Sex Offender Profile Directory : Indiana : D

All sex offender listings currently in our database from Indiana whose last name begins with the letter D are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Indiana sex offender data.

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Ralph Dabney (M: 40) David Cleveland Daffron (M: 32) William Eugene Dager (M: 31)
Gregory A. Dagey (M: 52) Timothy W Daggett (M: 58) Michael J Dagostino (M: 62)
James Jacob Daher (M: 52) Keith Edward Dahlgren (M: 27) James Richard Dahmer (M: 49)
James Heath Dail (M: 39) Charles Stanton Dailey (M: 51) Charles Edward Dailey (M: 62)
David J Dailey (M: 45) Jerry Dailey (M: 59) Todd Allen Dailey (M: 24)
George Oliver Daily (M: 70) Scott Edward Daily (M: 44) George O Daily (M: 66)
Jonathan Chad Dal-Rymple (M: 31) Anderson L Dale (M: 45) Jatees Javon Dale (M: 31)
Jatees Javon Dale (M: 29) Anderson L Dale (M: 40) Wayne Michael Daley (M: 63)
Wayne Michael Daley (M: 58) James L Dalgarn (M: 74) Aaron L Dalton (M: 41)
Alva E Dalton (M: 64) Anthony Wayne Dalton (M: 34) John Albert Dalton (M: 65)
Terry Jospeh Dalton (M: 36) Timothy Lee Dalton (M: 57) Timothy Lee Dalton (M: 54)
Aaron L Dalton (M: 37) Ronnie Dalton (M: 42) Tony A Dalton (M: 49)
Bobby K Dalton (M: 47) Paul Rex Daly (M: 38) Paul Rex Daly (M: 38)
Tommy Dama (M: 71) Jay Gene Dambra (M: 39) Jake Edward Damron (M: 27)
Jason Leon Damron (M: 35) John Lee Damron (M: 30) Karl James Damron (M: 48)
Karl James Damron (M: 45) Linda Sue Damron (F: 65) Oscar W Damron (M: 36)
John L Damron (M: 23) Fred Damron (M: 52) Sadeeq A Danbala (M: 23)
Curtis A Dance (M: 27) Joseph L Dancer (M: 36) Joseph Lee Dancer (M: 36)
Kenneth Dancler (M: 37) Edward L Dancy (M: 64) Leon Dewan Dandridge (M: 39)
Jerry Wayne Dane (M: 44) Benjamin P Danels (M: 34) Damian Deshone Daniel (M: 25)
Gesick L Daniel (M: 27) Tyrone M Daniell (M: 48) Benjamin Michael Daniels (M: 27)
Dejuan Daniels (M: 32) Donovan Shaun Daniels (M: 37) James Daniels (M: 29)
Jammy Dale Daniels (M: 34) Jerome Lawrence Daniels (M: 30) Joseph Brian Daniels (M: 56)
Matthew Douglas Daniels (M: 42) Matthew Ryan Svp Daniels (M: 22) Michael Rex Daniels (M: 31)
Michael Rex Daniels (M: 28) Rodney Alan Daniels (M: 36) Ronald Daniels (M: 48)
Vernon Ray Daniels (M: 67) Vernon Ray Daniels (M: 67) Willie Lee Daniels (M: 28)
Eric James Daniels (M: 45) Vernon Ray Daniels (M: 60) Edward Daniels (M: 46)
Kevin D Daniels (M: 42) John R Daniels (M: 62) Leonard R Daniels (M: 59)
Tyrone G Daniels (M: 46) Eric James Daniels (M: 46) Kevin Dwayne Daniels (M: 47)
James W Daniels (M: 31) Matthew Ryan Daniels (M: 24) Benjamin Michael Daniels (M: 28)
Jerry L Danielson (M: 54) Larry Karl Danks (M: 50) Bruce W Danneil (M: 58)
Albert Michael Mc Dannel (M: 72) Darrell Thomas Danner (M: 27) Justin W Danner (M: 24)
Mark T Dano (M: 30) Roger Dale Dant (M: 64) Jill C Darbro (U: N/A)
Linda Darby (F: 64) Clifton Louis Dardeen (M: 42) Brandon Lee Daringer (M: 24)
Ernest W Darkis (M: 27) Ernest Wayne Darkis (M: 27) Manily A Darling (M: 29)
Ralph Larry Darling (M: 61) Roger Leo Darling (M: 71) Daniel Darlington (M: 51)
Brent A Darnell (M: 31) Thomas Wayne Darnell (M: 54) William Patrick Darnell (M: 48)
William O Darnell (M: 32) Kenneth R Darnell (M: 69) Emilly Ann Darnell (F: 27)
Dennis Earl Dates (M: 42) Dennis Earl Dates (M: 44) Cleve L Daugherty (M: 46)
Danny Lee Daugherty (M: 41) Denny Ray Daugherty (M: 51) Joe Ernest Daugherty (M: 47)
John W Daugherty (M: 74) William Patrick Daugherty (M: 49) William Patrick Daugherty (M: 49)
William Lee Daugherty (M: 59) Larry G Daugherty (M: 59) Mildred L Daugherty (F: 65)
Decapital D Daugherty (M: 70) Jeffery L. Daughtery (M: 49) Carl E Dausch (M: 51)
Michael Edward Dausch (M: 42) Christel M Davalos (F: 66) Arthur Nmn Davenport (M: 40)
David Davenport (M: 67) David Lee Davenport (M: 67) Derek Jae Davenport (M: 26)
Emra Willis Davenport (M: 52) John Edward Davenport (M: 54) Steven Lee Davenport (M: 46)
