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All sex offender listings currently in our database from South Carolina whose last name begins with the letter T are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search South Carolina sex offender data.

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Felton Tabor (M: 58) John Edward Tabor (M: 82) Felton Tabor (M: 58)
Robert Allen Tadlock (M: 50) Robert Allen Tadlock (M: 50) Donald Paul Taflinger (M: 50)
Donald P Taflinger (M: 50) Donald Paul Taflinger (M: 50) Donnie Lee Taft (M: 41)
Christopher Taft (M: 22) Robert Chad Tafta (M: 36) Robert Chad Tafta (M: 36)
William Shane Tager (M: 38) William Shane Tager (M: 38) Thomas Roosevelt Taggart (M: 55)
Kevin Andre Talbert (M: 49) Mark Anthony Talford (M: 54) Raymond Jefferson Talley (M: 45)
Robert Thomas Talley (M: 58) Robert Thomas Talley (M: 57) Ronald Lee Talley (M: 73)
Dennis Bruce Talley Jr (M: 32) Albert Linwooe Talmo (M: 44) Albert Linwood Talmo (M: 44)
Larry Clark Tammen (M: 61) Phillip Howell Tanner (M: 60) Jerome Thuron Tapp (M: 88)
Carlos Ray Tarpley (M: 57) Carlos Ray Tarpley (M: 58) Derrick Tate (M: 47)
Dwayne Anthony Tate (M: 52) Joseph Tate (M: 50) Steven Mitchell Tate (M: 40)
Ted Marvin Tate (M: 56) Tyson L Tate (M: 35) Elliot Tatum (M: 57)
Elliot Tatum (M: 57) Raymond Joseph Tatum (M: 60) Alexander Taylor (M: 47)
Barry J. Taylor (M: 60) Barry Joel Taylor (M: 59) Barry Joel Taylor (M: 59)
Bo Anderson Taylor (M: 30) Bobby Gene Taylor (M: 65) Bobby G Taylor (M: 64)
Bruce Michael Taylor (M: 51) Bruce Michael Taylor (M: 52) Buddy Taylor (M: 30)
Darren Keith Taylor (M: 47) Darren Keith Taylor (M: 47) David Taylor (M: 46)
David M. Taylor (M: 60) Deborah Ann Taylor (F: 55) Durelle Tyshaun Taylor (M: 27)
Eddwan Mckinley Taylor (M: 32) Edward Taylor (M: 53) Franklin R Taylor (M: 78)
Franklin Roosevelt Taylor (M: 78) Harley Lee Taylor (M: 62) Harley Lee Taylor (M: 62)
Harry Alan Taylor (M: 40) Henery Wilburn Taylor (M: 51) Henry Taylor (M: 67)
Henry Wilburn Taylor (M: 51) Herbert Donald Taylor (M: 37) Herbert Donald Taylor (M: 37)
J L Taylor (M: 65) J L Taylor (M: 65) James Kevin Taylor (M: 41)
Jason Lane Taylor (M: 31) Jerry Taylor (M: 36) Jerry Wayne Taylor (M: 36)
Jimmy Dale Taylor (M: 34) Jimmy Earl Taylor (M: 57) Jordan Michael Taylor (M: 29)
Jordan Michael Taylor (M: 29) Kenneth Earl Taylor (M: 52) Kevin Bernard Taylor (M: 37)
Lamont Taylor (M: 45) Larry Taylor (M: 39) Lavoris Terrell Taylor (M: 34)
Marty Wayne Taylor (M: 44) Matthew Coy Taylor (M: 26) Robert Wayne Taylor (M: 45)
Sandra Taylor (F: 57) Sandra Marlene Taylor (F: 57) Shane William Taylor (M: 34)
Shane William Taylor (M: 34) Shannon Taylor (F: 44) Shayne Michael Taylor (M: 44)
Sidney Lavarne Taylor (M: 71) Tarold Lee Taylor (M: 34) Thearon Taylor (M: 41)
Thearon Lex Taylor (M: 41) Therl Avery Taylor (M: 61) Thomas Russell Taylor (M: 56)
Tommy Joe Taylor (M: 48) William Randolph Taylor (M: 37) Willie Thomas Taylor (M: 50)
