M: 44)
Todd James Steinhaus (M: 36) Robert Carey Taylor (M: 66) Michael Lee Waugh (M: 34)
Melvin Eugene Bradley Jr (M: 30) Brandon Travis Kitts (M: 28) Eric Robert Miller (M: 36)
Debbie Sue Hopkins (F: 52) William James Hutslar (M: 58) Christopher Edward Carson (M: 27)
Anthony Carlos Sample (M: 29) Charles Scott Boswell (M: 54) Juan A Mendoza (M: 41)
Jamie Michael Simpson (M: 49) James Arnold Fitzpatrick (M: 60) John D Hurst (M: 37)
Alonzo Harrison (M: 20) Dennis W Heil (M: 59) James Hilyard (M: 45)
Tommy Kukuloff (M: 60) Landon Scott Weiss (M: 46) David Lawrence Mundy (M: 78)
John Booth Cross (M: 55) Samuel Donham-Bey (M: 59) Brian Todd Hall (M: 44)
Douglas Wayne Harrison Jr (M: 36) Juan Garcia Maldonado (M: 29) Robert Lee Pearson (M: 55)
Danny Mongold (M: 55) William M Morgan (M: 54) Jesse T Murphy (M: 36)
Roger Music (M: 56) Johnathon E Hicks (M: 28) Jason Goss (M: 33)

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