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All sex offender files currently in our database from Kentucky and located in the city/town of Paducah are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Kentucky sex offender information.

Rickie Nelson Allcock (M: 52) Jeffrey Lee Anderson (M: 52) Kevin Reece Barker (M: 55)
William Alvin Becker (M: 63) William J Bivens (M: 45) George Hamilton Blackburn (M: 45)
Tommy Blair (M: 52) Carlo Frank Bradley (M: 35) Carlo Frank Bradley (M: 35)
Henry Eurvin Brokaw (M: 37) Henry Edwin Brokaw (M: 58) Henry E Brokaw (M: 37)
Mitchell Glenn Bumphus (M: 56) Brian Burton (M: 50) Raymond Damond Calvin (M: 31)
Randy J Campbell (M: 41) Gary Jovan Carmicle (M: 27) Tracy L Carter (F: 40)
Charles Martin Clark (M: 26) Charles Martin Clark (M: 26) James Fletcher Cole (M: 50)
Julius Lee Cole (M: 66) Constance Copeland (F: 44) William Cornett (M: 49)
Brian D Cornwell (M: 34) Anthony Ray Cruse (M: 32) Leonard Dale Dalton (M: 46)
Albert Andre Davis (M: 44) Terry Dawson Davis (M: 55) Merrill Dayton (M: 73)
Daniel Garrett Denson (M: 27) Daniel Garrett Denson (M: 27) John Thomas Dotson (M: 71)
Michael Dove (M: 32) Glenn Thomas Duckett (M: 54) David Darrell Duncan (M: 31)
Carl Lorem Ellis (M: 33) Elbert Summers Estep (M: 88) James Wilson Estes (M: 52)
Thomas Randell Franklin (M: 62) Jerry Garrett (M: 37) Eddie S Gibson (M: 35)
Richard Allen Thomas Gibson (M: 41) Roger Gilliland (M: 61) William Thomas Goheen (M: 68)
Daryl Gordon (M: 40) Barry Todd Griggs (M: 43) Jerome Shaunda Hart (M: 35)
John Lemon Hawkingberry (M: 67) Leon Franklin Henson (M: 60) Dennis Ray Hines (M: 58)
Lynn D Hite (M: 66) Zack Taylor Hodges (M: 69) David M Isaacs (M: 48)
Phillip Jay Jackson (M: 45) Robert Lee Jeffrey (M: 38) Mark Edward Kanaske (M: 50)
Michael Todd Lafave (M: 44) Joseph Edward Lawrence (M: 65) Heath B Lawson (M: 46)
Joseph Lee (M: 68) Michael Wayne Lee (M: 55) William Mantague Lee (M: 42)
Curtis William Maxie (M: 41) Ben Mccoy (M: 55) Ben Mccoy (M: 55)
Kevin Wayne Metcalf (M: 47) John Scott Miller (M: 46) Robert Kevin Moore (M: 51)
Christopher Moss (M: 33) Terry Nelson (M: 46) Justin Paul Newton (M: 25)
Michael L Norwood (M: 63) Kurt Shannon Patterson (M: 46) Tyler Wesley Powell (M: 23)
William R Powell (M: 34) William R Powell (M: 34) Roma Gene Prater (M: 70)
Brian Keith Reed (M: 32) Randall Gene Riley (M: 39) Charles Anthony Roach (M: 24)
Phillip William Roberts (M: 71) Dale Lynn Ross (M: 39) Frederick Jerry Rupcke (M: 36)
Gary Randall Sharpe (M: 50) Justin Todd Shoulta (M: 24) Curley A Simmons (M: 59)
Tracy Kevin Smith (M: 45) Danny Keith Smithson (M: 59) Jason A Springer (M: 38)
Donald Ray Stonum (M: 56) James D Sutton (M: 64) Etarence Talley (M: 35)
Hung The Than (M: 39) David Kristopher Tindell (M: 33) John Logan Trimble (M: 40)
John Logan Trimble (M: 40) Ronald Alan Tucker (M: 50) Kevin Gale Vickers (M: 44)
Joshua Thomas Walker (M: 36) Gary Dale Waters (M: 58) Joey O Watson (M: 48)
Phillip K White (M: 33) Lawrence E Williams (M: 33) Michael Edward Wimberly (M: 49)
Kevin William Wissing (M: 50) Wayne Eliott Woodson (M: 54) Dennis Lee Yanke (M: 46)
Derek A Hasselbrink (M: 36) James E Appelt (M: 38) Gary Lee Clark (M: 36)
Kenneth R Cooper (M: 49) Michael L Norwood (M: 63) Henry A Kimmons (M: 56)
Jerry L Garrett (M: 37) James D Sutton (M: 64) James W Estes (M: 52)
William J Timms (M: 43) Roger D Gilliland (M: 61) Michael W Lee (M: 55)
Kevin R Barker (M: 55) Leon F Henson (M: 60) Marion Solomon (M: 76)
Thomas R Franklin (M: 62) Carl L Ellis (M: 33) Anthony R Cruse (M: 32)
Gary R Sharpe (M: 50) Danny K Smithson (M: 59) Robbie L Clark (M: 39)
Glenn T Duckett (M: 54) Mason E Brindley (M: 75) Roma G Prater (M: 70)
James R Norvell (M: 39) Jeffrey L Anderson (M: 52) Terry Nelson (M: 46)
George H Blackburn (M: 45) Walter Shade (M: 58) Frederick J Rupcke (M: 36)
John S Miller (M: 46) Derrick R Blasdel (M: 37) Brian K Burton (M: 50)
Joseph E Lawrence (M: 65) Urban L Mason (M: 48) Gary Clark (M: 36)
Lee P Burnett (M: 56) Daniel G Denson (M: 27) Elbert Estep (M: 88)
Allen K Jones (M: 45) Etarence Talley (M: 35) Dennis L Gott (M: 54)
Mitchell G Bumphus (M: 56) Robert L Jeffrey (M: 38) Zack T Hodges (M: 69)
Stanley R Chiles (M: 61) Troy W Robinson (M: 35) Burlin Payne (M: 76)
John L Hawkingberry (M: 67) Harold J Carpenter (M: 48) Robert L Bachuss (M: 67)
Jimmy S Toney (M: 52) George H Blackburn (M: 45) Larry Lee Hughes (M: 50)
William A Becker (M: 63) Donald R Stonum (M: 56) Jerome S Hart (M: 35)
Ned E Conner (M: 31) Ricki N Allcock (M: 52) Ronald E Moore (M: 39)
Kevin W Metcalf (M: 47) Albert A Davis (M: 44) Kevin G Vickers (M: 44)
John W Avery (M: 32) William P Recer (M: 32) Dennis Leroy Gott (M: 54)
Marvin Mckinley Lynn (M: 67) Ronald Eugene Moore (M: 39) Curtis Joseph Presterl (M: 44)
William Paul Recer (M: 32) Walter Shade Jr (M: 58) Raymond Alexander Means (M: 27)
Henry Lee Smith (M: 42) Donald Richard Johnson (M: 54) Marlin Porter Webb Sr (M: 45)
David Allen Turner (M: 51) Joshua Lee Riley (M: 32) Derek Alan Hasselbrink (M: 36)
Marvin Alan Winland (M: 70) John Lemon Hawkingberry (M: 67)

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