Sex Offender Profile Directory : Iowa : H

All sex offender listings currently in our database from Iowa whose last name begins with the letter H are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Iowa sex offender data.

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Victor Phuc Diem Ha (M: 42) Donald William Haag (M: 48) Joshua Stephen Haag (M: 31)
Jason Michael Haas (M: 46) Jerod Neil Haaven (M: 37) Michael Lee Hachmann (M: 45)
Joshua Jon Hack (M: 35) Kenneth Alan Hack (M: 51) Robert Louis Hackbarth (M: 38)
Theodore Lee Hacker (M: 36) Theodore Lee Hacker (M: 36) Daniel Cecil Hackett (M: 50)
Daniel Cecil Hackett (M: 50) Chad Andrew Hackfort (M: 33) William Carl Hackley (M: 38)
William Jeremy Hackman (M: 27) Roger Alan Haddock (M: 51) Matthew George Haddy (M: 45)
Albert Dean Hadlock (M: 26) Milton Dean Hadlock (M: 46) Albert Dean Hadlock (M: 26)
Carl Lee Hafele (M: 37) Terry Gene Hageman (M: 55) Brandon Lewis Hagen (M: 25)
Joe Lee Hagen (M: 50) Michael Roger Hagen (M: 56) Charles Harold Hagestrom (M: 34)
Paul Matthew Hahn (M: 51) Ronald Nicholis Hahn (M: 50) Bennie Jay Hail (M: 37)
Christopher Ross Haines (M: 30) Robert M Haines (M: 47) Robert Maurice Haines (M: 47)
Rodney Merle Haines (M: 46) Terry Joseph Hainline (M: 40) Craig Alvin Hakari (M: 59)
James Douglas Hakeman (M: 47) David Andrew Hale (M: 44) Bradley Aeron Haley (M: 22)
John Charles Haley (M: 51) Bill Lee Hall (M: 37) Bobby Ray Hall (M: 30)
Bobby R Hall (M: 30) George Winfield Hall (M: 82) Matthew Michael Hall (M: 32)
Raymond Wayne Eugene Hall (M: 27) Richard Wayne Hall (M: 63) Richard Wayne Hall (M: 63)
Robert Andrew Hall (M: 24) Tammy Jo Hall (F: 31) Timothy Joseph Hall (M: 47)
Zachary Ian Hall (M: 27) Brandie Lea Hall (F: 32) Shawn Curtis Hall (M: 37)
Troy Thomas Hall (M: 51) Timothy Scott Hallesy (M: 48) Isiah Moses Hallowell (M: 28)
Andrew Elmer Hallowell (M: 22) Tony Marvin Halsrud (M: 44) Roy Alfred Halverson (M: 32)
Terry Joseph Halvin (M: 52) Troy Michael Halvorsen (M: 47) Dean Charles Hamann (M: 54)
Raymond Lee Hamann (M: 42) Terry Lee Hamblen (M: 63) Joshua Matthew Hambright (M: 28)
Robert Joseph Hamby (M: 28) Ian Thomas Hamill (M: 28) Amanda Louise Hamilton (F: 26)
Bruce Edward Hamilton (M: 56) Bruce E Hamilton (M: 56) Brian Lee Hamilton (M: 48)
James M Hammerand (M: 25) James Mckenzie Hammerand (M: 25) Daniel Scott Hammerstrom (M: 29)
Dick Lee Hammes (M: 58) Brian Ray Hammill (M: 35) Jacob Paul Hammond (M: 30)
Erwin Keith Hampton (M: 33) Kevin Eugene Hampton (M: 44) Paul Frederick Hampton (M: 49)
Branden Patrick Hamrick (M: 28) Branden Patrick Hamrick (M: 28) Jennifer Lynn Hand (F: 28)
Shawn Michael Hand (M: 25) Jennifer Lynn Hand (F: 28) James Wesley Handley (M: 50)
David Richard Handt (M: 31) Daniel Earl Hankins (M: 56) Donda Gayle Hankins (F: 51)
Donovan Edward Hankins (M: 31) Earl Richard Hankins (M: 50) Earl Richard Hankins (M: 50)
Terry Dean Hankins (M: 47) Larry Dean Hanley (M: 54) Timothy Lee Hanna (M: 26)
Joyce Ann Hannaman (F: 45) Charles David Hannan (M: 21) Mark Matthew Hannan (M: 47)
Larry Gene Hanner (M: 54) Randy Joe Hanover (M: 52) Terry James Hanover (M: 40)
Douglas Ray Hanover (M: 52) Blake Layton Hansen (M: 22) Christopher Steven Hansen (M: 29)
Eric Richard Hansen (M: 29) Joseph Adam Hansen (M: 33) Michael David Hansen (M: 46)
Steven Paul Hansen (M: 60) Joseph Adam Hansen (M: 32) Christopher James Hansen (M: 40)
Kenneth Allen Hansen (M: 60) Michael David Hansen (M: 46) Ronald Ray Hansen (M: 43)
Victor Raymor Hansen (M: 94) David Joseph Hanson (M: 32) David Joseph Hanson (M: 32)
Jerrod Rodney Hanson (M: 32) Russell Lamar Hanson (M: 65) Ryan Thomas Hanson (M: 26)
Matthew Fredrick Happel (M: 36) Eric Allen Harbin (M: 40) Ryan Douglas Harder (M: 28)
