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All sex offender files currently in our database from Colorado and located in the city/town of Wheat Ridge are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Colorado sex offender information.

Ignacio Acosta (M: 60) Ralph Ernest Allman (M: 55) Dwayne Chris Archuleta (M: 39)
Augustine Carlos Ayala (M: 48) Karl William Baer (M: 58) Michael Wayne Bagwell (M: 51)
Patrick Michael Baker (M: 48) Kim Arthur Beickman (M: 36) Daniel Vernon Benson (M: 46)
Michael Howard Blevins (M: 51) Daniel Joseph Bradley (M: 53) Randall David Bristow (M: 26)
Paul Milburn Broadrick (M: 44) Roby Christopher Brouillette (M: 43) David Terrance Brown (M: 52)
Jake Everett Burkhardt (M: 68) Steven Richard Callaway (M: 48) Jarrod Michael Cary (M: 25)
Reuben Ray Casillas (M: 49) Samuel Anthony Cassares (M: 44) David Cavanaugh (M: 43)
James Andrew Cerney (M: 45) Lawrence Rexford Chase (M: 36) Benito Jose Chavez (M: 56)
Johnny David Chavez (M: 42) Rudy David Cisneros (M: 31) Howard Dale Crosby (M: 67)
Michael Shawn Crowell (M: 42) Christopher Robert Cruz (M: 39) Christopher Robert Cruz (M: 39)
Isaac Enoch Cunningham (M: 29) Augustine De Armond (M: 40) Adrian Douglas Deatley (M: 35)
William Eugene Deaton (M: 34) William Eugene Deaton (M: 34) Mark David Delaney (M: 46)
William Leonard Dettmer (M: 68) William Leonard Dettmer (M: 68) Tiercel Duerson (M: 40)
Michael Frank Elliott (M: 55) Darvin Lee Findlay (M: 39) Marvin George Frey (M: 84)
Kevin John Fricker (M: 43) Matthew Jacinto Galicia (M: 38) Thomas Gerald Gallegos (M: 53)
Mathew Lee Gilbert (M: 24) Michael Lee Gill (M: 32) Timothy Scott Hansen (M: 57)
Robert Richard Hazlett (M: 74) John Russell Hoistion (M: 55) Raymond Paul Hokanson (M: 50)
Larry Don Holly (M: 61) Neil William Husted (M: 36) Emmett Thomas James (M: 79)
Ivan Alan Jessen (M: 33) Francis William Johnson (M: 66) Francis William Johnson (M: 66)
Lester Jerome Johnson (M: 44) Richard Carl Johnson (M: 67) Jeffrey Wayne Kendall (M: 36)
David Lee Killip (M: 65) Mark Douglas Kleeman (M: 55) Robert Clinton Knudsen (M: 65)
William Patrick Land (M: 62) Darin John Levstik (M: 47) Gene Allen Lohry (M: 52)
John Lopez (M: 65) Michael Robert Lopez (M: 32) Orlando Ernesto Lopez (M: 70)
Stephen Kenneth Loyd (M: 63) Richard Manuel Martinez (M: 76) Richard Manuel Martinez (M: 76)
Eric Douglas Mccoy (M: 40) Gary Scott Mclaughlin (M: 56) Carl James Miera (M: 59)
Francis Bernard Miller (M: 72) Kendall Lee Mitchell (M: 26) Ronald Dean Mullins (M: 43)
Ronald Dean Mullins (M: 43) Mark Anthony Mummert (M: 50) Russell Allen Nichols (M: 52)
Derek Mark Nix (M: 33) Paul Reto Norton (M: 30) Michael Riley Olson (M: 37)
Joseph Anthony Ortiz (M: 46) Joseph Anthony Ortiz (M: 46) Timothy Phillip Peterson (M: 48)
William Phillip Peterson (M: 48) Nicholas Christopher Phillips (M: 32) Sean Eastman Porter (M: 45)
Jeremy Ray Prater (M: 31) Clark Francis Prince (M: 68) David Ramirez (M: 67)
