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All sex offender files currently in our database from Illinois and located in the city/town of Rock Island are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Illinois sex offender information.

Joseph Benner (M: 30) Joseph Paul James Benner (M: 30) Isaac L Beserra (M: 28)
Isaac Leonard Beserra (M: 28) Quann Anthony Carter (M: 22) Wayne Edward Hains (M: 36)
Walter Nathan Harvey (M: 27) David Light (M: 53) Jeffrey Scott Miller (M: 27)
Mark Eugene Utley (M: 31) Jermaine Herbert Walker (M: 34) Reginald Gregory (M: 52)
James E Martin-Bey (M: 55) William Alexander Mitchell (M: 59) Michael Dennis Kane (M: 64)
Donald Joseph Holtam (M: 33) Leonard L Hoffman (M: 82) Frederick L Hill (M: 58)
Randall Ryan Hert (M: 63) Raymond Bryant Henderson (M: 36) Jerry Hayes (M: 39)
Anthony Bernard Haughton (M: 50) Eddie D Hartley (M: 69) Robert P Harris (M: 42)
James Paxton Harris (M: 54) Kevin William Hanson (M: 20) Michael Anthony Hammond (M: 53)
Wayne E Hains (M: 36) Chad Robert Grove (M: 29) Shaun C Askelson (M: 33)
Joshua A Goff (M: 28) David Chad Ash (M: 38) Rolander Giles (M: 43)
Ryan Gilbertson (M: 38) Ryan Wayne Gilbertson (M: 38) Scott Alan Gibson (M: 47)
Quincy Vashon Garrett (M: 36) Robert Joseph Frederick (M: 26) Vernon Dale Forgie (M: 72)
Andrew W Fletcher (M: 27) Michael Edward Ferrell (M: 40) Derrick Adam Anthony (M: 28)
Derrick Adam Anthony (M: 28) Patrick Michael Anderson (M: 29) Albert John Davis (M: 51)
Todd L Danner (M: 44) James J Cooke (M: 38) Shaun T Conner (M: 40)
Craig W Clough (M: 55) Sylvester L Choate (M: 37) James E Childress (M: 45)
James E Childress (M: 45) Gary John Carlberg (M: 49) Timothy L Campbell (M: 44)
Jawisha Wayne Bradley (M: 37) Pamela K Bowers (F: 45) Samuel H Bolander (M: 74)
Lyle P Minch (M: 47) Steven Meyers (M: 55) Carl David Merritt (M: 41)
Guadalupe P Medina (M: 49) Aurino C Mckinney (M: 38) Charles Mcgee (M: 49)
Robert William Bazer (M: 26) Robert Earl Mccaw (M: 47) Richard James Mccall (M: 43)
Victor Tenderro Madrid (M: 44) Anthony S Lloyd (M: 50) Rodney Allen Lloyd (M: 46)
Joe E Liddell (M: 65) Duane Lewis (M: 42) Frank R Levan (M: 56)
Robert L Leatherman (M: 62) Robert Lee Leatherman (M: 62) Mark Lawrence Barnett (M: 49)
James A Lane (M: 67) Joseph Manford Lamaster (M: 42) Joseph A Kruckenberg (M: 35)
Scott Edward Kelley (M: 42) William N Jones (M: 54) Joseph A Adkisson (M: 32)
Joshua D Jones (M: 26) Todd A Joens (M: 47) Reginald D Jett (M: 50)
Donnelly Jackson (M: 49) Kristin M Hutchings (F: 25) David J Mizer (M: 40)
John E Morrow (M: 59) Kenneth R Morrow (M: 46) Derrick James Mosher (M: 30)
Brad Allen Motley (M: 32) Martin C Myers (M: 54) Tony Lee Noble (M: 42)
Prentice C Orr (M: 59) Harold Richard Ott (M: 55) Daniel S Padilla (M: 50)
