Sex Offender Profile Directory : New Jersey : Camden

All sex offender files currently in our database from New Jersey and located in the city/town of Camden are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search New Jersey sex offender information.

Kevin D Goldsboro (M: 48) Douglas L Adkins (M: 72) Jonny Albino (M: 59)
Cameron Alford (M: 25) Keith P Ali (M: 58) Jose A Alicea (M: 32)
Domincque Anderson (M: 36) Eric L Anderson (M: 43) Carlos J Arriaga (M: 25)
Donald Bailey (M: 47) Rashawn T Bailey (M: 26) Terrence Barnes (M: 29)
Rafael Batizroman (M: 55) William Bernett (M: 62) Eric Biddle (M: 46)
Troy Bingham (M: 44) James M Boyd (M: 65) Timothy L Breaker (M: 61)
Byron Brown (M: 32) Frank Author Brown (M: 40) Ivan Lewis Brown (M: 37)
Jermaine Brown (M: 37) Mikeal A Brown (M: 36) Robert P Brown (M: 49)
Charles W Burnett (M: 50) Bruce A Campbell (M: 55) Joseph A Capra (M: 71)
Kennard J Carr (M: 52) Lorraine D Carter (F: 50) Steven M Caston (M: 34)
Alexander Castro (M: 35) Rafael Castro (M: 41) Erica N Cauthorne (F: 30)
Heston R Chandler (M: 50) Edwin Chaparro (M: 45) Bryant H Clark (M: 52)
Jeffery L Clark (M: 62) Nathaniel Coleman (M: 45) Clementino S Collazo (M: 67)
Hector L Colon (M: 47) Raul Cruz (M: 45) Lawrence L David (M: 36)
Gilbert Davis (M: 48) John J Davis (M: 51) Travis M Davis (M: 41)
Jose L Diaz (M: 57) Brian Dickey (M: 34) Bruce Diggs (M: 33)
Jason Dolan (M: 32) Eric C Dubois (M: 36) Willie L Dupree (M: 36)
David Duran (M: 57) Ephrain Duran (M: 55) Joseph C Durante (M: 57)
David L Easterling (M: 50) Carson E Edwards (M: 58) Edward Stanley Epstein (M: 70)
Macial Fantauzzi (M: 55) Jamar M Ferguson (M: 23) Roque Figueroa (M: 45)
Jeffrey J Finguerra (M: 39) Jessie E Flowers (M: 49) Carlos Fontanez (M: 42)
Wilfredo F Galidezjr (M: 22) Andre Gardner (M: 52) Bryant K Garrett (M: 44)
Howard Gibbs (M: 72) Gerald A Gibson (M: 62) Michael Gravley (M: 49)
Felix Guzman (M: 68) Francis J Hall (M: 48) Mohamadalla A Haman (M: 43)
Robert L Hardwick (M: 56) Matthew S Hemeleski (M: 26) Kenneth J Hermansen (M: 32)
Alberto Hilario (M: 54) Brandon Hopps (M: 41) Ronald J Houser (M: 48)
Kevin D Howard (M: 53) Anthony Hudson (M: 30) Miguel Irizarry (M: 55)
Keith A Jackson (M: 42) Nelson L Jackson (M: 35) Bryheene L Jenkins (M: 31)
Donald Jenkins (M: 51) Andre L Johnson (M: 46) Derek L Johnson (M: 44)
Jermaine R Johnson (M: 30) Nathaniel Johnson (M: 38) Demond Jones (M: 40)
Kijana Kamau (M: 42) Herbert H Kirk (M: 63) Benjamin L Kittrell (M: 61)
Kalman A Klein (M: 62) Corey D Knox (M: 42) Robert R Lamb (M: 69)
Stephen G Latco (M: 54) Bernardo Latimar (M: 74) Tira R Law (M: 41)
Ramon Lebron (M: 51) Valdez A Lewis (M: 30) Jamarr L Littles (M: 29)
Johnny P Littles (M: 55) Stephen Loatman (M: 30) Jeffrey Loftin (M: 53)
Pablo Lopez (M: 49) Samuel Lopez (M: 60) Amos P Love (M: 35)
Gullermo Luicano (M: 67) Joseph K Lytle (M: 47) Angel Maldonado (M: 53)
Martha D Martell (F: 30) Rigoberto Martinez (M: 53) Shalarence Matthew (M: 31)
Frederick Mayo (M: 47) William Mercado (M: 33) Norberto Mercodo (M: 62)