John E Davenport (M: 54) Jeffrey A Davenport (M: 45) Thomas R Davenport (M: 53)
Steven Davey (M: 41) Terry L Davey (M: 37) Antonio Fitzgerold David (M: 48)
Mark Richard David (M: 49) Robert A David (M: 39) Martinez David (U: 36)
Vincent David L (M: 21) Charles Richard Davidson (M: 31) Fabian Davidson (F: 29)
Fabian Darnell Davidson (M: 32) James Davidson (M: 26) Joe Kelly Davidson (M: 29)
John Robert Davidson (M: 41) John Robert Davidson (M: 44) Robert Glenn Davidson (M: 54)
Shawn A Davidson (M: 26) Thomas Jefferson Davidson (M: 48) Thomas Jefferson Davidson (M: 44)
Larry L Davidson (M: 65) Daniel F Davidson (M: 45) Terry A Davidson (M: 47)
Millicent L Davidson (F: 47) Willim C Davidson (M: 57) James L Davies (M: 48)
Roy Lee Davies (M: 37) Tyrone Davies (M: 50) Alex A Davies (M: 40)
Alexander A Davies (M: 41) Brad J Davies (M: 44) Marc A Davila (M: 23)
Aaron Dewayne Davis (M: 23) Albert Davis (M: 50) Albert Davis (U: N/A)
Alfonzo A Davis (M: 26) Alfred James Davis (M: 54) Anthony Davis (M: 29)
Barry Duane Davis (M: 57) Benford - Davis (M: 42) Bradley Ray Davis (M: 28)
Brandon R Davis (M: 32) Brent Alan Davis (M: 28) Charlene Lee Davis (F: 35)
Charles Gilbert Davis (M: 60) Charles Wesley Davis (M: 58) Charles Joseph Davis (M: 81)
Charles A Davis (M: 56) Charlie James Davis (M: 32) Clifford Davis (M: 33)
Dana Lynn Davis (M: 51) Daniel Lee Davis (M: 43) Dannie K Davis (M: 59)
Darrell T Davis (M: 55) Darryl Lamont Davis (M: 43) David Lee Davis (M: 54)
Derrick Lynn Davis (M: 42) Devon Eric Davis (M: 43) Donald Gene Davis (M: 51)
Donald Jay Davis (M: 29) Donald Gene Davis (M: 53) Douglas Wayne Davis (M: 51)
Douglas Wayne Davis (M: 51) Eric Alonza Davis (M: 23) Frank Davis (M: 43)
Frank Davis (M: 40) Frank L Davis (M: 48) Gary W Davis (M: 45)
Gary R Davis (M: 40) Gary A Davis (M: 48) Gary Lynn Davis (M: 50)
Gary L Davis (M: 49) Gene Nmn Davis (M: 42) Gregory Lee Davis (M: 59)
Harold Anthony Davis (M: 50) Jackie Lee Davis (M: 59) James Howard Davis (M: 78)
James P Davis (M: 35) Jaquinis A Davis (M: 22) Jason Carl Davis (M: 40)
Jeffery A Davis (M: 28) Jeffery Allen Davis (M: 48) Jeffery A Davis (M: 30)
Jeffrey Dewhite Davis (M: 39) Jerry H Davis (M: 39) Jerry Ellis Davis (M: 49)
Jocko Dean Davis (M: 27) John Allen Davis (M: 47) John Davis (M: 44)
John Michael Davis (M: 45) Jon Carl Davis (M: 63) Joseph Scott Davis (M: 43)
Joshua Scott Davis (M: 34) Larry Arnold Davis (M: 35) Lawrence E. Davis (M: 69)
Manuel C Davis (M: 51) Mario S Davis (M: 28) Mario Shamar Davis (M: 25)
Mark A Davis (M: 53) Marshall Warren Davis (M: 47) Matthew Allan Davis (M: 43)
Michael Davis (M: 54) Michael Edward Davis (M: 54) Michael Davis (M: 54)
Morris A Davis (M: 35) Morris Anthony Davis (M: 33) Nathan Eugene Davis (M: 38)
Nathaniel Davis (M: 58) Owen Davis (M: 76) Perman Winfield Davis (M: 49)
Perman Winfield Davis (M: 46) Phillip Davis (M: 29) Phillip Davis (M: 29)
Quentin Ashawn Davis (M: 39) Regina M Davis (F: 53) Richard Lee Davis (M: 45)
Richard Alvin Davis (M: 40) Terrence Laevelle Davis (M: 36) Terry Lane Davis (M: 46)
Tharon Gerald Davis (M: 21) Thomas Earl Davis (M: 54) Timothy Demetris Davis (M: 48)
Tommy Ray Davis (M: 21) Travis R Davis (M: 33) Troy Ray Davis (M: 49)
Virgil Lange Davis (M: 51) William T. Davis (M: 33) William Tyrone. Davis (M: 31)
William C Davis (M: 39) William Joseph Davis (M: 61) Willie L Davis (M: 47)
Yolanda Annette Davis (F: 47) Zachary Lamar Davis (M: 23) Troy Ray Davis (M: 43)
Brandon L Davis (M: 22) Perman W Davis (M: 43) Quentin A Davis (M: 34)
Eric Devon Davis (M: 40) Gary Lynn Davis (M: 47) Vance Anthony Davis (M: 21)
Lawrence Gibson Davis (M: 33) Vonda Jean Davis (F: 28) Franklin Davis (M: 58)
Roger A Davis (M: 36) Wayne D Davis (M: 42) Theodore L Davis (M: 54)
James E Davis (M: 36) Donald Davis (M: 41) Clyde Davis (M: 49)
Willie A Davis (M: 51) Robert L Davis (M: 55) Ray W Davis (M: 39)
James F Davis (M: 46) Antonio D Davis (M: 43) Ricky Allen Davis (M: 48)
