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All sex offender files currently in our database from Maryland and located in the city/town of Hagerstown are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Maryland sex offender information.

Charles M Passero (M: 45) Keshawn M Sturgis (M: 29) Phillip Gordon Ahalt (M: 1)
Joseph John Albert (M: 56) Joseph John Albert (M: 58) Rinell Jose Almonte (M: 23)
Clinton Eugene Angleberger (M: 28) David S Ardinger (M: 47) Adam James Arnett (M: 25)
Charles Lafayette Babbington (M: 77) Steven Anthony Barger (M: 25) Benjamin Dale Barker (M: 34)
Nicholas Duane Barton (U: 34) Colen George Beardsley (M: 35) Timothy Lee Beckwith (M: 51)
Kenneth Kurt Behrel (M: 62) David Robert Bender (M: 52) Michael Allen Bennett (M: 48)
Danny Vito Biondi (M: 39) Danny Vito Biondi (M: 37) Neil Keith Braswell (M: 65)
Gordon Glenn Bresette (M: 43) Donald Wayne Bricker (M: 23) Ewart Aldon Brummell (U: 41)
Gary Lee Bussard (M: 56) Alex James Cameron (U: 30) Richard Allen Cantilena (M: 46)
George Herbert Carlisle (M: 56) Scott Anthony Carlson (M: 38) Stanley Leroy Carpenter (M: 74)
Ambrosio Junior Casiano-Colon (M: 51) Todd A Chaco (M: 34) Todd Anthony Chaco (M: 33)
David Mitchell Charnock (M: 25) Jermaine Garnett Clark (M: 32) Ronald Eugene Cleary (M: 49)
Kenneth P Colvin (M: 47) Gordon Lee Cox (M: 37) Gordon Lee Cox (M: 38)
Robert A Crawford (M: 63) Jimmy Dan Crumby (M: 34) John Douglas Cryser (M: 49)
Franklin Howard Davis (M: 25) Kevin James Davis (M: 52) Kevin Peter Davis (M: 39)
Brian Dawson (M: 32) Norman Thomas Daywalt (M: 35) Norman Thomas Daywalt (M: 34)
Jason Mckinley Deaner (M: 31) Albert J Dodson (U: 36) Kevin Lee Draper (M: 32)
Sean Lawrence Fantone (M: 57) Timothy Wayne Farris (M: 50) Rayon Nmn Franklin (M: 36)
James David Garland (M: 58) John Lamont Garville (M: 48) John Carl Geesey (M: 39)
Charles Eugene Giles (M: 49) Glenn Allen Gillespie (M: 51) Robert Clark Goetz (M: 33)
Steven Craig Goodwin (M: 46) Dennis Lee Gossard (M: 55) Andrew Frederick Gough (M: 47)
Rondal Dean Greenwade (U: 67) Burnest Griffin (M: 45) Robert E. Hahn (M: 69)
George A. Harrell (M: 55) Paul Edward Harrison (M: 29) Bryan Darnell Hart (M: 28)
Tyler Christopher Hartman (U: 20) Edward Larue Haupt (M: 47) Wayne Allen Hawks (M: 28)
John William Henson (M: 73) Donald Harold Hoke (M: 29) Jakell Anthony Holiday (M: 33)
Jakell Anthony Holiday (M: 34) Randy Allen Hood (M: 21) Larry Eugene Hornbaker (M: 57)
Leavitt R. Horst (M: 39) William Allen Houser (M: 36) Stanley Edward Humphries (M: 57)
Morton Zophar Hunt (M: 68) Michael Douglas Hurd (M: 36) Phil Nicolls Hutchinson (M: 66)
Carl Ernest Jackson (M: 23) Belinda Kay Jacobs (F: 45) Leonard Bernard Johnson (U: 54)
Jason Craig Kane (M: 38) Timothy Lee Keefer (M: 33) William Leighton Kees (M: 40)
Steven Dwayne Kesecker (M: 33) George Gilbert Kidwell (M: 38) Richard Lee Kidwell (M: 43)
George Lee Knight (M: 80) Rodney Jay Knodle (M: 45) Rodney James Knott (M: 66)
Gary John Leblanc (M: 54) Joshua Allen Lewis (M: 24) Terry Lee Line (M: 47)
Orville Harry Lines (M: 49) Robin Elliott Lippold (M: 47) Paulus Brian Lovelace (M: 26)
Robert Elsworth Lynn (M: 76) Coty Lynn Maccumbee (M: 22) Corey Kenneth Mang (U: 31)
Frankie Lorenzo Marshall (M: 45) Brett Wayne Martin (M: 46) Malcolm Alan Mccoy (U: 41)
Robert W. Mcdaniel (M: 70) Robert Allen Mckee (M: 62) Joshua Damian Mcpherson (M: 22)
Michael Anthony Mebane (M: 31) Matthew David Mercer (M: 30) Richard Thomas Mercer (M: 65)
Earl Augusta Miller (M: 57) Milton Elwood Miller (M: 28) Milton Elwood Miller (M: 29)
Guy Edgar Monn (M: 43) Michael Patrick Moran (M: 50) Robert Lee Morgan (M: 51)
James Irvin Mosten (M: 51) Hidaayat A. A. Muhammad (M: 50) Hidaayat Muhammad (M: 51)
Justin William Myers (M: 29) Patrick Eugene Myers (M: 48) Anthony Duane Nalley (M: 27)