Willie T Taylor (M: 50) Yvette Laucretia Taylor (F: 51) Aaron Taylor (M: 53)
William Taylor (M: 48) Sidney Taylor (M: 71) Willie Taylor (M: 52)
Henery Wilburn Taylor (M: 51) Helen Elizabeth Taylor (F: 49) Bobby G Taylor (M: 64)
Jimmy Dale Taylor (M: 34) Aaron Allen Taylor (M: 54) James Eddie Taylor (M: 49)
Robert Neil Taylor (M: 45) Troy Franklin Taylor (M: 28) Robert Eugene Taylor (M: 40)
Kayla Ann Taylor (F: 20) Bradley Teachey (M: 36) Billy Edsel Teague (M: 47)
Bryan Lewis Teague (M: 34) Jonathan Edward Teague (M: 37) Robert M Teal (M: 46)
Matthew Fredrick Tebeau (M: 42) Daniel R. Tedder (M: 47) Daniel Ray Tedder (M: 46)
Dewayne Quincy Tedder (M: 37) Jerry Tedder (M: 44) Jerry Mitchell Tedder (M: 45)
Jerry M. Tedder (M: 45) Daniel Ray Tedder (M: 46) Jerry Tedder (M: 44)
William Edward Teets (M: 80) Brian Tracy Teeuwe (M: 45) Vincent D Telles (M: 88)
Alonzo Robert Telley (M: 50) Brian Andrew Temple (M: 50) William John Temple (M: 53)
Henry Templeton (M: 48) Charles Phillip Tench (M: 31) Charles Phillip Tench (M: 31)
Yong Feng Teng (M: 42) Kirk James Tennant (M: 24) Jeffrey Alan Tenney (M: 44)
Jeffrey Alan Tenney (M: 44) Randall Dean Tenney (M: 65) Blair Douglas Tennison (M: 55)
Kelly Tention (M: 49) Robert Jonathan Teronde (M: 31) Robert Jonathan Teronde (M: 31)
Leverne Jerido Terrance (M: 33) Delane Terrell (M: 55) Steve Wesley Terrell (M: 52)
Steve Wesley Terrell (M: 52) David Wayne Terrio (M: 64) David Terry (M: 43)
David Lynn Terry (M: 55) David Terry (M: 43) Derrick Donte Terry (M: 30)
Gary Wayne Terry (M: 35) James Albert Terry (M: 43) Jodie Terry (M: 45)
Will Carson Terry (M: 48) Torrey Tesla (M: 35) Cecil Tesneair (M: 51)
Cecil Lee Tesneair (M: 51) James Edward Tesnear (M: 37) James Edward Tesnear (M: 38)
Jay Test (M: 35) Cheryl Test (F: 65) Sam Test (M: 47)
Tommy Test (M: 47) Sam Test (M: 65) Timmy Test (M: 34)
Tony Allen Teters (M: 33) Raymond Fredrick Tettemer (M: 69) Edward Walter Tew (M: 34)
Edward Walter Tew (M: 34) Mehmet Murat Teylik (M: 29) Anthony Lee Thackee (M: 56)
Anthony Lee Thacker (M: 56) Richard Earl Thackson (M: 46) Kerry Bishop Thames (M: 38)
Kerry Bishop Thames (M: 37) Mickey Lee Tharp (M: 29) Nathan Allen Tharpe (M: 27)
Paul Thomas Thatcher (M: 67) Paul Thomas Thatcher (M: 67) George Ray Thaxton (M: 55)
Gus Theodosis (M: 74) William Kyle Therrell (M: 50) William Kyle Kyle Therrell (M: 50)
Philip Henry Therrien (M: 56) Philip Henry Therrien (M: 57) David Russell Thiem (M: 36)
Richard M Thigpen (M: 36) Richard Michele Thigpen (M: 37) Anthony Thomas (M: 40)
Daryl Murray Thomas (M: 41) David Thomas (M: 58) David Ray Thomas (M: 67)
David Ray Thomas (M: 66) David Arthur Thomas (M: 60) David James Thomas (M: 59)
David Thomas (M: 55) David Paul Thomas (M: 38) Doyle Edward Thomas (M: 57)
Eddie Michael Thomas (M: 62) Eddie Michael Thomas (M: 62) Gregory Roy Thomas (M: 34)
Haywood Lorenzo Thomas (M: 55) Henry Thomas (M: 49) Henry Thomas (M: 50)
Jackie Ray Thomas (M: 53) James Arthur Thomas (M: 78) John David Thomas (M: 77)