William L Davis (M: 47) Michael P Davis (M: 40) Linden F Davis (M: 52)
Johann E Davis (M: 49) James Davis (M: 60) Daniel E Davis (M: 57)
Alfred S Davis (M: 41) Dana L Davis (M: 46) Brandon Lee Davis (M: 24)
Lechann Renee Davis (F: 44) Stephen Charles Davis (M: 28) Cary E Davis (M: 69)
Joe Anthony Davison (M: 33) Joseph Anthony Davison (M: 30) Daniel L Davison (M: 39)
Ben Davisson (M: 26) Bradley William Dawson (M: 28) James H Dawson (M: 46)
Percy Lee Dawson (M: 42) William Charles Dawson (M: 49) William David Dawson (M: 46)
Bradley William Dawson (M: 22) Bradley William Dawson (M: 23) James Buchanan Dawson (M: 55)
Brett Allen Day (M: 28) Charles David Day (M: 45) Danny Charles Day (M: 49)
David D Day (M: 46) Douglas Aaron Day (M: 38) Jonnairo A Day (M: 49)
Joseph Lee Day (M: 28) Joseph Eugene Day (M: 51) Matthew S Day (M: 31)
Raleigh Nmi Day (M: 42) Rodney G Day (M: 54) Tina S Day (F: 40)
Rodney Gene Day (M: 54) Rodney C Day (M: 49) David Wayne Day (M: 43)
Donald Day (M: 45) Donald R Day (M: 50) Anthony L Day (M: 32)
Norman E Day (M: 53) Mark E Day (M: 49) Brent M Day (M: 46)
Robert C Day (M: 42) Willie Earl Daye (M: 61) Keith Alan Dean (M: 53)
Andrew Joseph Dean (M: 26) Brian S Dean (M: 35) Dennis Dean (M: 45)
Dennis Dean (M: 45) Harold B Dean (M: 39) Harold Benjamin Dean (M: 40)
Jeffrey Eugene Dean (M: 28) Jimmy Shane Dean (M: 40) Kathy Barbara Dean (F: 61)
Keith Alan Dean (M: 53) Lauren Ann Dean (F: 21) Lloyd Grover Dean (M: 61)
Matthew Wade Dean (M: 23) Nolan Dean (M: 66) Patricia Lucille Dean (F: 55)
Robert Eugene Dean (M: 45) Robert Eugene Dean (M: 43) Rodney Alan Dean (M: 54)
Scott Thornton Dean (M: 52) William Lee Dean (M: 29) Andrew J Dean (M: 20)
Dennis R Dean (M: 44) Brian Scott Dean (M: 32) Laurence J Dean (M: 59)
Michael Anthony Deane (M: 23) Larry D Dearborn (M: 35) William Isaac Dearborn (M: 34)
George W Dearborn (M: 58) Steven L Deardorff (M: 28) Joey Allen Dearduff (M: 19)
Mark Dearduff (M: 25) Joe Dearduff (U: 17) John W Dearman (M: 49)
Samuel L Dearringer (M: 48) Gregory Alan Debaillie (M: 33) Gregory A Debaillie (M: 32)
Eric Allen Debettignies (U: 32) Jimmy Wayne Deboard (M: 66) Benjamin M Debold (M: 32)
Jessie B Debord (M: 74) Donald L Debruhl (M: 56) Richard L Debruler (M: 62)
Bruce Alan Decamp (M: 49) Terry Joesph Decarlo (M: 49) Ronald Edward Decher (M: 70)
Curtis M Deck (M: 51) Curtis M. Deck (M: 53) Darren Keith Deckard (M: 29)
David Allen Deckard (M: 22) David Allen Deckard (M: 19) Michael Dale Deckard (M: 46)
Michael Dale Deckard (M: 44) Rodney L Deckard (M: 40) Ronald K Deckard (M: 45)
David D Deckard (M: 44) Charles Paul Decker (M: 52) Charles Decker (M: 50)
Christopher Alan Decker (M: 48) Dennis Allen Decker (M: 40) Everett Leon Decker (M: 62)
Gerry Joe Decker (M: 48) Richard William Decker (M: 39) Terry L Decker (M: 47)
Jeffrey D Decker (M: 43) Chris James Decosse (M: 28) Richard C Decueber (M: 51)
Robert G Deeds (M: 90) Dana W Deel (M: 51) Thomas Eric Deem (M: 49)
Thomas Eric Deem (M: 44) Steven Eric Deer (M: 56) Anthony B Deerberg (M: 51)
Thomas Vincent Deering (M: 20) Ronald Joe Dees (M: 47) Steven Dewan Deetz (M: 60)
Larry Leroy Defoi (M: 34) Larry Leroy Defoi (M: 37) Tony Rashad Degrafreed (M: 46)
Richard Degraw (M: 48) Richard Degraw (M: 44) Chris Richard Deguch (M: 48)
Roderick D Deham (M: 24) Rodney Allen Dehart (M: 48) Eric Michael Dehman (M: 38)
James Alton Dehollander (M: 44) Martin Dehoyos (M: 44) Roger William Deich (M: 43)
Michael Steven Dejournett (M: 63) Stanley Saint Dejournett (M: 45) Dennis F Delache (M: 59)
Reynaldo Delafuente (M: 55) Shane A Delagrange (M: 37) Mark D Delahanty (M: 36)
Dennis F Delaney (M: 58) Todd Delaney (M: 40) Todd Delaney (M: 42)
Gerardo Isaiah Delao (M: 23) Ruben A Delapaz (M: 46) Anthony D Delarosa (M: 26)
Juan Zerrato Delarosa (M: 33) Juan Delarosa (M: 28) Marcus Delarosa (M: 50)
Martin Vincent Delatorre (M: 55) Benjamin Anthony Delcarpini (M: 52) Angel Deleon (M: 59)
