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All sex offender files currently in our database from Ohio and located in the city/town of Lancaster are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Ohio sex offender information.

Jeffery Allen Ables (M: 46) Norman (Nmn) Ackison (M: 78) Robert Andrew Agosta (M: 74)
Robert Lee Anderson (M: 57) Melvin Steven Baker (M: 65) Cole Allen Baughman (M: 50)
Robert Louis Bickel (M: 68) Scott Michael Billingsley (M: 39) Charles Joseph Blevins (M: 52)
Michael Curtis Boice (M: 52) Bruce Alan Bower (M: 59) Joseph Allen Bowman (M: 33)
David Allen Braman (M: 33) Jeffery William Brisker (M: 24) Ernest Vernell Brooks (M: 60)
Nichalous A Brown (M: 22) Tracy Allen Brown (M: 39) Thomas Harmon Buehler (M: 42)
David Butler (M: 39) Scott E Butner (M: 37) Scott Lee Canfield (M: 49)
Jerry Allen Carroll (M: 45) Jared Mark Childers (M: 30) Richard Christy (M: 72)
Joseph Eugene Clarkson (M: 25) David Andrew Cleland (M: 27) Edward Close (M: 56)
John Robert Cochran (M: 34) Darren Lee Coey (M: 39) Gerald Edward Collier (M: 86)
John Conlee Collison (M: 31) Michael Charles Combs (M: 43) Jerry Craiton Cook (M: 32)
Kaylon Cottrill (M: 25) Marvin Russell Crawford (M: 30) Zachary Ryan Crouch (M: 26)
Craig Richard Decker (M: 43) James Stanley Dishman (M: 48) John Robert Dolby (M: 43)
Earl Edson Downour (M: 58) Earl E Downour (M: 58) Robert Lee Downour (M: 74)
Robert Eldon Ellis (M: 48) Larry Eugene Enmen (M: 32) Jerry R Ferguson (M: 70)
Walter Edward Ferguson (M: 41) Shane Taza Fickel (M: 36) Jasper Allen Fosnaugh (M: 49)
Eugene Howard Freck (M: 79) Christopher Allen Frye (M: 48) Dale Allen Fullmer (M: 57)
Lowell Lewis Goddard (M: 74) Jeremy Jason Griffith (M: 35) Jerry Lee Groves (M: 79)
Steven Michael Guisinger (M: 46) Ricardo T Harris (M: 50) Richard Lee Hartley (M: 41)
Richard Dallas Heimberger (M: 42) Theron James Hill (M: 51) Albert Gregory Hinds (M: 44)
James Daniel Irvin (M: 48) Edward F Jackson (M: 68) Tabitha Rose James (F: 33)
Daniel Monroe Jenkins (M: 72) Rice John Phillip (M: 35) Johnny Lee Johnson (M: 36)
Jonathan David Johnson (M: 27) Anthony Scott Judd (M: 38) Robert Eugene Kennedy (M: 31)
John Kepiro (M: 59) James King (M: 46) John David King (M: 34)
Troy King (M: 40) Vincine Lewis Kinser (M: 44) Michael Galen Kitchens (M: 41)
Daryl Wright Knowlton (M: 53) Travis Martyn Kowal (M: 31) Thomas Frederick Lacey (M: 40)
Willie Lagway (M: 56) Gary Lee Landis (M: 63) Virgil Edward Larson (M: 32)
Rieko Stuart Leohner (M: 29) Lorenzo Logan (M: 47) Thomas Jay Long (M: 35)
Michael W Lyons (M: 54) William L Mandich (M: 45) Ronald Eugene Matthews (M: 27)
Clarence Sam Mckelvey (M: 48) Matthew Aaron Meares (M: 41) Terry L Milam (M: 59)
Wayne A Miller (M: 29) Kortney Lin Mitchell (M: 41) Mark A. Mitchell (M: 47)
Dennie Edward Mosley (M: 46) Timothy Frederick Oettinger (M: 40) Ronald Kim Paskins (M: 56)
Walter George Payne (M: 57) Thad Anthony Perry (M: 38) Gregory Allen Peugh (M: 51)
Michael Roland Poissant (M: 39) Blake Austin Poling (M: 24) Paul Edgar Porter (M: 64)
Anthony Clark Pryor (M: 40) Michael David Queen (M: 28) Peter Bernard Reed (M: 38)
Jeffery Vernon Reedy (M: 43) Michael Edward Ribo (M: 43) Roger Dale Roberts (M: 54)
Thomas Aloysius Rohr (M: 40) William Edgar Rudd (M: 52) William Runnion (M: 46)
Christopher Craig Rutter (M: 26) Christopher Lee Schuyler (M: 32) Kenneth Junior Schwalbauch (M: 56)
Justin James Scott (M: 27) Raymond Paul Scott (M: 54) Christopher Howard Searls (M: 36)
Donald Shipley (M: 40) Shaun Allan Shouldis (M: 33) Randy Michael Shy (M: 36)
Brian Neil Sies (M: 47) Brian E Skinner (M: 48) David E. South (M: 51)
Eugene Earl Spears (M: 41) Sherell Spencer (M: 41) William David Squires (M: 51)
Donald Edward Starner (M: 50) John Benjamin Swanson (M: 66) Robert Francis Talbot (M: 45)
William Duane Thomas (M: 44) Andrew K Vanek (M: 32) Douglas Waddell (M: 42)
Terry Tim Ward (M: 49) Orvail David Wells (M: 52) Anthony Joe Westenbarger (M: 51)
David Allen Wilson (M: 58) Steven Trent Woltz (M: 49) Roger Wood (M: 73)
Gregory N Young (M: 50) George Robert Dressing (M: 33) Roger Lincoln Wood (M: 73)
William Tyrone Woods (M: 49) John Slantz Young (M: 55) Frank Matthew Cuthbert (M: 42)
Robert Terry Hedges (M: 37) Jose Luis Hernandez (M: 54) Chad William Iser (M: 38)
Guy William Mohler Ii (M: 28) Norman Nmn Ackison (M: 78) Kevin Alvin Alderman (M: 42)
James Ryan Conant (M: 25) Darrin Scott Heise Ii (M: 24) Travis Anthony Hurst (M: 33)
Timothy Paul Macdonald (M: 20) John Phillip Rice Jr (M: 35) James Allen Robberts (M: 38)
Lawrence Earl Rottinghaus (M: 44) Abraham Nmi Smith (M: 40) Sebastian Page Parkhurst (U: 21)
Morrissey Allen Parrish (M: 20) Sean William Taylor (M: 21) Allen William Volle (M: 34)
Kaylon Michael Cottrill (M: 25)

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