John David Thomas (M: 34) John David Thomas (M: 55) John Don Thomas (M: 81)
Johnathan Paul Thomas (M: 34) Johnny Thomas (M: 50) Johnny Thomas (M: 50)
Johnny Earl Thomas (M: 35) Kelly Manual Thomas (M: 51) Kelly Manuel Thomas (M: 51)
Kenneth Joseph Thomas (M: 51) Leroy Gregory Thomas (M: 41) Lester Dean Thomas (M: 81)
Lowell Dean Thomas (M: 51) Monroe Kenny Thomas (M: 49) Monroe Kenny Thomas (M: 49)
Paul Alfred Thomas (M: 58) Randy Blalock Thomas (M: 56) Randy Joe Thomas (M: 43)
Robert A Thomas (M: 64) Robert Dexter Thomas (M: 34) Robert Allen Thomas (M: 64)
Ronald Edward Thomas (M: 50) Ronnie Edward Thomas (M: 50) Ronnie Thomas (M: 51)
Sylvester Thomas (M: 44) Timmy Eugene Thomas (M: 39) Timothy Shane Thomas (M: 30)
Tony Edward Thomas (M: 46) Zachary Thomas (M: 53) Eric L Thomas (M: 36)
Kenneth Joseph Thomas (M: 51) Norman N Thomas (M: 64) Lester Thomas (M: 79)
Antonio Thomas (M: 29) Lester Dean Thomas (M: 80) Xavier J Thomas (M: 23)
Mark Elbert Thomas (M: 53) Melvin Karon Thomas (M: 23) Eddie Lee Thomas (M: 52)
James Roy Thomason (M: 38) James Roy Thomason (M: 38) Milton Preston Thomason (M: 45)
Jarvis Dermaine Thomason (M: 37) Keith Edward Thomasson (M: 52) Keith Edward Thomasson (M: 52)
Keith Edward Thomasson (M: 30) Richard Lee Thompson (M: 44) Bennie Thompson (M: 63)
Charles Douglas Thompson (M: 52) Christopher Randall Thompson (M: 31) Christopher Randall Thompson (M: 31)
Dantarna Juwond Thompson (M: 23) Demetrick Thompson (M: 30) Demetrius D Thompson (M: 34)
Demetrius Thompson (M: 34) Floyd S Thompson (M: 67) Floyd Samuel Thompson (M: 67)
Furman Elliott Thompson (M: 61) Gary Reece Thompson (M: 43) Harlan Van Thompson (M: 39)
Haywood Thompson (M: 64) Jacob Thompson (M: 24) James Lewis Thompson (M: 58)
James Lewis Thompson (M: 58) Jan Thompson (M: 76) Jan Russell Thompson (M: 76)
Jaquan Foye Thompson (M: 33) Jaquan F Thompson (M: 33) Jarvis Dermaine Thompson (M: 37)
John Leslie Thompson (M: 63) John Leslie Thompson (M: 63) John Thompson (M: 63)
John Charles Thompson (M: 32) Kevin B. Thompson (M: 40) Kevin Burke Thompson (M: 40)
Kevin Thompson (M: 26) Larry Dean Thompson (M: 48) Loren Keith Thompson (M: 48)
Michael Chad Thompson (M: 30) Norris Vernon Thompson (M: 56) Norris Vernon Thompson (M: 57)
Paul Gene Thompson (M: 38) Paul Gene Thompson (M: 38) Richard Martin Thompson (M: 55)
Richard Lee Thompson (M: 44) Richard Thompson (M: 55) Richard Lee Thompson (M: 44)
Robert Lee Thompson (M: 36) Sammie Lee Thompson (M: 52) Sammy Lee Thompson (M: 52)
Shawn Michael Thompson (M: 34) Timothy James Thompson (M: 27) Waco Thompson (M: 56)
Waco Thompson (M: 56) Walter Thompson (M: 41) Walter Thompson (M: 41)
William Cornell Thompson (M: 43) William Cornell Thompson (M: 43) Darrin Thompson (M: 46)
Billy Kieth Thompson (M: 56) Clifford Paul Thompson (M: 61) Billy Kieth Thompson (M: 56)
Haywood Thompson (M: 63) Kevin Thompson (M: 26) Shawn Michael Thompson (M: 33)