Arthur Deleon (M: 49) Pedro Julio Deleon-Castro (M: 64) Adam Casmiro Delgado (M: 35)
Michael Ramon Delgado (M: 28) Michael Delgado (M: 28) Sirenio None Delgado (M: 61)
Sirenio Delgado (M: 57) Nicholas Ryan Delheimer (M: 26) Nicholas R Delheimer (M: 24)
Curtis R Delk (M: 57) Rick G Delks (M: 56) Richard Earl Dell (M: 60)
Michael K Dellinger (M: 57) Calvin Ray Deloney (M: 51) Calvin R Deloney (M: 49)
Daniel Lee Deloney (M: 48) Shelby Lee Deloney (M: 35) Theophalus Deloney (M: 48)
Judy Kay Delong (F: 66) Keith Lane Delong (M: 35) Mark Edward Delong (M: 47)
Richard Nmi Delong (M: 48) Richard Delong (M: 41) Mark E Delong (M: 41)
Bruce E Delong (M: 47) Raymond E Delong (M: 63) Francis Louis Delongchamps (M: 49)
Francis L Delongchamps (M: 43) Steven A Delp (M: 53) Benjamin Joseph Deluca (M: 72)
Chester D Delvalle (M: 58) Darren Wayne Demaree (M: 35) Darren Wayne Demaree (M: 32)
James Demario (M: 27) Manuel Campos Dematos (M: 67) Bruce Eric Demerly (M: 35)
Elmer J Demers (M: 50) John Charles Deming (M: 54) John Charles Deming (M: 54)
Jeffrey Lee Demos (M: 52) Mark J Demos (M: 48) Gary A Demoss (M: 41)
Scott Anthony Demoss (M: 47) Larry Eugene Dempsey (M: 64) Larry Eugene Dempsey (M: 61)
James L Denard (M: 52) William Windell Denham (M: 38) Larry Kay Denison (M: 65)
Robert J Denk (M: 46) Gary Dwaine Denney (M: 40) Joel C Denney (M: 24)
John Mitchell Denney (M: 41) Nelson A Denney (M: 42) Billy Joe Dennie (M: 38)
Billy Joe Dennie (M: 37) Calvin Sebastina Dennie (M: 46) Jonathan Edward Denning (M: 27)
Brook K Dennis (M: 42) Donald E Dennis (M: 26) Kenneth Wayne Dennis (M: 39)
Kenneth Wayne Dennis (M: 37) Mark Allen Dennis (M: 43) Mark Allen Dennis (M: 46)
Regina Faye Dennis (F: 35) Shawn David Dennis (M: 33) Steven Dennis (M: 42)
Timothy R Dennis (M: 46) Jerry D Dennis (M: 38) Christopher Dennis (M: 32)
Donald L Dennis (M: 56) Joseph Paul Dennis (M: 52) Joshua William Dennis (M: 28)
Mary Marie Dennis (F: 41) Larry T Dennison (M: 41) Travis Lee Dennison (M: 23)
Travis Dennison (M: 21) William Earl Dennison (M: 58) Robert Brian Dennstaedt (M: 60)
Darrell E Denny (M: 58) Tyrone R Denny (M: 29) Eugene David Deno (M: 51)
James Michael Densford (M: 62) Christopher Dent (M: 40) Christopher Lowell Dent (M: 40)
Lawrence Curtis Dent (M: 28) Lawrence C Dent (M: 28) Leo Dent (M: 64)
Steven Michael Dent (M: 57) Jeffrey Allan Denton (M: 52) James Benjamin Denton (M: 38)
Jeffrey Allan Denton (M: 22) Jeffrey Allan Denton (M: 25) Roy E Denton (M: 65)
Jerry Wayne Depew (M: 44) Jeffrey Wayne Depper (M: 53) Jeffrey Wayne Depper (M: 48)
Calvin E Depriest (M: 54) John Ackerman Depriest (M: 79) Ste Deputy (U: N/A)
Thomas Wayne Deranek (M: 67) Thomas Wayne Deranek (M: 64) Dennis W Derby (M: 43)
Brian Ray Deremiah (M: 40) Roger Lee Deroo (M: 66) Jason Edward Derose (M: 35)
Norman E Derrickson (M: 46) James R Derrington (M: 27) Michael Leroy Derry (M: 35)
Robert A Derry Jr (M: 40) Michael A Dersch (M: 24) Aaron Lee Deshazo (M: 35)
Charles John Desjardins (M: 55) Danny Ray Deskins (M: 44) Steven C Deskins (M: 44)
Benjamin Antonio Detamore (M: 27) Andrew James Detro (M: 32) Brian P Detty (M: 39)
Brian Patrick Detty (M: 42) Brian Patrick Detty (M: 42) James M Deutsch (M: 40)
Brian Deutscher (M: 56) Everett Lee Devault (M: 58) Thurmon E Devault (M: 37)
Paul Martin Deverick (M: 53) Terry Lee Devers (M: 64) Kevin Lee Devine (M: 51)
Andrew E Devore (M: 23) Andrew Eugene Devore (M: 26) Michael Richard Devore (M: 29)
Jason M Devore (M: 36) Paul Gerard Devreese (M: 47) David B Devries (M: N/A)
Maurice Nmn Dew (M: 44) Maurice A Dew (M: 42) Tychicus Dewberry (M: 46)
Robert Wayne Deweese (M: 39) Shawn Patrick Deweese (M: 39) Shawn Patrick Deweese (M: 37)
David N Deweese (M: 43) Donald Gene Dewey (M: 44) James R Dewey (M: 33)
Donald Gene Dewey (M: 37) Donald Gene Dewey (M: 38) Rose A Dewey (F: 55)
Danny Ray Dewhirst (M: 63) Daniel Leroy Dewitt (M: 48) Daniel Leroy Dewitt (M: 46)
John Dee Dewitt (M: 41) Michael Richard Dewitt (M: 45) Ronald W Dewitt (M: 45)
