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All sex offender files currently in our database from California and located in the city/town of Corona are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search California sex offender information.

Antonio G Gonzalez (M: 84) Randolph Sherman Adams (M: 38) Maria Dalia Aguiniga (F: 50)
Abel Aleman (M: 49) David Fernando Arriola (M: 49) Edwin Dale Abramson (M: 66)
Jerry Dale Adams (M: 63) Ricky Edward Adams (M: 53) Benito Cabrera (M: 33)
Emilio Ernesto Camarena (M: 42) Christopher David Camden (M: 42) Thomas Aravanis (M: 68)
John Dee Everage (M: 35) Roland Lee Gill (M: 54) Luis Antonio Escobar (M: 50)
Kennith Spencer Dockter (M: 41) Gerald Lee Flock (M: 53) James W Dubois (M: 56)
Victor Martinez Dominguez (M: 59) Chris Allen Coppersmith (M: 47) Ronald Eric Delhayne (M: 63)
Oliver Robert Cobb (M: 51) Joseph Ciofalo (M: 51) Felipe Romero Curiel (M: 68)
Harrison Ottaman Cromes (M: 59) Wayne Armand Chapman (M: 66) Ronald Dean Cantrell (M: 58)
Angel Juan Camacho (M: 59) Edwin Rodriguez (M: 38) Angel Rodela (M: 45)
Nicholas Patrick Robertis (M: 49) Clinton Blaine Quadrozzi (M: 41) Ripal Patel (M: 35)
Duane Stuart Osburn (M: 41) Robert Bruce Mulvihill (M: 40) David Alan Moyes (M: 46)
Vincent Arnell Morrow (M: 34) Jimmy Ray Moore (M: 44) Jose Dejesus Monroy (M: 39)
Raymond John Beltran (M: 57) David Mcintosh (M: 50) Michael Leslie Mcgroarty (M: 37)
Terry Gene Perry (M: 59) Cecil Briones Pelayo (M: 59) Joe Calvin Patton (M: 55)
Benny Murray (M: 68) Frank Thomas Lindley (M: 40) Alvin Damon Lefridge (M: 50)
Gerald Richard Moerler (M: 54) Tony Leon Mitchell (M: 53) Alan Simon Mitchell (M: 53)
Jesse Menchaca (M: 57) John Irl Mcmahn (M: 60) Ira D Jackson (M: 52)
James Scott Hunter (M: 52) Michael Robert Hodgson (M: 49) John Dale Ludiker (M: 49)
Paul Edward Lowe (M: 51) Harold Lavigne (M: 64) Daniel Henry Kooiman (M: 64)
Manuel A Juarez (M: 67) Hesiquio Rabago Ayala (M: 57) Timothy Paul Gonzalez (M: 46)
John Leslie Gonzales (M: 48) Lan Ngoc Hoang (M: 63) Jay Lazaro Flores (M: 41)
Clifton Grays (M: 72) Samuel Curtis Gordon (M: 66) Lawrence Hastings (M: 56)
Michael S Hart (M: 60) Alfonso Guzman Garcia (M: 38) Tony Edward Powell (M: 57)
Patrick Ryan Pyles (M: 55) Francisco Ramirez (M: 55) Salvador Ramirez (M: 66)
Michael Thomas Ruiz (M: 52) Russell William Salazar (M: 48) James Michael Rickerd (M: 61)
Salvador Rios Salgado (M: 49) Robert Anthony Sandoval (M: 52) Reyes Rodriguez (M: 65)
David Gregory Scott (M: 43) Russell David Sanderson (M: 67) Charles Simmons (M: 48)
Kevin G Smith (M: 40) Pedro Soltero (M: 50) Gil Tito Sutherland (M: 33)
Manuel Oliveros Baez (M: 81) Michael Ray Torrence (M: 58) James Frank Townsend (M: 60)
Gordon Culver Dees (M: 74) L Z Fletcher (M: 86) Raul Ledesma Gomez (M: 87)
Robert Gail Halverstadt (M: 84) Ralph L House (M: 78) Hugh H Kneeland (M: 80)
Robert Lopez (M: 74) Eugene M Martinez (M: 85) Vermit Ellsworth Nelson (M: 93)
Charles Rodriguez (M: 89) Donley Ray Sharp (M: 76) James Allen Wagoner (M: 32)
Jeffrey Waites (M: 45) John Adam Whitsell (M: 68) Tarel Williams (M: 58)
Robert Alan Wilson (M: 65) Cesar Ricardo Aleman (M: 27) Eddie Earl Wood (M: 62)
Stephen Keith Woodson (M: 62) Tracy Leroy Wheeler (M: 52) David Michael Wynne (M: 61)
Abiel Humberto Zepeda (M: 61) Jesus Martinez Zepeda (M: 61) Alan Ossiel Carrillo (M: 26)
Fred Fraid Hage (M: 25) Juan C Mariscal (M: 29) Cody Michael Mcdowell (M: 26)
Christopher Robert Welsh (M: 24) John David Wiese (M: 29) Travis Eric Baggstrom (M: 33)
Michael Lawrence Barreto (M: 47) Douglas Warren Carr (M: 48) Justo Castillo (M: 44)
Dennis Alan Ferrier (M: 56) Matthew Wayne Garrett (M: 33) Rickey Jess Garrett (M: 64)
Jim Nathen Kluge (M: 50) Jose Santos Maldonado (M: 46) Luis Munoz (M: 42)
Enrique Alvarez Ortega (M: 51) James Alvey Rogers (M: 60) Francis M Young (M: 73)
Andrew John Esparza (M: 61) Thomas Knowles Sowell (M: 67) Adam Blake Loza (M: 29)

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