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All sex offender files currently in our database from California and located in the city/town of Vista are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search California sex offender information.

Brian Andrew Vanlinden (M: 36) Bernabe Ocampo Abarca (M: 50) Floyd Ackles (M: 35)
Danny Ray Aikens (M: 49) Daniel Michael Andriso (M: 52) Steven Antony (M: 41)
Maximino Peralta Arcos (M: 52) Paul Allen Bartel (M: 38) Frank Robert Becerra (M: 37)
Thomas James Bush (M: 43) Larry Ray Algien (M: 62) Ricardo Galarza Camacho (M: 50)
Robert Escalante (M: 46) Jason Nathaniel Duckett (M: 34) Randolph Vita Dimacali (M: 48)
Jonathan Harold Dillard (M: 43) Frankie Diaz (M: 40) Arthur Ian Flansbaum (M: 71)
Dale Anthony Dawalt (M: 48) Mark Davies (M: 44) Gilberto Salas Escoto (M: 53)
James Donald Dye (M: 62) Bud Cothern (M: 36) Randolph Thomas Dominguez (M: 58)
Angel Dominguez (M: 68) Ray Rivers Defalco (M: 55) Elton Lesley Chubbuck (M: 48)
Richard John Chandler (M: 47) Phillip John Couch (M: 58) Thomas William Coughran (M: 66)
Christopher Carramusa (M: 38) Michael Ray Cleveland (M: 56) Richard Marvin Clary (M: 61)
Larry Wayne Chaffin (M: 59) Eduardo I Castillo (M: 58) David Lee Case (M: 55)
Charles M Burton (M: 71) Allan Alfred Buckalew (M: 61) Daniel Lee Rodriguez (M: 51)
Correa Allen Ray (M: 41) Robert Richard Radtke (M: 45) Paul Cole Pineda (M: 41)
Jule Anthony Boards (M: 58) Arturo Nuno (M: 49) Patrick Arnold Morrow (M: 47)
Anthony David Mora (M: 51) Ismael Miguel Mejia (M: 38) Wayne Mathews (M: 41)
Joe Michael Martinez (M: 51) Scott Allen Mann (M: 49) Jimmy Dale Owens (M: 60)
Javier Lopez (M: 32) Aaron Lewis (M: 34) Rickey A Monroe (M: 65)
Brian Gene Mills (M: 53) John Dedrick Milhous (M: 63) Michael Lee Mies (M: 52)
Michael Lee Meldgaard (M: 54) Ricky Lee Mcdonald (M: 53) Timothy Jones (M: 45)
Steven Mark Mcdade (M: 59) Richard Mason (M: 64) Arthur Monroe Marshall (M: 54)
Wayne Francis Luce (M: 62) Paul George Hougesen (M: 48) Stephen Mark Hougesen (M: 48)
Ezell Holiday (M: 44) Juan Jose Lopez (M: 55) Phillippe Lizarraga (M: 61)
Jason David Herrlich (M: 35) Milton Levy (M: 64) Neal Francis Leonard (M: 64)
Arnold Delrosario Ong (M: 56) Timothy John Lovely (M: 46) Andres C Hernandez (M: 37)
Robert Eugene Lafond (M: 67) Thomas Jerome Jordan (M: 57) Eugene William Johnson (M: 52)
Mark Shawn Groth (M: 49) Michael Ray Hoida (M: 55) Michael Lewis Hilton (M: 58)
Wayne Eugene Herder (M: 73) Jose Mmarkus Gonzalez (M: 67) Enrique Alfredo Gonzalez (M: 73)
Joseph Gonzales (M: 52) Anthony John Greiner (M: 61) James Leo Flaherty (M: 49)
Earl Harwell (M: 57) Russell Edward Harris (M: 61) David Guy Harden (M: 69)
Clark Phillip Prather (M: 55) Robert Howard Procter (M: 60) Aimee Robin Rosenberg (F: 32)
Steven R Retz (M: 55) James Paul Reynolds (M: 73) Mark Anthony Rodriguez (M: 54)
Billy Quinto Sholman (M: 46) David Charles Seward (M: 64) Michael Anthony Simpson (M: 56)
Jason Lee Swanson (M: 36) Harold Eugene Thomas (M: 44) Steve Torres (M: 40)
Edward Arthur Buckles (M: 78) Robert Day Cooper (M: 82) Santos Ernesto Urbina (M: 52)
Michael Don Vidal (M: 54) Robert C Mcdonald (M: 79) Dale Walden (M: 69)
Alberto Luis Venegas (M: 41) Brock Watson (M: 63) Robert Joseph Rightley (M: 77)
Kenneth Millard Webb (M: 68) Meliton Rodriguez (M: 86) Charles Francis Tagaloni (M: 79)
Dominique John Whitehair (M: 35) Anthony Wayne Wilkins (M: 39) Jose Luis Chavez (M: 29)
Gregory Alan Williamson (M: 49) Hector Luis Colon (M: 29) Jacob Tyler Smith (M: 29)
Brandon Daniel Spaulding (M: 31) Alfred Enrique Velazquez (M: 30) Larry Dumala (M: 49)
Charles Renfrew Bonebrake (M: 96) Abelardo Castellon (M: 46) Roy Clayton Dunham (M: 91)
Rodrick Gregory (M: 43) Lonnie Clarence Jackson (M: 68) Thomas Spencer King (M: 59)
Joseph Anthony Milton (M: 39) Ronald Lee Morgan (M: 76) Sprague Lambert Nichols (M: 65)
Pablo Patino (M: 48) Donald Wood Richie (M: 43) Lizandro Rivera (M: 42)
Louis Smiles (M: 93) Michael Palmore (M: 53) Vicente Jose Matlock (M: 53)
Douglas Keith Taunton (M: 47) Doyle Ray Elliott (M: 49) Kenneth Robert Dunford (M: 51)
Joseph Michael Johnston (M: 46) Jimmy Bruce Raines (M: 48) Sergio Jimenez Hernandez (M: 34)
Adam Patrick Morris (M: 35) Mark Allen Roberts (M: 51) Damien Antoine Weicks (M: 33)

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