Jon Glenn Thompson (M: 63) Timmy Thompson (M: 50) Gary Reece Thompson Jr (M: 43)
Jamie L Thorn (M: 39) Jamie L Thorn (M: 40) Brian Eugene Thorne (M: 49)
Brian Eugene Thorne (M: 49) Brian Eugene Thorne (M: 49) John Thorne (M: 35)
Henry Tay Thorne (M: 32) Charles Thornton (M: 41) James Mikel Thornton (M: 46)
Mixen Thornton (M: 51) Christopher Thornton (M: 30) Mixen Thornton (M: 52)
Christopher Leo Throckmorton (M: 38) Robert Thrower (M: 65) Robert Eugene Thrower (M: 66)
Sammy Junior Thrower (M: 63) Sammy J Thrower (M: 62) Torin Derrell Thrower (M: 40)
Torin Thrower (M: 39) Sammy J Thrower (M: 61) Donald William Thurber (M: 60)
Patrick Vincent Thurman (M: 51) Richard Albert Thurmand (M: 36) Christopher L Thurston (M: 41)
Christopher Lamar Thurston (M: 41) Dan Calvin Thurston (M: 52) Dean Olive Thweatt (M: 53)
Joel Damon Tice (M: 34) Joseph Charles Tice (M: 48) Charles Tidwell (M: 34)
Donald Roy Tiedt (M: 38) Donald Roy Tiedt (M: 38) Keith Brian Tiffany (M: 52)
David Michael Tiffey (M: 33) David Michael Tiffey (M: 33) Kowyatt Soloman Tiller (M: 31)
Richard Tilley (M: 65) William Leroy Tilley (M: 66) Alrico Lashaun Tillison (M: 24)
Joseph Tillman (M: 59) Joseph Lee Tillman (M: 59) Terry Tillman (M: 54)
Terry Tillman (M: 54) Tony Gregory Tillotson (M: 52) Tony Gregory Tillotson (M: 52)
Robert James Tilton (M: 23) Anthony Jerome Timmons (M: 39) Deangelo Keyon Timmons (M: 33)
Dwayne Timmons (M: 35) Ernest Todd Timmons (M: 69) Charles Edward Timmons Jr (M: 27)
Taylor Timms (M: 25) Boston Dorch Tindal (M: 49) Boston D. Tindal (M: 49)
Brian Gene Tingler (M: 47) Henry Tarrant Tinsley (M: 86) Joe Herman Tinsley (M: 75)
Robert William Tinsley (M: 52) Robert William Tinsley (M: 51) Christopher Tisdale (M: 28)
Deary Tisdale (M: 71) Eric Tisdale (M: 37) Micheal A Tisdale (M: 26)
Robert Lee Tisdale (M: 62) Robert Lee Tisdale (M: 61) Woodrow Wilson Tisdale (M: 72)
Robert Mitchell Titus (M: 50) Danny Joe Tobias (M: 69) Anthony Edward Todd (M: 63)
Bennie Donald Todd (M: 53) Dale Dwayne Todd (M: 48) Donald Ray Todd (M: 42)
Donald Ray Todd (M: 41) Glenn David Todd (M: 60) James Arnold Todd (M: 52)
Joe Richard Todd (M: 32) Joseph Carl Todd (M: 24) Kelly Nicole Todd (F: 33)
Larry Carl Todd (M: 40) Larry Randall Todd (M: 59) Purcell Todd (M: 39)
Purcell Todd (M: 39) Richard Wade Todd (M: 58) Richard Wade Todd (M: 58)
Richard Wade Todd (M: 53) Samuel Mclane Todd (M: 51) Albert Eugene Todd (M: 55)
Benny Donald Todd (M: 53) Gary Luston Todd (M: 64) John Wayne Todd (M: 63)
James Arnold Todd (M: 51) Johnnie Wayne Todd (M: 63) Willie David Toland (M: 45)
Willie David Toland (M: 44) Gregory A Tolar (M: 55) Gregory Alton Tolar (M: 55)
Gregory A Tolar (M: 55) Akiva Lamont Tolbert (M: 34) Henry F Tolbert (M: 71)
Kevin Andre Tolbert (M: 48) William Tolbert (M: 48) Michael Scott Tolbert (M: 42)
Timothy Dean Tolbert (M: 49) Charles Harry Tolen (M: 57) Christopher Derek Tollison (M: 34)
Christopher Tollison (M: 34) Dennis James Tomasko (M: 62) Jermel Tompkins (M: 50)