Nelson A Miles (M: 45) Raoul M Miller (M: 39) Malik Monroe (M: 30)
Luis N Monsanto (M: 32) Garett J Mosley (M: 34) Melvin R Oliver (M: 51)
Mark T Ollison (M: 29) Angel Olmo (M: 34) Billy Orsini (M: 27)
Alby Osorio (M: 52) Carlos A Pabon (M: 47) Miguel A Pagan (M: 51)
Asante L Palmer (M: 36) Brandon L Panchigar (M: 26) Donnie A Parker (M: 34)
Marciano S Perez (M: 55) Nadelis Perez (F: 37) Rodolfo Perez (M: 57)
Maurice E Perry (M: 48) Winston J Peterson (M: 47) Humberto Pineiro (M: 53)
Markese A Pitts (M: 28) Lakeem S Powell (M: 29) Rafi L Pratt (M: 50)
Victor Ramirez (M: 39) John Ramos (M: 47) Tiyan M Reese (M: 28)
Charles J Reevey (M: 59) Eddie C Reid (M: 47) Thomas E Rhoden (M: 58)
Peter Rivera (M: 37) Thomas Rivera (M: 46) Victor M Rivera (M: 34)
Kevin M Rivers (M: 51) Anthony D Roberts (M: 44) Frank E Roberts (M: 50)
George J Robinson (M: 42) Sharode C Robinson (M: 23) Daniel Rodgers (M: 44)
Nelson Rodriguez (M: 36) Anthony Rosario (M: 43) Daniel C Royster (M: 72)
Norberto Ruiz (M: 48) Joseph A Russell (M: 23) Anthony Salcedo (M: 23)
Edward Sallie (M: 48) Anto Sanchez (M: 50) Juan D Sanes (M: 38)
Harry Santiago (M: 39) Luis Santiago (M: 50) Luis Antonio Sepulveda (M: 43)
Dawud A Shabazz (M: 53) Jeffrey Shephard (M: 37) Voyce R Smith (M: 49)
Walter M Stevens (M: 55) Irving L Stewart (M: 65) Michael A Suarez (M: 56)
Francis D Taylor (M: 59) Larry Taylor (M: 42) Rakin M Thabit (M: 46)
Keith W Thompson (M: 57) Hector D Torres (M: 35) John Valanos (M: 59)
Carlos Vale (M: 24) Jose Vargas (M: 44) Augustin Velasquez (M: 33)
Justino Velazquez (M: 42) Heriberto Velez (M: 47) Edison Warfield (M: 57)
Michael Warren (M: 33) Raymond R Watts (M: 56) Benjamin Wescott (M: 64)
Robert L West (M: 37) Fred C Wilkens (M: 68) Clifton M Williams (M: 56)
Clifton Williams (M: 36) Gregory L Williams (M: 44) Irvin Williams (M: 55)
Richard W Williams (M: 52) Stephen Williams (M: 64) Stephen Williams (M: 60)
Tyrone Williams (M: 41) Anthony A Willis (M: 56) Jevonn Willis (M: 41)
Maurice H Wilson (M: 79) Phillip Wilson (M: 48) Lamar C Woodruff (M: 35)
Harold P Wright (M: 50) Donald C Zarbatany (M: 73) Corey D Knox (M: 42)
Jose Santiago (M: 47) Raphael Vasquez (M: 52) David C Barnes (M: 42)
Clarence M Lewis (M: 33) Anthony D Davis (M: 44) Kevin D Owens (M: 48)
Groucho M Keyes (M: 60) Donald J Leaming (M: 40) Donald S Moody (M: 52)
Charles H Pritchard (M: 58) Roberto Rodriguez (M: 68) Raheem Seddens (M: 27)
Gene M Whittle (M: 40) Eric M Nelson (M: 30) Rodney J Dixon (M: 58)
Jimmy Jenkins (M: 24) Leon Connors (M: 56) Lewis Miller (M: 30)
Tyrone Jackson (M: 49) Roy Witherspoon (M: 53) Miguel Diaz (M: 29)
Julius Ivey (M: 46) Bernard Lamorgia (M: 47) Sharode C Robinson (M: 23)
Kevin D Goldsboro (M: 48) Kenneth W Lewis (M: 59) Raymond Brown (M: 38)
Jose A Laboyquinones (M: 39) Jose M Santiago (M: 47) Victor Cruz (M: 50)
Jeanette D Smith (F: 48) Mario J Ruiz (M: 44) Antolin Henriquez (M: 53)
Peter F Quinto (M: 46) Leonard C Turner (M: 39) Efraim Padilla (M: 35)
Douglas E Cunningham (M: 44) Raphael Nieves (M: 51)

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