Rusty Jay Dewitt (M: 31) Vernon Charles Dewitt (M: 49) Michael L Dewitt (M: 53)
Ronald Dewitt (M: 38) Richard Dean Dewitt (M: 44) Robert Charles Dial (M: 48)
Etely Derrell Diamond (M: 35) Gabriel Leon Diamond (M: 33) Ronald Eugene Diamond (M: 41)
Gilberto Dias (M: 32) Adam V. Diaz (M: 38) Alejandro Diaz (M: N/A)
Emilo Diaz (M: 30) Juan N/A Diaz (M: 54) Michael Andrew Diaz (M: 42)
Michael Andrew Diaz (M: 43) Miguel Diaz (M: 23) Vincent Diaz (M: 44)
Vincent Diaz (M: 42) Zacaria Andriano Diaz (M: 28) Vincent Diaz (M: 44)
Aris A Diaz (M: 35) Everett Zelotus Dick (M: 74) Raymond Pierce Dick (M: 44)
John L Dick (M: 36) Ronald Dean Dickens (M: 65) Jeremy Clay Dickenson (M: 21)
Corey Obrien Dickerson (M: 42) Carlos James Dickerson (M: 45) Carlos James Dickerson (M: 42)
Harry Kenneth Dickerson (M: 66) Terry Glenn Dickerson (M: 44) James A Dickerson (M: 49)
Clifton W Dickerson (M: 58) Warren Dickerson (M: 67) Robert G Dickerson (M: 53)
Ronald C Dickert (M: 49) Lawrence Dickess (U: N/A) Leonard Wesley Dickey (M: 52)
Robert Gene Dickey (M: 65) Dennis D Dickey (M: 51) Angel C Dickey (F: 34)
Dennis D Dickinson (M: 33) John Samuel Dickinson (M: 34) Steven Nmn Dickinson (M: 46)
Frederick A Dickison (M: 64) George Joseph Dickman (M: 53) George Joseph Dickman (M: 50)
Robert O Dicks (M: 71) David Eugene Dickson (M: 38) Donald Raymond Dickson (M: 57)
George Leon Dickson (M: 35) John Dickson (M: 31) George Dickson (M: 52)
Ronald E Diehl (M: 52) William Crist Diehl (M: 50) Louis Arthur Diehl (M: 51)
Christopher Howard Diener (M: 42) Daniel Arnold Dieringer (M: 42) Jody A Dietrich (M: 42)
Richard Eugene Dietrich (M: 35) Ricky D Dietrich (M: 43) John J Dietz (M: 43)
Neil Patrick Diggs (M: 39) Thomas Daniel Diliberti (M: 31) Gary Steven Dilk (M: 29)
Gary Steven Dilk (M: 32) Stacey L Dill (F: 43) Stacey Lea Dill (F: 40)
Marvin L Dill (M: 57) Brian Wayne Dillard (M: 24) Glenn E Dillard (M: 41)
John F Dillard (M: 48) Robert Earl Dillard (M: 37) James Leroy Dillbeck (M: 57)
Raymond L Dillingham (M: 43) Michael Carl Dillion (M: 56) David Max Dillman (M: 34)
David Max Dillman (M: 31) Todd Allen Dillon (M: 47) Anthony Craig Dillon (M: 49)
Everett Eugene Dillon (M: 45) Keith Allen Dillon (M: 48) Keith Allen Dillon (M: 45)
Mark J Dillon (M: 55) Mark J. Dillon (M: 53) Richard Wayne Dillon (M: 46)
Stanley Emanuel Dillon (M: 60) Stanley E Dillon (M: 57) Everett E Dillon (M: 39)
Michael Dillon (M: 62) Todd Dillon (M: 42) Ronnie L Dillon (M: 54)
Johnny J Dills (M: 52) Ryan W Dills (M: 27) Michael L Dilworth (M: 39)
Dean Delando Dilyard (M: 59) John Mitchell Dimmitt (M: 31) John W Dine (M: 56)
Ernest L Dingler (M: 24) Geoffrey Jason Dingman (M: 34) Geoffrey J Dingman (M: 33)
Ossie Junior Dininger (M: 29) Kenneth Martin Dinsmore (M: 51) Victor W Dinsmore (M: 49)
Jimmy R Dirck (M: 42) Hachim M Direy (M: 40) Steven Dishman (M: 44)
Lawrence H Dishong (M: 52) Anthony Roy Disney (M: 64) Darin E Disney (M: 44)
Dennis Brian Disney (M: 48) John Vernon Disney (M: 35) John Vernon Disney (M: 33)
Michael L Disney (M: 60) Anthony Roy Disney (M: 59) Dennis Brian Disney (M: 43)
William Henry Dispennett (M: 75) Stephen C Disser (M: 51) John Carl Dissinger (M: 41)
Johnthan W Ditch (M: 40) David Bruce Ditchley (M: 54) James Raney Ditman (M: 40)
Theodore Lee Ditmars (M: 42) Richard Carl Ditsworth (M: 31) Wade Adam Ditton (M: 31)
Jerry L Ditton (M: 68) Brandon Tyson Divine (M: 30) Edward Joseph Dixey (M: 50)
Edward Joseph Dixey (M: 52) Christopher Dixie (M: 26) Clarence Jerome Dixie (M: 48)
Courtney C Dixie (M: 41) Bill R Dixon (M: 61) Bradley W Dixon (M: 44)
Cecil Wade Dixon (M: 48) Donald Vernell Dixon (M: 52) Donald L Dixon (M: 44)
Donald Vernell Dixon (M: 55) Donald Lamont Dixon (M: 42) Floyd Nmn Dixon (M: 57)
James Ray Dixon (M: 22) Jennifer Brooke Dixon (F: 39) Joseph Blaine Dixon (M: 47)
Melvin Cornelius Dixon (M: 32) Rodney Kent Dixon (M: 55) Joseph Blaine Dixon (M: 41)