Melvin Lynwood Toney (M: 71) Nicole Renee Toney (F: 41) David Ray Toney (M: 47)
Robert Richard Toohey (M: 51) Tommy Lee Toole (M: 40) Danny Ray Tooley (M: 58)
Danny Ray Tooley (M: 58) Kenneth Albrecht Toone (M: 61) Kenneth Albrecht Toone (M: 61)
Ronald Ray Topmiller (M: 66) Ronald Ray Topmiller (M: 66) Derrick Cortez Torain (M: 39)
Alejandro Atlas Torres (M: 33) Anthony Tyrone Torres (M: 48) Jiovanni Vinon Torres (M: 31)
Anthony Tyronne Torres (M: 48) Richard Torres (M: 39) Caleb Xavier Torres (M: 17)
Matthew E Torrey (M: 47) Michael Simmons Toth (M: 47) Antonio Townsend (M: 36)
Bobby Wayne Townsend (M: 43) Clarence Edward Townsend (M: 39) Eric Townsend (M: 40)
Timothy Mark Townsend (M: 42) Timothy Mark Townsend (M: 41) David Neal Tracy (M: 58)
Leroy Tracy (M: 73) Robie Willie Tracy (M: 54) Robie Willie Tracy (M: 54)
David Neal Tracy (M: 57) Curtis Harry Trail (M: 80) Mike Earl Trainor (M: 36)
Mike E Trainor (M: 36) Carolyn Tramel (F: 58) Carolyn Sue Tramel (F: 58)
Anh Tuan Tran (M: 32) Anh Tuan Tran (M: 32) Carl Kennedy Trapp (M: 46)
Ryan Keith Travis (M: 36) Adam Joe Traxler (M: 27) William Camden Treadaway (M: 54)
Therron Ray Treece (M: 38) Peter L Trefeisen (M: 81) Peter L Treffeisen (M: 81)
Laurent Andrew Tremblay (M: 39) Christopher Lynn Trent (M: 37) Christopher Lynn Trent (M: 36)
David John Treuner (M: 53) Steven Austin Trevino (M: 36) Matthew William Tribbett (M: 51)
Cruz A Tricoche (M: 48) Glenn Junior Trimble (M: 28) Gary Lynn Trimnal (M: 48)
Jason Clark Trogdon (M: 33) Christopher Eric Trotta (M: 38) Dennis Hammond Trotter (M: 41)
Kenneth Trotter (M: 39) Kenneth Arnold Trotter (M: 39) Kenneth Arnold Trotter (M: 39)
Marvin Lee Trotter (M: 31) Marvin Trotter (M: 30) Robert Love Troutman (M: 80)
Robert Love Troutman (M: 80) Jimmy L Truedale (M: 52) James Noradin Truesdale (M: 31)
Jimmy Lane Truesdale (M: 53) Phildrick Lucas Truesdale (M: 29) Scottie Donnell Truesdale (M: 47)
Scottie D Truesdale (M: 47) Jason Neil Truesdell (M: 32) Mark Claude Trull (M: 40)
Mark Claude Trull (M: 40) David Montgomery Truluck (M: 44) Kellis Lloyd Truman (M: 45)
Frank Paul Truncellito (M: 78) Frank Paul Truncellito (M: 78) Jason Trusdale (M: 32)
Christopher Sylvester Trusty (M: 42) Victor Keith Trusty (M: 49) Israel Tsatskis (M: 37)
Mua Tau Tuala (M: 24) Billy Ray Tucker (M: 65) Carl Landrum Tucker (M: 52)
Charles Eugene Tucker (M: 49) Cleveland Tucker (M: 47) Cyrus Tucker (M: 34)
David Allen Tucker (M: 40) Earl Clay Tucker (M: 52) Gregory Lance Tucker (M: 58)
Johnny Tucker (M: 64) Joseph Damian Tucker (M: 37) Kenneth Martin Tucker (M: 57)
Kenneth Martin Tucker (M: 56) Kevin Eugene Tucker (M: 40) Korey Tucker (M: 27)
Marion David Tucker (M: 68) Marion David Tucker (M: 68) Marvin Ober Tucker (M: 43)
Moses Warren Tucker (M: 62) Oscar Ray Tucker (M: 40) Robert Lewis Tucker (M: 47)
Robert Jesse Tucker (M: 33) Robert Tucker (M: 53) Rodney Wayne Tucker (M: 43)
Rodney Wayne Tucker (M: 43) Ronnie Lawless Tucker (M: 57) Ronnie Lawless Tucker (M: 58)
