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All sex offender files currently in our database from Kentucky and located in the city/town of Bowling Green are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Kentucky sex offender information.

Ricky Abney (M: 54) Paul T Albert (M: 65) Delmar Alexander (M: 69)
John William Allen (M: 49) John William Allen (M: 49) Timothy Babbs (M: 52)
James Elbert Baker (M: 67) James Darrell Barrett (M: 31) William Montez Bartlett (M: 29)
John Wesley Becker (M: 50) David Phillip Bennett (M: 35) Josh Leroy Blair (M: 28)
Lorie Denise Brabham (F: 48) Lorie Denise Brabham (F: 48) Bruce Allen Bratcher (M: 48)
Samuel M Brewer (M: 37) Connie Gail Cantrell (F: 49) Joshua W Caplinger (M: 29)
Alan Lee Carter (M: 53) William Gene Carver (M: 52) Donnie Russell Cherry (M: 37)
Dennis Cockrell (M: 56) Dan Jack Coffelt (M: 68) Gerald William Cole (M: 42)
Tyson Bernard Colton (M: 33) Claude Lowe Conley (M: 48) Nathaniel Lamar Copeland (M: 37)
James Ronnie Coulter (M: 58) Roger Dale Cowan (M: 51) Charles Owen Crawford (M: 43)
Corey James Crowe (M: 33) Raymond Lawson Davis (M: 65) Lisa Dixon-Hoston (F: 46)
Curtis Edward Duncan (M: 53) Jackie Wayne Duncan (M: 63) Keenan Siran Elliott (M: 45)
Frank Kane Embry (M: 48) Earl Wayne Estes (M: 72) Dana Estess (M: 48)
Justin Tyler Evans (M: 23) George Ervin Fox (M: 50) Ricky France (M: 52)
Richard Alan Gaillard (M: 49) Tony Maurice Gilbert (M: 43) Donald Eugene Goodman (M: 45)
Edward R Gravil (M: 45) Jeffrey Allen Green (M: 51) James David Gregory (M: 59)
Jesse James Gregory (M: 37) Jesse James Gregory (M: 37) Willie C Guyton (M: 46)
Todd Lawrence Hazelip (M: 41) Adam Wayne Hicks (M: 34) Patrick H Hicks (M: 59)
Patrick Henry Hicks (M: 59) Herbert Lee Hill (M: 45) Brandon Shane Hirtman (M: 32)
Ricky Dale Houchens (M: 34) John Johnson (M: 42) Ronnie Daryl Johnson (M: 51)
Ramone Deon Jones (M: 44) Bradley Lee Joyner (M: 52) Steven Kamara (M: 28)
Jeffrey M Kilbey (M: 52) Jeffrey M Kilbey (M: 52) Joyce Ann Lester (F: 55)
Chipley Martin (M: 37) Danny Lee Mcclure (M: 44) Timmy J Mccoy (M: 41)
Joseph A Mccrary (M: 43) Anthony Eugene Millen (M: 47) Aaron Miller (M: 50)
Christopher Dale Miller (M: 36) Fredrick Lewis Miller (M: 54) Jerry Gene Miller (M: 43)
Randy Joe Moore (M: 41) Harry Lawrence Morris (M: 40) John Howard Morris (M: 25)
Daniel Allen Murray (M: 41) Louis Raymond Neff (M: 48) David L Neighbors (M: 54)
James Cedric Norris (M: 65) Raydale D Nuckols (M: 30) Darrell Wayne Oliney (M: 42)
Alexander James Parker (M: 23) Francis Edward Payne (M: 55) Clifford Eastwood Payton (M: 27)
Arnold Raymond Pearson (M: 68) Bradley William Pelletier (M: 52) Bradly Pelletier (M: 52)
Todd Alan Potts (M: 43) Danny Luther Price (M: 42) Troy Priddy (M: 39)
James Brandon Ralph (M: 37) Pat Jackman Riley (M: 55) Pat Jackman Riley (M: 55)
Donald Ricardo Rodgers (M: 58) Manuel Anthony Romero (M: 38) Cynthia Kay Schmidt (F: 53)
Salathiel Shannon (M: 36) Richard Shephard (M: 68) James Sanford Small (M: 39)