Charles Popp (M: 45) James Allen Powell (M: 48) Michael Joseph Preston (M: 35)
Anthony D Reed (M: 28) Christopher Dwight Rogers (M: 38) Stephen W Rummery (M: 54)
Mark A Russell (M: 53) William P Schafer (M: 62) Richard W Schenebricker (M: 61)
David J A Seitz (M: 28) James C Severns (M: 33) James Clifford Severns (M: 33)
Joseph Lee Shepard (M: 51) Corey Shane Singer (M: 37) Corey Shane Singer (M: 37)
Earline Smith (F: 51) Harry L Smith (M: 75) Timothy Jack Smith (M: 71)
Christopher D Spears (M: 26) Christopher Deshange Lee Spears (M: 25) Scott Richard Stephens (M: 60)
John Edward Stoner (M: 48) Gary A Swift (M: 50) Michael S Syler (M: 38)
Robert Joseph Tallman (M: 47) Ronald Lee Thompson (M: 61) Ray Gene Triplett (M: 48)
Shane A Viren (M: 39) William Dean Wells (M: 55) Clarence Wildness (M: 58)
Aaron J Wilkins (M: 39) Douglas Wilson (M: 57) Douglas Wilson (M: 57)
Mark Clint Wood (M: 29) Donald Ray Armstrong (M: 31) Ronald Allan Bishop (M: 54)
Jawisha Wayne Bradley (M: 37) Antoine Eugene Brooks (M: 45) George Freeman Cary (M: 48)
Andrew Philip Clark (M: 29) Jermane Lee Clark (M: 38) Kerry Vincent Clark (M: 52)
Anthony Dewayne Clay (M: 37) Danial Lee Emerick (M: 47) Michael Edward Ferrell (M: 40)
Vernon Dale Forgie (M: 72) Tommy Delano Foster (M: 84) Rolander Giles (M: 43)
James Michael Goodwin (M: 43) Robert Andrew Hallman (M: 41) Robert Paul Harris (M: 42)
Anthony Bernard Haughton (M: 50) Randall Ryan Hert (M: 63) David Ray Houdyshell (M: 35)
Albert Henry Johnson (M: 56) Danny Foley Kaesbauer (M: 40) Terry Damon Lackey (M: 37)
Joseph Manford Lamaster (M: 42) David Light (M: 53) Edward James Loussaert (M: 72)
Brian William Mccourt (M: 52) Robert Lee Mccoy (M: 26) Aurino Cutrell Mckinney (M: 38)
Brent Steven Mittman (M: 33) Adrian Aquarius Morrison (M: 41) Martin Carroll Myers (M: 54)
Harold Richard Ott (M: 55) Jamie Lee Parker (F: 32) Armando Junior Ruiz (M: 26)
Thomas James Vesey (M: 36) William Richard Wear (M: 48) William Dean Wells (M: 55)
Mark S Brown (M: 36) Lamont L Burton (M: 39) Daniel Lee Emerick (M: 47)
Tommy D Foster (M: 84) David Kevin Garrison (M: 52) James M Goodwin (M: 43)
Raymond Lee Krakliow (M: 50) Benjamin C Kudelka (M: 31) Dennis Marx (M: 53)
Douglas Morris (M: 41) Darrell Morrow (M: 40) Brian S Neal (M: 59)
Derrick Overstreet (M: 31) Jay C Proehl (M: 41) Jeffrey James Rasmussen (M: 53)
Byron Keith Rhoden (M: 39) Kurt L Schroeder (M: 50) Mark S Titus (M: 57)
George David Townsend (M: 53) William R Wear (M: 48) Robin Diane Hulen (F: 45)
Adam Nathaniel Snider (M: 32) Paul Anthony Reed (M: 32) Jermaine Herbert Walker (M: 34)
Anthony Mcgee (M: 47) Anthony Mcgee (M: 47) Kevin D Euring (M: 45)
Lugene D Burnett (M: 48) Patrick S Bohannon (M: 23) Jesus M Campos (M: 70)
Raymon D Durham (M: 34) Christopher Dwight Rogers (M: 38)

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