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All sex offender files currently in our database from Arkansas and located in the city/town of Fort Smith are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the city list to search Arkansas sex offender information.

Carletus Adams (M: 50) Timmy Ray Allen (M: 31) Jason Keith Anhalt (M: 35)
Jason K Anhalt (M: 35) Aubrey Eldon Bagley (M: 64) Benjamin Aaron Ballard (M: 27)
Eric Brian Banschbach (M: 35) Terry Bartlett (M: 48) Lowell Andrew Billy (M: 43)
Terry Andre Bland (M: 45) Terry Andre Bland (M: 45) Scott Matthew Brackett (M: 50)
Bobby Wayne Burgett (M: 78) Vincent Butler (M: 49) James Michael Cameron (M: 55)
Howard William Campbell (M: 26) Robert Dale Casey (M: 43) Glendell G Clark (M: 28)
Toby Lee Cobbler (M: 53) Joseph John Cole (M: 59) Paul Lee Cook (M: 36)
Sidney Mills Crowley (M: 30) Michael E Cruthird (M: 46) Johnnie Dalton (M: 52)
Johnnie Campbell Dalton (M: 52) Paul Edmond Decker (M: 45) Arturo Delagarza (M: 35)
Bobby Wayne Delp (M: 28) Bobby Wayne Delp (M: 28) Doyle David Dickerson (M: 66)
Angela Marie Driggers (U: 42) Angela Marie Driggers (F: 42) Jimmy Dwight Dunham (M: 34)
Joshua Wayne Evans (M: 29) Leland Morton Fleming (M: 36) Gordon Arthur Fletcher (M: 51)
Susan Marie Floyd (F: 44) Ronnie Allen Forrest (M: 46) William Joseph Fountain (M: 62)
Robert Randall Fowler (M: 70) Gregory Lamar Givan (M: 40) Gregory Lamar Givan (M: 40)
Wendall Givance (M: 47) Wendall Givance (M: 47) Larry Don Goforth (M: 60)
Victor Gonzales (M: 37) Byron Kirk Gray (M: 43) Elbert Ray Green (M: 66)
Jared David Halpain (M: 32) Donald Ray Halstead (M: 40) Raymond Keith Hanna (M: 50)
William Mazell Hayes (M: 34) Corwin James Haynes (M: 35) Max Cole Hollander (M: 66)
Timothy Scott Ireland (M: 42) Larry Dean Jackson (M: 62) Andrew Trent James (M: 23)
John Wesley Jones (M: 49) Timothy Randall Jones (M: 35) Timothy R Jones (M: 35)
Shawn Michael Joseph (M: 23) Gregory Scott Kennon (M: 40) Joshua Todd King (M: 39)
John Paul Lea (M: 40) Charles Alexander Lee (M: 47) William Charles Lindsey (M: 55)
William Charles Lindsey (M: 55) Eugene Buddy Manning (M: 58) Edward Leonard Mcbay (M: 45)
James Alfred Mcclish (M: 45) Danny Joe Mcdonald (M: 59) Terry Allen Mcentire (M: 47)
Andrew David Mcfarland (M: 23) John Wayne Mcgee (M: 61) Joshua P Mckeown (M: 32)
Lucas Gene Monroe (M: 24) Michael Wayne Morris (M: 47) Jeffery Alan Myers (M: 54)
Eric Keith Neel (M: 26) Nguyen Hoang Nguyen (M: 36) Nguyen Hoang Nguyen (M: 36)
Christopher Wade Ooms (M: 29) Larry Eugene Osborn (M: 56) Mark Jasen Owens (M: 41)
Mark Jasen Owens (M: 41) Bobby Dean Parris (M: 48) Olish Perkins (M: 58)
Olish Perkins (M: 58) Randy Gene Phelps (M: 51) Jimmy Dane Phillips (M: 46)
Sombounce Phonekhanhan (M: 33) Alvin William Pritchett (M: 54) Alvin William Pritchett (M: 54)
Reynaldo B Ramirez (M: 58) Kelly Don Reeves (M: 47) Reyes Antonio Rodas (M: 39)
Reyes Antonio Rodas (M: 39) Lester Clayton Sanders (M: 56) Lloyd Coleman Self (M: 53)
Lee Densel Sipes (M: 72) Gary Lee Smith (M: 33) Leon Charles Smith (M: 60)
James Merrill Soehlman (M: 67) Samuel Wayne Sparks (M: 34) John Phillip Summers (M: 48)