Lawrence D Dixon (M: 45) Kelvin W Dixon (M: 40) Jimmy H Dixon (M: 48)
Donald R Dixon (M: 53) Dortese Lamont Dixson (M: 34) Frederick B Dixson (M: 43)
Milosav Djordjevic (M: 71) James Ray Doan (M: 41) Paul Benton Doan (M: 46)
Paul Benton Doan (M: 44) Shawn Ray Doan (M: 24) James Ray Doan (M: 36)
Wendell Leon Doan (M: 43) James R Doane (M: 52) Steve Lamont Dobbins (M: 55)
Carl Dobbins (M: 31) Carl Dobbins Iii (M: 30) Alan Ray Dobbs (M: 68)
Bobby W Dobbs (M: 32) Bobby Wayne Lyn Dobbs (M: 34) Damon Andrew Dobbs (M: 44)
Richard Allen Dobbs (M: 53) Rodney L Dobbs (M: 47) William D Dobbs (M: 52)
Ryan Neal Dobbs (M: 22) William Dobbs (M: 48) Ryan Neal Dobbs (M: 24)
Richard A Dobbs (M: 50) Richard A Dobeski (M: 64) Michael Eugene Dobrzykowski (M: 55)
Murl L Dobson (M: 67) Kevin D. Svp Dockery (M: 51) Shannon L Dockery (M: 25)
Stephen Michael Dockery (M: 37) Grady Dockery (M: 77) Robert Leroy Dockstader (M: 48)
Robert Leroy Dockstrader (M: 50) Larry Arnold Dodd (M: 65) Mark Steven Dodd (M: 32)
Richard Dodd (M: 74) Mark Steven Dodd (M: 27) Lewis Joseph Dodd (M: 35)
Thomas Alen Doddridge (M: 35) Calvin Jacquel Dodds (M: 28) Floyd Alfred Dodson (M: 44)
Nathanial E Dodson (M: 31) John Fred Doe (M: 50) John C Doe (M: 32)
Johan Mark Doeden (M: 37) Scott Allen Doeden (M: 29) Brian S Doenges (M: 42)
James Everett Doggett (M: 59) James Everett Doggett (M: 61) James Everett Doggett (M: 56)
Channing Lee Doherty (M: 34) Channing L Doherty (M: 37) David Eric Dohle (M: 51)
Christopher Lee Dohm (M: 26) Tammerya L Dokey (F: 49) Ronald L Dolak (M: 34)
Barry L Dolan (M: 46) Jason Patrick Dolan (M: 37) Michael Patrick Dolan (M: 33)
Billy Dolan (M: 64) David Lee Dolch (M: 62) Matthew W Dole (M: 35)
Rodney Darin Dolen (M: 43) Rodney D Dolen (M: 45) Mark Matthew Dolezal (M: 20)
Jeffrey Ray. Dollar (M: 58) Harrold D Dollar (M: 58) Chester Michael Dollarhide (M: 24)
Stephen Joseph Dolson (M: 64) Pippins Jameal Dolton (M: 25) Harold Anthony Domangue (M: 50)
Alfonso Dominguez (M: 46) Alfonso Ponch Dominguez (M: 46) Gustavo A Dominguez (M: 20)
David R Dominiak (M: 58) Gregory Alan Domke (M: 57) David E Donaghy (M: 38)
David Edwin Donaghy (M: 38) Rusty L Donahoo (M: 50) Brian Jeffrey Donahue (M: 42)
Edward T Donahue (M: 64) Steven L Donaldson (M: 54) Eugene Donaldson (M: 41)
Larry Donel (M: 61) Jason Evert Donell (M: 33) Jason Donell (M: 30)
William C Donica (M: 41) Robert J Donnelly (M: 40) Paul A Donnelly (M: 62)
Shannon Donohue (M: 29) Shannon Michael Donohue (M: 28) Troy A Donson (M: 43)
Carl Fletcher Dooley (M: 61) Scott Lee Dooley (M: 56) Daniel J Dooley (M: 49)
Donald Kent Doolittle (M: 59) Larry Wayne Doolittle (M: 55) Norman C Doran (M: 67)
Sarah Lynn Dorbin (F: 37) Engelvero A Doren (M: 35) Nathan Joseph Van Dorn (M: 32)
Kenneth H Dorr (M: 35) Kenneth H Dorr (M: 33) Leonard E Dorsey (M: 85)
Stephen Dorsey (U: N/A) Ruben S Dorsey (M: 44) Stephen J Dorsey (M: 38)
Dejaun G Dortch (M: 45) Dejuan Dortch (M: 37) George Joseph Doss (M: 46)
George Joseph Doss (M: 43) Keith A Doss (M: 31) Randy L Doss (M: 49)
Benjamin Alex Dossey (M: 32) Robert Paul Dost (M: 45) Daniel T. Doster (M: 45)
Daniel T. Doster (M: 43) Russell A Doster (M: 31) Jordan Deshawn Doston-Spencer (M: 20)
James Doswell (M: 48) James Robert Doswell (M: 45) Dewange Dotson (M: 44)
Robert Shawn Dotson (M: 25) Matthew Allen Dotterer (M: 28) James William Dotterweich (M: 43)
Robert Allan Dotterweich (M: 40) Lee L Dotts (M: 75) James William Dotts Jr (M: 36)
James W Dotts Jr (M: 37) Garrick Lee Doty (M: 35) Paul Douglas Doty (M: 39)
Robert James Doty (M: 37) Terrell L Doty (M: 60) Thomas Lamar Doty (M: 43)
Robert Doty (M: 32) Richard Lloyd Doucette (M: 64) Richard L Doucette (M: 62)
Michael Ray Dougherty (M: 51) Robert E Doughty (M: 50) Allah-Akbar D Douglas (M: 29)
Allah-Akbar Dartez Douglas (M: 32) Claude Edward Douglas (M: 53) Earl Lee Douglas (M: 51)
Edward Earl Douglas (M: 22) Edward Earl Douglas (M: 24) Ernest Douglas (M: 52)