Stanford Byron Tucker (M: 45) Thomas Tucker (M: 42) Tony Anthony Tucker (M: 42)
Tony Anthony Tucker (M: 42) Tyrone Tucker (M: 42) Warion Charlie Tucker (M: 68)
Marvin Ober Tucker (M: 43) David Allen Tucker (M: 40) Cyrus Tucker (M: 34)
Moses Warren Tucker (M: 62) Willie Mack Tucker (M: 72) Warion Charlie Tucker (M: 68)
Michael Lloyd Tucker (M: 46) John Scott Tugman (M: 46) Charles Harry Tulem (M: 56)
Renee Latrice Tull (F: 42) Renee Latrice Tull (F: 41) William Tumblin (M: 49)
William Floyd Tumblin (M: 49) William Tumblin (M: 49) Patrick Lee Tune (M: 44)
Patrick Lee Tune (M: 44) Bryan Davis Turbeville (M: 33) James Odell Turbeville (M: 67)
Richard Ernest Turgeon (M: 60) Michael Turman (M: 28) Brian Keith Turner (M: 50)
Calvin Michael Turner (M: 52) Carl Turner (M: 71) Darren Turner (M: 37)
Darren Shawn Turner (M: 37) David Arnold Turner (M: 48) Greg Lane Turner (M: 42)
Guy Moody Turner (M: 53) Guy Moody Turner (M: 53) Haskell Turner (M: 30)
Haskell Turner (M: 30) Jacob Don Turner (M: 62) Jacob Don Turner (M: 62)
James Joseph Turner (M: 50) James Robert Turner (M: 47) James Howard Turner (M: 41)
James Robert Turner (M: 48) Jerry Turner (M: 58) Jimmy Turner (M: 47)
Jimmy Ray Turner (M: 58) Jimmy Ray Turner (M: 58) Marvin Turner (M: 53)
Michael Allen Turner (M: 53) Michael Angelo Turner (M: 48) Michael Allen Turner (M: 53)
Patrick Brian Turner (M: 39) Richard N. Turner (M: 41) Richard Nelson Turner (M: 41)
Robert Earl Turner (M: 52) Roger Lee Turner (M: 31) Roger Turner (M: 30)
Stacey Turner (M: 21) Stacey Turner (M: 21) Steve Eugene Turner (M: 54)
Talbert Daniel Turner (M: 60) Thomas Jefferson Turner (M: 61) Thomas W Turner (M: 45)
Troy Wayne Turner (M: 43) Troy Wayne Turner (M: 43) Tyler Ray Turner (M: 29)
Vernon Maurice Turner (M: 45) Vernon Maurice Turner (M: 45) William Baker Turner (M: 54)
William Baxter Turner (M: 54) Victor Turner (M: 51) Chris Loren Turner (M: 49)
Jimmy Turner (M: 47) Preston Lee Turner (M: 70) Thomas Hubert Turner (M: 60)
Richard Nelson Turner (M: 41) Hilton Lanier Turner (M: 39) Thomas Hubert Turner (M: 60)
Brandon Dandre Turner (M: 20) Richard J. Turnmeyer (M: 70) Richard Jeral Turnmeyer (M: 70)
Sidney Edwin Tuten (M: 57) Richard Lee Tuthill (M: 40) James Tony Tutt (M: 44)
James Tony Tutt (M: 44) Richard Ernest Tuttle (M: 55) Richard Earnest Tuttle (M: 55)
Danny Ray Tutton (M: 49) James Bivian Twitty (M: 84) Edward A Twyman (M: 40)
Calvin Bernard Tyler (M: 32) Casey Wells Tyler (M: 26) Daniel Earl Tyler (M: 37)
James Lynn Tyler (M: 44) John Edward Tyler (M: 58) Joseph Tyler (M: 40)
Joseph Lee Tyler (M: 41) Larry James Tyler (M: 59) Larry James Tyler (M: 59)
Scottie Bruce Tyler (M: 34) Terry Kevin Tyler (M: 49) Terry Kevin Tyler (M: 49)
William E Tyler (M: 69) David Joseph Tyler (M: 21) Richard Anthony Tyner (M: 51)
Ricky A Tyner (M: 50) Johnny Lee Tyson (M: 48) Warren Bernard Tyson (M: 33)
Warren B Tyson (M: N/A) Warren B Tyson (M: 33)

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