Todd Jarrell Swanson (M: 41) Todd Jarrell Swanson (M: 41) John Robert Terrell (M: 46)
Joseph Lynn Thompson (M: 29) Ryan Norman Tuers (M: 32) Bobby Dale Walker (M: 37)
Garry Ronald Webb (M: 49) George Robert Webb (M: 54) Stanley R White (M: 57)
David Allen Wilkins (M: 53) Carl Edward Willis (M: 60) Eric M Willis (M: 28)
Charles Isaac Wilson (M: 57) Brian Anthony Wolff (M: 34) Steve Alan Zeller (M: 56)
Jd Mcnew (M: 55) Norman Ryan Tuers (M: 32) Kevin Michael Vanterpool (M: 28)
Cecil L Ham (M: 64) Robert Kenneth Norman (M: 36) Antoine D Jelks (M: 38)
Michael Richard Miner (M: 35) John Wayne Anderson (M: 46) James Wayne Aultman (M: 52)
London Sigmund Belcher (M: 32) Rodney Lee Boyd (M: 50) Myron Maurice Campbell (M: 31)
Joseph John Cole (M: 59) Paul Lee Cook (M: 36) Jimmy Dwight Dunham (M: 34)
Eric Justin Flowers (M: 38) Earl Guillory (M: 50) William Mazell Hayes (M: 34)
Max Cole Hollander (M: 66) David Leroy Hoodenpyle (M: 48) John Wesley Jones (M: 49)
John Paul Lea (M: 40) John Paul Lea (M: 40) Danny Joe Mcdonald (M: 59)
Chico Joe Norwood (M: 34) Eddie Paul Rogers (M: 34) Dennis Allen Sivage (M: 43)
Johnny Wayne Spence (M: 47) Garry Ronald Leowen Webb (M: 49) George Robert Lee Webb (M: 54)
James Brian Wright (M: 35) Calvin Lee Pixley (M: 33) William Joseph Archuletta (M: 85)
Paul Bruce Harrup (M: 72) Randy Joe Kennel (M: 51) Stanley R White (M: 57)
Todd Jarrell Swanson (M: 41) John Wesley Jones (M: 49) Olish Perkins (M: 58)
Lester Clayton Sanders (M: 56) Samuel Wayne Sparks (M: 34) Leon Charles Smith (M: 60)
Edward Leonard Mcbay (M: 45) James Brian Wright (M: 35) Terry Allen Mcentire (M: 47)
Neil Cavenaugh (M: 51) Larry Ray Hamilton (M: 50) Edward Leonard Mcbay (M: 45)
Jimmy Dane Phillips (M: 46) Leon Charles Smith (M: 60) Billy John Titsworth (M: 37)
Paul Eugene Mashburn (M: 53) Sheldon Leon Orsbun (M: 25) Carletus Adams (M: 50)
Timmy Ray Allen (M: 31) John Wayne Anderson (M: 46) Terry Andre Bland (M: 45)
Bobby Wayne Burgett (M: 78) James Michael Cameron (M: 55) Myron Maurice Campbell (M: 31)
Robert Butler Catchot (M: 53) Jimmy Don Chronister (M: 46) Danny Franklin Clark (M: 57)
Paul Lee Cook (M: 36) Michael E Cruthird (M: 46) Jermaine Carlos Diaz (M: 28)
Daniel Odell Englisha (M: 56) Gregory Lamar Givan (M: 40) Wendall Givance (M: 47)
Victor Gonzales (M: 37) Cody Eugene Hale (M: 56) Byron Keith Henderson (M: 45)
Timothy Roy Hicks (M: 53) Charles Alexander Lee (M: 47) William Charles Lindsey (M: 55)
Steven Bruce Martin (M: 36) John Lee Mcintire (M: 49) Larry Eugene Osborn (M: 56)
Olish Perkins (M: 58) Gery T Redden (M: 43) Michael Eugene Young (M: 68)
Michael Richard Miner (M: 35) Robert Matthew Toole (M: 49) Bruce Lee Bontemps (M: 60)
David Joseph Rinehart (M: 43) Michael Vernon Farris (M: 44) James Eric Hister (M: 47)
Jonathan Patrick Curry (M: 52) Joseph Allen Sanchez (M: 37) Joseph Eugene Heiss (M: 72)
Joshua Corey Yancy (M: 22) Joshua Adam Resto (M: 29) Samuel Eugene Tillery (M: 49)
Alphonso Pendleton (M: 26) Brandy Diane Biller (F: 34) Jimmy Dung Mai (M: 20)
Joseph Lee Pearson (M: 27) Michael Robert Hutchings (M: 20) Paul Alford Whittle (M: 56)
Garre Hubbard (M: 54) Roger Dale Prince (M: 36)

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