James Ronald Douglas (M: 41) James Ronald Douglas (M: 44) Jeffrey David Douglas (M: 34)
Jeffrey David Douglas (M: 36) Kango L Douglas (M: 20) Lance Douglas (M: 21)
Roderic E Douglas (M: 60) Steven Allen Douglas (M: 49) Kenneth Edward Douglas (M: 42)
Herbert L Douglas (M: 46) Glen E Douglas (M: 50) Marlon D Douglas (M: 47)
Steven Douglas (U: 44) Kenneth Edward Douglas (M: 42) Steven Fred Douglass (M: 60)
David Morgan Douglass (M: 24) Angelo P Dove (M: 32) David Pete Dove (M: 54)
Ronald E Dove (M: 27) Paul Frederick Dover (M: 67) William Forest Dow (M: 35)
Nathan Eugene Dowd (M: 31) Andrew Lewis Dowdell (M: 51) Armond Attwon Dowdell (M: 32)
Eric Dewayne Dowdell (M: 36) John L Dowdell (M: 64) Ronald Nmn Dowdell (M: 54)
William Dowdell (M: 45) Alvin Dowell (M: 50) Michael W Dowell (M: 53)
William Edward Dowell (M: 81) William Junior Dowell (M: 81) Jeffrey Scott Dowers (M: 47)
Donald Boyce Downey (M: 73) Johnny L Downey (M: N/A) Kyle James Downey (M: 36)
Nathan Eli Downhour (M: 29) Nathan Eli Downhour (M: 29) Nathan E Downhour (M: 26)
Zachary William Downhour (M: 26) Anthony Nelson Downing (M: 40) Harold Kevin Downing (M: 38)
Phillip G Downing (M: 53) Harold Kevin Downing (M: 35) Christopher Scott Downs (M: 35)
Christopher Scott Downs (M: 35) Dale William Downs (M: 42) Matthew S Downs (M: 32)
Robert Wade Downs (M: 48) Cas Arnold Downs (M: 75) David Anthony Dowty (M: 38)
James Henry Doyle (M: 48) Robert Alex Doyle (M: 39) Wilson - Doyle (M: 60)
Cenielinan Eugene Dozier (M: 30) Damon W Dozier (M: 35) Damon Willis Dozier (M: 38)
Edwin Bernard Dozier (M: 51) James Porter Dozier (M: 84) Angelo Dpaffo (M: 38)
David E Dragon (M: 66) Jack L Dragoo (M: 45) Troy Michael Dragovich (M: 38)
James Earl Drain (M: 23) Terrance Drain (M: 41) Bradford L. Drake (M: 55)
Charles W Drake (M: 70) Darrin Kendall Drake (M: 46) Dewayne Keith Drake (M: 50)
Eric Stephen Drake (M: 33) Johnnie L Drake (M: 43) Michael Ralph Drake (M: 41)
Michael R Drake (M: 41) Rickey Lynn Drake (M: 53) Michael R Drake (M: 36)
Rocky A Drake (M: 31) Phillip A Drake (M: 51) Kenneth A Drake (M: 59)
Jeremy Lee Dransfield (M: 32) Andrew P Draper (M: 22) Michael Charles Draper (M: 38)
Trevor Scott Draper (M: 20) Maurio Draughon (M: 33) Robert A Draves (M: 55)
Robert Elliott Drebus (M: 31) Paul Lee Dressel (M: 47) Lawrence Ray Dressler (M: 50)
Lawrence Ray Dressler (M: 50) James David Drew (M: 66) Michael Drew (M: 32)
Jeremy J Drew (M: 35) Joseph Blaine Driskell (M: 34) Steven Ray Driskell (M: 47)
Steven Ray Driskell (M: 43) Jerry W Driver (M: 55) Edward Alan Drlich (M: 57)
Joseph W Drone (M: 43) David Whitcraft Druley (M: 74) Morris Drummer (M: 53)
Robert Lee Van Drunen (M: 44) Harold Damian Drury (M: 52) Jeffery Dryden (M: 44)
Floyd William Duart (M: 76) Angel A Duarte (M: 27) Richard G Duarte (M: 53)
Michael G Duarte (M: 54) Dennis L Dubinion (M: 56) Johnny Robert Dubois (M: 38)
Delois Ed Dubois (M: 44) Furman H Duboise (M: 37) Harley Rolan Dubree (M: 28)
Stephen Christopher Dubree (M: 41) Christopher Douglas Ducey (M: 45) Michael A Duckett (M: 36)
Brian C Duckett (M: 44) Ronald L Duckson (M: 43) Arne Terry Ducsay (M: 51)
Randall Nmn Dudley (M: 59) Theodore C Dudzik (M: 37) Dondi Dean Duehmig (M: 48)
Dondi Dean Duehmig (M: 49) Michael Dewayne Duerson (M: 27) Donald R Duff (M: 52)
Douglas A Duffer (M: 48) John Kenneth Duffitt (M: 78) Robert Bernard Duffy (M: 84)
Raymond S Dugan (M: 42) Andrew M Dugar (M: 37) Andrew Martin Dugar (M: 39)
Jared Todd Dugger (M: 37) Mary E Dugger (F: 36) Rex Avery Dugger (M: 55)
Jared Todd Dugger (M: 31) Charles E Dugger (M: 48) Anita Faye Duggins (F: 35)
Matilde Dugue (M: 32) Steven Wayne Dujardin (M: 31) Donald R Dukate (M: 41)
Bobby Joe Duke (M: 44) Charles Ray Duke (M: 35) Mark A Duke (M: 38)
Reva Laraine Duke (F: 47) Rex Allen Duke (M: 54) Stanley Blaine Duke (M: 33)
Rex Duke (M: 47) Ricky D Duke (M: 50) Rick D Duke (M: 52)
Phillip R Duke (M: 44) Charles D Duke (M: 61) Mark Allen Duke (M: 38)