Charles David Reed (M: 48) Charles Leroy Rhodes (M: 50) Matthew William Richardson (M: 43)
William Edward Ridgley (M: 57) David Leroy Rios (M: 56) Dominick Fernandez Ryken (M: 34)
Michael John Salazar (M: 45) Dennis Jesse Santistevan (M: 40) Sam Norman Schmall (M: 45)
Howard James Schutte (M: 55) Ronald Eugene Scoville (M: 65) Robert Leroy Sinner (M: 64)
Robert Leroy Sinner (M: 64) Ryan James Slattery (M: 26) Sonja Ann Steele (F: 38)
Joseph Peter Thibault (M: 81) Paul Bennett Thrash (M: 62) Robin Lewis Toay (M: 40)
Robert Anthony Trujillo (M: 60) David Walter Tush (M: 48) Arthur Lee Vallejos (M: 51)
Matthew Genesis Webb (M: 23) Francis Widlowski (M: 42) Frederick William Wilcken (M: 53)
Peter Clifton Wood (M: 67) Daniel Lee Wurm (M: 33) Michael Frank Elliott (M: 55)
Tanya Michelle Ames (F: 36) Jon Darrick Atencio (M: 39) Jason Edward Benjamin (M: 34)
Daniel Joseph Bradley (M: 53) Glenn Carey Brand (M: 82) Paul Milburn Broadrick (M: 44)
Jake Everett Burkhardt (M: 68) Jason Carrick (M: 42) David John Cavanagh (M: 43)
Eulalio Delatorre (M: 28) Daniel Glenn Feather (M: 50) David Lee Gagliardi (M: 44)
Albert Henry Gradoz (M: 50) Stephen Kenneth Hain (M: 52) Deron Lynn Hegna (M: 61)
Christian Edward Hurd (M: 29) Emmett Thomas James (M: 79) Darrell Lloyd Jewett (M: 57)
Marilyn Ann Jewett (F: 47) Mark Stephen Kraft (M: 53) Glen Darrell Lamar (M: 85)
Sonja Ann Lee (F: 38) Scott Edward Loisell (M: 46) Miguel Juan Martinez (M: 34)
Andrea Paige Pitman (F: 42) Johathan William Rhoads (M: 60) Kendall John Strid (M: 47)
Jason Scott Wall (M: 37) Sean Benjamin Warren (M: 29) Norma Jean Wilson (F: 72)
Gregory Michael Wood (M: 45) Blaine Allan Woodard (M: 39) Dannie Oneal Young (M: 56)
Todd Alan Ledbetter (M: 30) Ralph Ernest Allman (M: 55) Charles Phillip Brown (M: 41)
Rick Stewart Buen (M: 56) Edward G Dieterle (M: 51) Robert Lee Hazlett (M: 74)
Gary Michael Heirshberg (M: 36) Christian Edward Hurd (M: 29) Darrell Lloyd Jewett (M: 57)
Marilyn Ann Jewett (F: 47) Eric Jason Kyle (M: 32) Ivan Leo Minard (M: 54)
Michael Arthur Nevans (M: 31) Anthony Jose Nieto (M: 65) Andrea Paige Pitman (F: 42)
Sam Norman Schmall (M: 45) Scott Rayshon Young (M: 35) Eddie Jeremiah Fernandez (M: 29)
James Costello Brousseau (M: 42) Andrea Paige Martinez (F: 42) Kenneth James Reinwald (M: 42)
Francisco Jose Chism (M: 26) Richard Wayne Crocker (M: 54) Gabriel Richard Bustamante (M: 55)
Timothy Joseph Arguello (M: 42) Gary Benton White (M: 35) Christopher Thomas Amberg (M: 32)
Erick Alan David (M: 42) Robert Lee Hazlett (M: 74) Anthony Michael Paulson (M: 33)
Joseph Bryan Totten (M: 49) Brandon James Gauer (M: 32) Alejandro Zargoza Pena (M: 38)
Daniel Joseph Bradley (M: 53) Andrew Steven Garcia (M: 61) Terry Glenn Rogers (M: 53)
Lawrence Edward Shaputis (M: 50) Frederick William Wilcken (M: 53) William Anthony Milne (M: 44)
Gary Augustine Maestas (M: 43)

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