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All sex offender files currently in our database from Illinois and located in the city/town of Quincy are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Illinois sex offender information.

Johnathan Eugene Rajner (M: 37) Leslie E Adams (M: 50) Helen Horton (F: 26)
Brian D Holt (M: 35) Tyrone Deven Holliday (M: 44) Damien L Hess (M: 38)
Van Hernley (M: 50) Roy Magnus Heck (M: 64) Kevin D Hanrahan (M: 35)
Keith P Hackamack (M: 51) Jeffrey A Groll (M: 35) Robert J Griffin (M: 31)
Gregory K Gish (M: 53) Maurice Garland (M: 37) Christopher Gallaher (M: 30)
David Nathan Fugate (M: 38) Robert F Forbes (M: 70) Kenneth C Forbis (M: 45)
Shawn Allen Fielding (M: 29) Charles Allen Evans (M: 33) Christine K Anyasi (F: 44)
Johnathan W Eidson (M: 30) Robert L Eddy (M: 31) Robert L Eddy (F: 31)
Robert L Eddy (M: 31) William Jerome Duggon (M: 46) Lawrence Joseph Douglas (M: 63)
Carl Edward Douglas (M: 58) Brian Michael Doss (M: 27) John L Davis (M: 59)
Cory J Cyr (M: 28) Josiah M Dade (M: 23) Oscar Amos (M: 49)
Larry Dean Crowder (M: 29) Kenneth Eugene Cooper (M: 76) Janet S Cook (F: 43)
Charles A Chamberlin (M: 59) Johnathan Wayne Castle (M: 36) Randy D Carle (M: 51)
Donald Lee Caldwell (M: 29) Matthew D Burke (M: 28) Roy Lee Bridgeman (M: 86)
Andrew P Bowen (M: 44) Kevin L Bodi (M: 32) Norman Blackledge (M: 40)
Shannon L Bitter (F: 29) Franklin J Birdsell (M: 43) Christopher Bennett (M: 37)
Christopher R Bennett (M: 37) Terrell W Bell (M: 39) Aaron B Bell (M: 37)
Aaron Brian Bell (M: 36) Kent D Miller (M: 51) Timothy Leon Merritt (M: 51)
Nathaniel L Mcpike (M: 32) Steven Bradly Mcpike (M: 43) Steven B Mcpike (M: 44)
James R Masters (M: 58) Harold L Marcellus (M: 51) William J Mansperger (M: 26)
Kristopher A Mangold (M: 34) Andrew Phillip Lord (M: 28) Rodney Carl Lord (M: 47)
Kenneth R Lohman (M: 40) Joel R Lohmeyer (M: 31) David Russell Linsner (M: 29)
David Russell Linsner (M: 28) Derrick L Lilly (M: 45) Tony D Lewis (M: 50)
Craig B Laurich (M: 41) John Marshall Knowles (M: 30) Eric Kiture (M: 38)
Eric Kiture (M: 38) Bobby Joseph Kirkpatrick (M: 35) Paul Duwayne Kennedy (M: 43)
Russell David Jones (M: 41) Jesse Cole Baldwin (M: 31) Donald W Jackson (M: 54)
Kelly Wayne Huntley (M: 39) Joel P Hundley (M: 41) Robert C Humes (M: 33)
Larry D Hull (M: 46) Walter M Howard (M: 26) Andrew Neil Howe (M: 30)
Mark L Mixer (M: 41) Gary B Moore (M: 86) Ronnie Moore (M: 29)
William P Morningstar (M: 58) Philip R Murray (M: 43) Timothy D Murray (M: 26)
Charles Nelson (M: 70) Chad M Neumann (M: 42) Perry E Nixon (M: 31)
Robert Dewain Parrick (M: 51) Deandre L Parrish (M: 27) James T Payne (M: 67)
Jeffery K Peters (M: 53) Jason Phillips (M: 35) Carole L Powell (F: 36)
James L Raleigh (M: 32) Victor M Ramos (M: 34) Robert M Randall (M: 46)
Roy Dale Raymond (M: 62) Shawn Rieman (M: 39) Scott A Riggs (M: 49)
Alexander H Rosenkranz (M: 28) James R Rudicil (M: 48) Shadden D Rudicil (M: 32)
Arthur Runnels (M: 48) Robert D Russell (M: 60) Daniel R Sawyer (M: 35)
John W Schlueter (M: 42) Stephen G Schneider (M: 34) Angelina M Schott (F: 27)
Angelina Marie Schott (F: 26) James A Schuessler (M: 33) James E Smart (M: 33)
James Erich Smart (M: 33) Jeremy Jason Smith (M: 32) Jerrod W Smith (M: 33)
Robert Dean Smith (M: 54) Otto R Snyders (M: 43) Shilow T Sparks (M: 22)
Calvin C Spears (M: 68) Calvin C Spears (M: 68) Daniel P Stage (M: 36)
Paul L Stark (M: 77) Christopher Streitmatter (M: 39) Phillip L Tangman (M: 49)
Andrew M Taylor (M: 20) Carvill L Taylor (M: 35) Michael Lynn Taylor (M: 47)
Richard T Taylor (M: 64) Joseph Henry Terford (M: 49) Gary L Thompson (M: 36)
Nicholas Wayne Thompson (M: 32) Matthew G Unglesbee (M: 23) Steve Michael Vosse (M: 54)
Richard J Walker (M: 23) Jeffrey K Warner (M: 56) Adam D Warning (M: 32)
Aaron T Washington (M: 35) Brandon Maurice Williams (M: 48) Chad A Winkowitsch (M: 38)
Christopher Robert Bennett (M: 37) Charles Allen Chamberlin (M: 59) James Robert Helmick (M: 46)
Jeffrey Kent Peters (M: 53) John Howard Purtle (M: 60) Shadden Dean Rudicil (M: 32)
Robert Wayne Schwalb (M: 48) Michael Lynn Taylor (M: 47) Daniel Lee Barry (M: 39)
Charles T Bigley (M: 61) Paul H Carter (M: 41) Buddy E Chatfield (M: 49)
Wayne Warren Davis (M: 55) Christopher M Fleenor (M: 39) Julius Junior Hamann (M: 88)
Shawn K Hasting (M: 35) Winn D Higginbotham (M: 61) Leon Johnson (M: 61)
Rodney E Jones (M: 46) Thomas K Kibler (M: 74) Raymond L Leindecker (M: 52)
Rodney Carl Lord (M: 47) Victor Mayfield (M: 36) Russell Mcmullen (M: 68)
Eugene Raymond Nowell (M: 64) David A Prusinski (M: 53) Carl R Purdy (M: 83)
John H Purtle (M: 60) Mathew L Schlieper (M: 37) Robert A Snow (M: 52)
Cole Waller (M: 60) Jeffery Scott Watkins (M: 49) Lonnie Green (M: 56)
Anthony C Eaton (M: 33) James Wesley Smith (M: 27) Phillip Raymund Murray (U: N/A)
Anthony Chadwick Eaton (M: N/A) Donitta L Betts (F: 37)

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