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All sex offender files currently in our database from California and located in the city/town of Citrus Heights are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search California sex offender information.

Eric Shawn Bodenschatz (M: 45) Jack Somchai Boerner (M: 48) Floyd Bonner (M: 32)
Sean W Brossard (M: 48) Gilbert Raymond Cage (M: 51) Scott Roy Echols (M: 48)
Billy Richard Frank (M: 57) Donald Alan Diehl (M: 49) Mark Forston (M: 69)
David Decant (M: 50) Joe Anthony Cruz (M: 38) Steven Robert Elmore (M: 55)
Nathan Ellis (M: 61) Michael Allen Creech (M: 39) Terry Michael Coats (M: 49)
Gary Davis (M: 57) George Preston Daniel (M: 59) Richard R Cruz (M: 59)
John Allen Crawford (M: 53) William Darnell Carter (M: 47) Michael Robert Conner (M: 60)
Darrell Gene Chapman (M: 53) David E Chadwick (M: 59) Norman Joseph Cattell (M: 71)
Dana Shane Castle (M: 52) Michael Dennis Rasmussen (M: 48) Michael Joseph Rath (M: 43)
Jeffery Powell (M: 39) David John Pinelli (M: 47) Freddy Lewis Phillips (M: 44)
Cesar Alfredo Pacheco (M: 42) Gary Russell Oustad (M: 49) Timothy Thaddeus Omalley (M: 51)
Harold Rehrig Nichol (M: 45) Jason Carl Newberry (M: 37) Raymond Nelson (M: 44)
Arsem Muhtarov (M: 34) Floyd Bennett (M: 65) David Peter Pinelli (M: 73)
Gregory Lee Beldo (M: 61) Stephen L Pierce (M: 70) Richard Travis Maki (M: 42)
John L Orsua (M: 66) Adam Libero (M: 40) Drake Lease (M: 50)
Leonard Ler Larson (M: 49) Scott O Larson (M: 39) Ruben Joseph Mohammed (M: 55)
Willis James Moffett (M: 56) Peter Joseph Krysinski (M: 42) Charles Edward Michael (M: 67)
Duane Lee Kindrick (M: 35) Michael John Kealy (M: 52) Joseph Kimball Barker (M: 61)
Aleksander Kalchick (M: 33) Thomas Michael Juelch (M: 43) Anthony Wayne Barcellos (M: 56)
Daniel Paul Mathews (M: 58) Daron Michael Johnson (M: 46) Quintin Carlyle Jarrett (M: 36)
Mark Jaramillo (M: 43) Michael Lee James (M: 48) Michael Mathew Marsh (M: 56)
Kevin Craig Jackson (M: 48) Issac Jackson (M: 36) Raymond George Manuel (M: 59)
Christopher Lawson Mann (M: 57) Felipe Alberto Madigal (M: 70) Rickey Macon (M: 64)
Charles Edwin Hoadley (M: 34) Richard Kennedy Litalien (M: 54) James Henry Lewis (M: 64)
Pete Hernandez (M: 51) Wayne Desmond Leathers (M: 67) Keith Leroy Nyberg (M: 54)
Mark Lawrence Nichols (M: 54) Curt Matthew Feutz (M: 45) David Wallace Lamountain (M: 67)
Domenico Lafata (M: 70) Carl B Ladd (M: 72) Gus Koucouthakis (M: 69)
Gerald Leroy Kolling (M: 66) Jeffrey Clay Hash (M: 51) Benjamin Lee Harris (M: 45)
Gregg Bennett Hansen (M: 50) Lajos Patrick Juhasz (M: 60) David Grant Jones (M: 53)
Michael Eugene Ashley (M: 65) Wendell Lee Horn (M: 59) Jerry Alan Hopper (M: 58)
Daniel Gordon Hodge (M: 54) Bud Hawkridge (M: 56) Ismael Garcia (M: 44)
Michael Jason Fuhrman (M: 31) David Irving Harrison (M: 61) Arturo Garcia (M: 45)
Jeffrey A Powell (M: 69) James Lee Provance (M: 57) Brian Daniel Romo (M: 36)
Toby Walter Reeves (M: 65) Benito Rivera (M: 71) Keith Alvin Robinson (M: 71)
David Ray Santin (M: 52) Mark Edward Ross (M: 54) Albert C Saffold (M: 59)
Thomas Evans Sales (M: 68) Tina Denise Singh (F: 40) James Douglas Schuman (M: 71)
Jeffrey Smith (M: 50) Nichols Shandrew (M: 57) Paul William Shoopman (M: 68)
Dennis Wayne Smith (M: 63) Steven Hayes Smith (M: 55) Justin Mathew Strakbein (M: 39)
Leo George Brueck (M: 86) David Don Torkelson (M: 57) Donald E Burson (M: 78)
Gasper Frank Candito (M: 85) James Dean Clark (M: 74) Duane T Tulee (M: 48)
Harold Tuckness (M: 73) James Hale Donaker (M: 75) Harvey E Gibson (M: 81)
Robert Leo Lawson (M: 80) Burt Wayne Varner (M: 45) James Moore (M: 87)
Bruce S Neeley (M: 82) Steven Paul Vences (M: 51) Frederick William Pavelchik (M: 91)
Laurence Eugene Weber (M: 71) Joseph E Sordillo (M: 88) Theodore Richard Wilson (M: 74)
Christian Joseph Watts (M: 31) Edwin Agront (M: 31) Debbie Jean Wittsell (M: 55)
Kenneth Bruce Woods (M: 61) Adan Rodeli Bac-Chan (M: 28) Benjamin Isaiah Cole (M: 23)
Brent Lee Wilson (M: 48) Mark Lee Winston (M: 42) Timothy Allen Wosick (M: 51)
Charles Leon Wright (M: 50) Justin S Gardner (M: 30) Axel Guadiana (M: 22)
Jasen Ryan Hope (M: 29) Michael Vincent Martinez (M: 29) Johnathan R Prentice (M: 30)
Robert Lee Swanson (M: 26) Samuel Earl Ansell (M: 72) Santos Telebango Bagano (M: 64)
Roy Perry Doll (M: 47) Daren Michael Drake (M: 48) William Carl Noss (M: 71)
Todd Alan Palmer (M: 51) Melvin Gene Prowse (M: 72) Matthew Loyd Ratliff (M: 51)
Jamie Clayton Reed (M: 52) Andrew Joseph Sacco (M: 57) Joseph Christopher Scarry (M: 41)
George Marion Shadwick (M: 64) Charles Allen Hopkins Ii (M: 44) Herbert Lee (M: 44)
Salvatore Billecci (M: 47) Julian Vincent Lopez (M: 23)

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