Anthony Duane Nalley (M: 29) James Andrew Neff (M: 48) Michael Eugene Nelson (M: 42)
Charles Thomas Netzer (M: 40) Tuan Anh Nguyen (M: 49) Yahanan Stephenas Nnaved (M: 62)
Steven Gordon Obitz (M: 46) Jimmie Joe Droneburg Oden (M: 44) Christopher Michael Orsini (M: 22)
Jay Leroy Overcash (M: 40) Otha Royal Palmer (M: 57) John Russell Perry (M: 51)
William David Pettie (M: 36) Joe Don Pierce (M: 54) Christopher James Plummer (M: 62)
Ronald Leroy Polley (M: 47) Austin Eugene Portner (M: 52) Austin Eugene Portner (M: 53)
Jason Andrew Potter (M: 43) William Sherman Randall (M: 36) David Newell Rebele (M: 51)
David Newell Rebele (M: 50) Kevin Andrew Renner (M: 24) Robert Paul Rich (M: 49)
Robert Paul Rich (M: 51) Michael Wayne Ridenour (M: 41) Kim Jackson Ross (M: 57)
Victor Arvine Rowe (M: 62) Alan J Rudman (M: 68) Alan Jeffrey Rudman (M: 66)
Oscar Wilfred Sanchez (M: 29) James Waldow Sand (M: 55) Michael Boyd Schade (M: 54)
Michael Boyd Schade (M: 56) Thomas Edward Schaeffer (M: 48) James Conrad Schmidt (M: 60)
James Philip Schmidt (M: 66) Stephen Page Shank (M: 37) Gary Lee Shatzer (M: 52)
Benjamin David Sherrard (M: 40) Edward Eugene Shifflet (M: 38) William Eric Shipley (M: 63)
James Walter Sills (M: 25) William N. Skomski (M: 28) Willie Lee Small (M: 54)
Carl Bernard Smith (M: 55) Lester Leroy Smith (M: 73) Paul William Smith (M: 25)
Ronnie V. Smith (M: 33) Telly Vincent Snipes (M: 30) Brandon Jacob Snyder (M: 24)
Isaac Jerome Solomon (M: 30) Isaac Jerome Solomon (M: 29) Raymond Eugene Sottile (M: 66)
Steven Kenneth Spalding (M: 57) Walter Dale Stewart (M: 34) Daniel Lee Stillwell (M: 34)
Jonathan Leroy Stubbs (M: 56) Bernard William Thomas (M: 52) Paul David Thomas (M: 68)
Leroy David Timmons (M: 82) Joseph Albert Tomlin (M: 36) Ronald Wayne Trenton (M: 54)
Paul Norman Trimmer (M: 30) Hugh James Turley (U: 41) Anthony Tyson (M: 42)
Gilbert Valdez (M: 41) Walter Vanes (M: 52) Joseph Edward Vann (M: 80)
Troy Edward Wallech (M: 22) Roger Elmer Walton (M: 63) Kevin William Ward (M: 45)
Travis James Ward (M: 22) Roger Eugene Webb (M: 51) Michael Lynn Whittaker (M: 37)
Ralph Allen Wiles (M: 38) Michael Elmer Wilhelm (M: 59) Jeremy Michael Williams (M: 30)
Michael Deves Williams (M: 27) Lee Jay Wilson (M: 65) Justin Lynn Wood (M: 23)
Robert Lee Wyler (M: 56) Jimmy Dan Crumby (M: 35) Leroy Holmes (M: 50)
Darnell Antoine Washington (M: 27) Stacey Sean Brooks (U: N/A) Michael James Wallace (M: N/A)
Andrew Theodore Albertson (U: N/A) Ronald Karl Colston (M: N/A) Louis R Distefano Iv (U: N/A)
Gary Lee Fisher (U: N/A) Stanley William Grove (U: N/A) Michael D Hackey Sr (M: N/A)
Kevin Lynn High (M: N/A) Thomas Francis Hummel (M: N/A) Wayne Harold Jennings (U: N/A)
Edward Scott Luckabaugh (M: N/A) Ricky Joe Mcelvaine (U: N/A) Nelly Alfred Moore (U: N/A)
Patrick Joseph Paugh (U: N/A) Chester Laverne Perry (U: N/A) Lewis Charles Redden (U: N/A)
Robert Richard Remington (M: N/A) David Loren Schooley (M: N/A) Robert Lee Shade (M: N/A)
Donald R Soots Sr (M: N/A) Michael David Stagg (M: N/A) Jerry Clayton Stroop (U: N/A)
Jonathan Scott Kauffman (M: 32) John Paul Breen (M: N/A) Terrence Kyle Harris (U: N/A)
Percy Anthony Taylor (U: N/A) James Edward Drew Jr (M: N/A) Charles Frederick Shoemaker (M: N/A)
Roger Wayne Collins (U: N/A) David Lee Hills (M: N/A) David Kenneth Jones (M: N/A)
Fredric Hal Lewis (U: N/A) Matthew Thomas Pritchard (M: N/A) Carlos Luis Roche (U: N/A)
William Nmn Sylvia (M: N/A) Freddie Ray Soots (U: N/A) Charles Daniel Armstrong (M: N/A)
Joshua Thomas Copella (U: N/A) Wilson Eugene Elliott (U: N/A) Travis Eugene Gearhart (U: N/A)
Raymond William Miller (U: N/A) Norman Lee Potter Jr (U: N/A) Ronald Jay Redman (M: N/A)
Hipolito Torres-Jimenez (U: N/A) Vincelah Hayes (U: N/A) Thomas Edward Straub Jr (M: N/A)

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