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All sex offender files currently in our database from Massachusetts and located in the city/town of Springfield are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Massachusetts sex offender information.

Lewis E Anderson (M: 53) William R Aponte (M: 41) Allan Robert Avery (M: 46)
Gilberto Avilez-Suarez (M: 27) Ramon Badillo (M: 28) William Vincent Barber (M: 58)
William Bashaw (M: 61) Aristalco Bermudez (M: 60) Derek A Besaw (M: 37)
Daniel J Besner (M: 53) Ward Daniel Billings (M: 53) Alfred Brown (M: 50)
Benjamin P Burgos (M: 39) Michael A Butler (M: 49) Michael D Caldwell (M: 45)
Charles Allen Capers (M: 55) Robert W Cargill (M: 67) Leroy A Carter (M: 51)
Reyfredo Chacon (M: 52) Charles D Clark (M: 77) Carl John Coltey (M: 41)
Samuel Correa (M: 42) Jimmie J Craycraft (M: 76) Jae Donald Crowther (M: 41)
Jose L Cruz (M: 42) Ramon Cruz (M: 60) Eric Jonathan Daniels (M: 31)
Jeffrey A Dearborn (M: 44) Carmelo Delgado (M: 49) Jorge L Diaz (M: 56)
Jose Diaz (M: 37) Gilberto Dinguis (M: 49) Kim Oliver Domino (M: 43)
Kevin R Dones (M: 37) Peter Dumont (M: 26) Kevin M Dunn (M: 41)
Tanashe Edwards (M: 37) William J Edwards (M: 63) Teodoro Marcus Espinoza (M: 31)
Joseph Rocco Falcone (M: 55) Stanley Allen Farley (M: 60) Mario Thomas Felici (M: 48)
Eliodoro Figueroa (M: 38) Luis Figueroa (M: 43) Guy R Flathers (M: 60)
Kenneth G Fletcher (M: 37) Rafael A Fontanez (M: 51) Richard P Fortin (M: 75)
Robert Foster (M: 74) Angel E Garcia (M: 55) Paul K Giffin (M: 50)
Eddie Gomez (M: 58) Alberto Luis Gonzalez (M: 41) Exal Gonzalez (M: 58)
Reynaldo Rey Gonzalez (M: 40) Stanley D Grant (M: 48) Larry L Green (M: 48)
Larry A Green (M: 30) Jorge Gutierrez (M: 45) Hamid R Hallums (M: 47)
James Hamilton (M: 47) Robert S Hartman (M: 72) Antonio Hernandez (M: 43)
Jose M Hernandez (M: 37) John Arthur Hill (M: 72) Reed Douglas Hosten (M: 60)
James Houlihan (M: 49) Noel C Hunter (M: 39) Denie Irizarry (M: 44)
Roy Gilbert Jackson (M: 57) Lester J Jarvis (M: 66) Tony David Jaworski (M: 42)
Curtis Allen Johnson (M: 47) Mark Anthony Johnson (M: 51) John Jokinen (M: 58)
Shawn E Kelly (M: 42) Kyle J Kervian (M: 39) Douglas Kirk (M: 54)
Daniel Chatham Labumbard (M: 42) Gerald M Lafleur (M: 52) Raymond F Lafleur (M: 59)
Nathan Lang (M: 63) Edward Brian Lignelli (M: 53) John P Lincoln (M: 55)
Rafael Lopez (M: 63) Reynaldo Lopez (M: 29) Charles Lyman (M: 36)
James P Lyons (M: 52) Shawn A Macdonald (M: 22) Edgardo Malave (M: 46)
Derrick J Maldonado (M: 38) Andrew Jacques Mallory (M: 51) Nelson Marcano (M: 56)
Julio Martinez (M: 53) Daniel Armand Mears (M: 57) Jose Medina (M: 43)
Heriberto Melendez (M: 66) Thomas Donally Mesick (M: 31) Ronald Miller (M: 45)
Edward Mitchell (M: 42) Luis Morales (M: 45) Steven W Naslund (M: 46)
Scott James Nolan (M: 51) Jeffrey G Nolette (M: 53) Angel Ortega (M: 59)
Joaquin R Ortiz (M: 54) Thomas Otero (M: 46) Javier Francisco Pagan (M: 37)
Jose Antonio Pagan (M: 28) Franklin Pellerin (M: 32) David Perez (M: 52)
Jose Perez (M: 44) Juan Perez (M: 46) Michael L Pinkney (M: 53)
Nathaniel Polite (M: 58) David J Polverini (M: 60) Joaquin Quiles (M: 44)
Gilberto Quintanal (M: 41) John H Rajab (M: 44) Wayne E Ratcliffe (M: 53)
Victor Reid (M: 37) Miguel Reyes (M: 35) Victor Reyes (M: 74)
Jerome Riley (M: 51) Manuel Rios (M: 66) Michael E Rivard (M: 50)
Angel L Rivera (M: 36) Carlos Rivera (M: 34) Ivan Rivera (M: 47)
Javier Rivera (M: 34) Joseph L Rivera (M: 58) Jaime Rodriguez (M: 47)
Ramon Rodriguez (M: 31) Noel Rosa-Pacheco (M: 31) Hector Rosado (M: 64)
Marcial Rosado (M: 46) Angel L Sanchez (M: 40) Ramon L Sanchez (M: 38)
Anthony John Santaniello (M: 46) Eliud Alicea Santiago (M: 52) Michael J Savino (M: 56)
Richard Scott (M: 44) Andre Smith (M: 44) Chester G Strother (M: 63)
Joseph J Strycharz (M: 46) Hector M Torres (M: 45) Victor Valdes (M: 52)
Frankie Cruz Valle (M: 43) Jose Luis Vazquez (M: 46) Juan B Vazquez (M: 64)
Lauro Vazquez (M: 68) Lauro Vazquez (M: 68) Walter Washington (M: 51)
Donald P Webber (M: 71) Grant L Wells (M: 61) Robert E Wenzel (M: 53)
Albert R White (M: 63) William Boyd White (M: 48) Ramon Badillo (M: 30)
Melvin Cosme (M: 46) William Lawrence Garcia (M: 58) Benjamin Joel Joiner (M: 63)
Efrain Perez (M: 31) Javier Alvarez-Rosario (M: 49) Johnnie Bartholomew Jackson (M: 41)
Luis Osvaldo Ayala (M: 53) Stephen F Krawiec (M: 65) Charles Lee (M: 57)
Wigberto Texidor (M: 42) Jadili Heedly (M: 32) Carmelo Rivas (M: 47)
David Tito Gonzalez (M: 27) Thurman Sylvester Jones (M: 41) Jose M Santos (M: 31)
James W Hoag (M: 25) Angelo A Abel (M: 51) Neville A Chambers (M: 53)
Celestino Nieves (M: 37) Clayton Monti (M: 43) Malik Mahdi Muhammad (M: 54)
Kenny Lopez (M: 39) Dewitt Tash (M: 71) Michael J Lane (M: 41)
Edwin Camacho (M: 33) Kenneth G Fletcher (M: 37) Jaime Colon Jr (M: 24)
William L Garcia (M: 58) Reggie Whitley (M: 47)

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