Adam Lawrence Smith (M: 40) Robert Harold Steele (M: 38) James Christ Strode (M: 49)
Larry Tarrence Sutton (M: 53) Henry Cleveland Taylor (M: 56) Louis R Teague (M: 56)
Louis Randolph Teague (M: 56) Daniel Lewis Tipton (M: 46) Jason Joseph Trepanier (M: 40)
Jason J Trepanier (M: 39) Donald Vanwinkle (M: 56) Mark D Versluys (M: 46)
Norris Vincent (M: 71) Carl Waldon (M: 38) Lyndon Howard Whitson (M: 55)
Jeffery Lee Willoughby (M: 50) Jeffrey Lee Willoughby (M: 49) David Eclipse Wilson (M: 34)
Timothy Wayne Withrow (M: 47) James Derrick Witt (M: 26) Richard Joe Yoakem (M: 56)
Brandon Shane Hirtman (M: 32) Brian Tremayne Sharp (M: 34) Fabian Marieus Formosa (M: 56)
Earnest J Deloge (M: 44) Frank K Embry (M: 48) Mickey L Shelton (M: 39)
Alan L Carter (M: 53) Kenneth E Cantrell (M: 41) Martin Steinbinder (M: 53)
Bobby Ladd (M: 33) Roger L Nelson (M: 63) James D Gregory (M: 59)
Joyce A Lester (F: 55) Tony M Gilbert (M: 43) Chipley Martin (M: 37)
Louis R Neff (M: 48) Michael D Humphrey (M: 50) Claude L Conley (M: 48)
James C Strode (M: 49) Moral R Mahone (M: 91) Kenneth N Hart (M: 58)
Donny R Cherry (M: 37) Paul T Albert (M: 65) James R Coulter (M: 58)
Ronald E Davis (M: 51) Cynthia K Schmidt (F: 53) Troy Priddy (M: 39)
Timmy J Mccoy (M: 41) Charles A Yates (M: 54) Danny L Price (M: 42)
James R Bridges (M: 37) Ricky D Houchens (M: 34) Jeffrey M Kilbey (M: 52)
Robert T Payne (M: 48) Arnold R Pearson (M: 68) Duane E Morse (M: 49)
Carl Waldon (M: 38) Clark A Sebree (M: 41) Larry A Decamp (M: 32)
Raydale D Nuckols (M: 30) Fred Brown (M: 79) Aaron Miller (M: 50)
William G Carver (M: 52) James E Baker (M: 67) Mark D Versluys (M: 46)
James C Norris (M: 65) Lyndon H Whitson (M: 55) Henry C Taylor (M: 56)
Dan J Coffelt (M: 68) Tracy Stewart (M: 46) Bradley L Joyner (M: 52)
Keith A French (M: 41) David E Wilson (M: 34) Pat J Riley (M: 55)
Randall L Sizemore (M: 41) Lisa G Hoston (F: 46) Patrick H Hicks (M: 59)
Richard Shephard (M: 68) Manuel A Romero (M: 38) Cedric Donan (M: 36)
Garnell L Rowe (M: 49) Ricky France (M: 52) Bruce A Bratcher (M: 48)
Paul D Tolsch (M: 44) Nathan A Clifford (M: 42) Tyson B Colton (M: 33)
Jesse J Gregory (M: 37) Jerry W Miller (M: 55) Christopher R Jones (M: 35)
Donald R Berry (M: 49) Gary H Poteet (M: 55) Todd L Hazelip (M: 41)
Charles T Harding (M: 44) Richard J Yoakem (M: 56) James B Ralph (M: 37)
Frank D Bruce (M: 46) Joseph A Mccrary (M: 43) Joshua L Sanders (M: 30)
David M Hutchinson (M: 43) Fred Brown (M: 79) Cedric Donan (M: 36)
Christopher Hayes (M: 47) Moral Richard Mahone (M: 91) Gary Hubert Poteet (M: 55)
Tonya Sue Fisher (F: 37) Terrance Mcrae (M: 42) Brittany Nichole Wharton (F: 23)
Todd Eugene Wiggins Sr (M: 44) Ted Lewis Conner (M: 53) Earnest J Deloge (M: 44)
Burdette Allen Olsen (M: 53) Hose Emanuel Ramos (M: 39) William Michael Lewis (M: 31)
John Howard Morris (M: 25) Sophal Phoung (M: 67) Casey Thomas Pruden (M: 22)
Gregory Martiall Roach (M: 32) Justin Scot Westminster (M: 39)

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