Gaylord Delbert Duke (M: 68) Anthony Q Dukes (M: 45) Tyler W Dukes (M: 23)
Isaac Duluna (M: 85) Rick Dulworth (M: 63) Rick Bedford Dulworth (M: 63)
Walter T. Dulworth (M: 64) Randall Scott Duly (M: 50) Craig Gene Dumas (M: 42)
Donnie Ray Dumas (M: 48) James Earl Dumas (M: 57) Ollie Dumas (M: 46)
Ollie Dumas (M: 49) Ollie Dumas (M: 44) Dominique M Dumes (M: 27)
James E Dumes (M: 57) Michael William Dummich (M: 35) Michael William Dummich (M: 29)
Troy E Dunagan (M: 21) Troy E Dunagan (M: 23) Gary L Dunagan (M: 48)
Clarence W Dunbar (M: 53) Bart Bouvier Duncan (M: 48) Bradley Alan Duncan (M: 30)
Derrick Anthony Duncan (M: 29) Donald Lee Duncan (M: 36) Donald Duncan (M: 39)
Dustin Lee Duncan (M: 29) Gary Lane Duncan (M: 68) Jeffrey Lynn Duncan (M: 50)
John Emmett Duncan (M: 72) Michael Anthony Duncan (M: 32) Michael Todd Duncan (M: 42)
Richard Allen Duncan (M: 48) Ronald S Duncan (M: 48) Steven Leroy Duncan (M: 55)
Joseph E Duncan (M: 49) Robert D Duncan (M: 30) William K Duncan (M: 45)
Sandra E Duncan/Kirish (F: 48) James Harley Dunham (M: 40) Jeremy Lee Dunham (M: 28)
Jeremy Lee Dunham (M: 27) James Harley Dunham (M: 34) Scott L Dunham (M: 38)
Michael Dunhost (M: 39) Bryant K Dunigan (M: 50) Gary Wayne Dunivan (M: 60)
Gary Wayne Dunivan (M: 61) Steven D Dunkel (M: 30) Steven Allan Dunkin (M: 57)
Steven A Dunkin (M: 53) Brian M Dunlap (M: 43) Eugene Raymond Dunlap (M: 67)
Jesse Edward Dunlap (M: 31) Lance James Dunlap (M: 39) Jesse Edward Dunlap (M: 28)
Brian W Dunlap (M: 40) Albert E Dunn (M: 38) Fred Kurl Dunn (M: 42)
Gary Allen Dunn (M: 40) Jerry Dale Dunn (M: 46) Jimmy L Dunn (M: 65)
Joshua Brett Dunn (M: 31) Michael Dunn (M: 55) Michael Dunn (M: 37)
Michael Ray Dunn (M: 39) Michael Dunn (M: 55) Richard Andrew Dunn (M: 39)
Richard George Dunn (M: 71) Robert Lee Dunn (M: 39) Ronald Edward Dunn (M: 42)
Shamar A Dunn (M: 28) Titus Paul Dunn (M: 33) Larry Andrew Dunn (M: 38)
Ronald Edward Dunn (M: 37) Bruce Wayne Dunn (M: 49) Troy A Dunn (M: 40)
William E Dunn (M: 73) Roger W Dunn (M: 61) David L Dunn (M: 72)
Charles E Dunn (M: 55) Larry A Dunn (M: 39) Bailey Dunning (M: 30)
Mark A Dunning (M: 47) Mark Allen Dunning (M: 49) Leroy H Dunson (M: 43)
Robert Jerry Dunson (M: 46) David Nathaniel Dupee (M: 56) David Nathaniel Dupee (M: 56)
George Dupire (M: 76) Burke Taylor Dupont (M: 29) Anthony Quinn Dupree (M: 50)
Ruth A Dupree (F: 46) Calvin Russell Durbin (M: 45) Charles Junior Durbin (M: 44)
Francis Herman Durbin (M: 45) Terry Michael Durbin (M: 41) Terry M Durbin (M: 37)
Keith A Durbin (M: 43) Jason K Durden (M: 35) Roscoe A Durflinger (M: 50)
Roscoe Avery Durflinger (M: 50) Charles L Durham (M: 45) James E Durham (M: 34)
Johnathon Lee Durham (M: 33) Tony A Durham (M: 44) Tony Allen Durham (M: 46)
William Anthony Durham (M: 57) Albert W Durham (M: 61) Carl Durham (M: 60)
Trenton James Durling (M: 18) Brandon M Durnell (M: 25) Martin Lynn Durniak (M: 57)
John Andrew Durr (M: 55) Daniel L Durrett (M: 47) John Van Dusen (M: 63)
Otis Matthew Duskin (M: 20) Micheal Andrew Dutour (M: 52) Michael A Dutour (M: 55)
Jeffrey Scott Duvall (M: 41) Jimmy Dale Duvall (M: 48) William Henry Duvall (M: 42)
William Henry Duvall (M: 40) Jimmy Dale Duvall (M: 42) Kenneth A Duveluis (M: 45)
Dane Anthony Dvorak (M: 34) Ted R Dwigans (M: 72) Matthew L Dwiggans (M: 40)
Jerry Frank Dyben (M: 80) Richard Peter Dyben (M: 66) Scott Thomas Dyben (M: 48)
George Larry Dycus (M: 61) George Larry Dycus (M: 58) Tommie Lee Dye (M: 54)
John Leroy Dye (M: 66) Keith Dyer (M: 56) Sammy D Dyer (M: 50)
Albert R Dyer (M: 35) David L Dyer (M: 33) Landon G Dyer (M: 38)
Jeffery Brian Dyer (M: 48) Tony A Dyer (M: 39) James M Dyer (M: 52)
William D Dyess (M: 31) Paul Daniel Dygert (M: 60) Marion Earl Dyke (M: 29)
Steven Wayne Dyke (M: 48) James Robert Dykes (M: 52) James Robert Dykes (M: 52)
William Ray Dykes (M: 79) Jennifer A Dykes (F: 34) Jeffrey Paul Dykhuis (M: 54)

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