David Kevin Hardie (M: 51) Donald Kirk Harding (M: 46) Rodney Allen Harding (M: 46)
Justin Michael Hardisty (M: 30) James Robert Hardman (M: 44) James Byrd Hardy (M: 83)
Marvin D Hardy (M: 58) Leslie Miller Hardy (M: 72) Marvin Dean Hardy (M: 58)
Charles Edward Hardymartin (M: 40) John Michael Harker (M: 30) Raymond Dewitt Harker (M: 47)
Andrew James Harker (M: 34) Dana Phillip Harker (M: 46) Robert G Harkey (M: 51)
Robert Grant Harkey (M: 51) Robert Harry Harkins (M: 28) Mack Eugene Harkrider (M: 60)
David Johnathan Harlan (M: 21) Israel Loman Harlan (M: 39) Bruce Edward Harland (M: 68)
Bruce Edward Harland (M: 68) William Everett Harman (M: 47) Todd Joel Harmelink (M: 42)
Mathew Scot Harmon (M: 24) Steven S Harmon (M: 46) Darwin Dean Harms (M: 52)
Ricky Dale Harms (M: 54) Jonathon Clinton Harnden (M: 33) Roy Kelvin Harnden (M: 57)
Chad Michael Harp (M: 21) Demonte Leshone Harper (M: 34) James Anthony Harper (M: 49)
Richard Lee Harper (M: 44) Richard Lee Harper (M: 44) Sessions Lemont Harper (M: 41)
James Anthony Harper (M: 49) Jason Lamar Harrell (M: 25) Kevin Michael Harrier (M: 33)
Steven Michael Harrier (M: 58) Brian Lee Harrington (M: 31) Charles Glenn Harrington (M: 40)
Ronnie Earl Harrington (M: 38) Samuel Larry John Harrington (M: 36) John Henry Harrington (M: 45)
Alton Dale Harris (M: 47) David William Harris (M: 37) Dealgerron Sharmone Harris (M: 23)
Ernest E Harris (M: 54) Kenneth Junior Harris (M: 61) Kenneth J Harris (M: 61)
Ld Harris (M: 52) Paul Vincent Harris (M: 46) R T Harris (M: 37)
William Eugene Harris (M: 46) Lee Harris (M: 36) Alton Dale Harris (M: 47)
Beverly Ann Harris (F: 60) Daniel Leland Harris (M: 46) Jeremy Jon Harris (M: 29)
Larry D Harris (M: 52) Michael Henry Harris (M: 47) Richard Uell Harris (M: 47)
Jerome Harris (M: 55) Ellsworth Jay Harrison (M: 40) William Howard Harrison (M: 38)
Andrew Joseph Harrison (M: 42) Kirk Lee Harrison (M: 31) William Howard Harrison (M: 38)
Taurean Edmund Harrold (M: 25) James Edward Harry (M: 53) Kurt Harryman (M: 35)
Scottie Lee Harshman (M: 39) Scottie Lee Harshman (M: 39) David Hart (M: 42)
Jason Daniel Vincent Hart (M: 41) Kyle Andrew Hart (M: 29) Shawn Michael Hart (M: 33)
Troy Keith Hart (M: 35) William Aaron Harter (M: 34) Rosento Hartman (M: 31)
Jon Carl Hartsell (M: 53) Richard William Hartzell (M: 55) Richard William Hartzell (M: 55)
John Victor Harvey (M: 59) Lawrence Alfred Harvey (M: 50) Travis Matthew Harvey (M: 34)
Walter Nathan Harvey (M: 27) David Roy Harwell (M: 49) Clinton John Haskins (M: 37)
Myron Wayne Hasley (M: 41) Kurt Duane Hass (M: 58) David James Hassett (M: 47)
Dennis Drew Hastings (M: 50) Michael Elwood Hatcher (M: 58) Dale Lynn Hatfield (M: 59)
Robert Lee Hatfield (M: 53) Dale Lynn Hatfield (M: 59) Joshua Kyle Hatfield (M: 23)
William Joseph Hatlestad (M: 50) William Hatlestad (M: 50) Steven Elliott Hatter (M: 49)
David Andrew Hatterman (M: 25) Nickolas Allen Haugland (M: 21) Michal Gary Haulk (M: 64)
Cory Michael Hawbaker (M: 21) Lloyd Edward Hawk (M: 61) Craig Russell Hawkins (M: 66)
James D Hawkins (M: 51) Kirk Allen Hawkins (M: 44) Nicholas Russell Hawkins (M: 22)
Quincy Hawkins (M: 42) Marshall Hawkins (M: 32) Marshall Hawkins (M: 32)
Joseph Richard Hawpetoss (M: 75) Gail Ann Hawthorn (F: 40) Max Ray Hawthorne (M: 56)
Michael Ray Hay (M: 29) David Ray Hayes (M: 32) Ebony Tiana Hayes (F: 20)
Michael P Hayes (M: 45) Michael Paul Hayes (M: 45) Michael Paul Hayes (M: 45)
Megan Marie Hayes (F: 33) Dwight David Hayner (M: 50) Dwight David Hayner (M: 50)
Steven Lee Hayner (M: 56) Mark Steven Haynes (M: 51) Ricky Leroy Haynes (M: 33)
Jack Leonard Hays (M: 38) Jack Leonard Hays (M: 38) Todd Richard Hazel (M: 47)
Phillip Samuel Head (M: 33) Harvey Lee Headley (M: 26) Harvey Lee Headley (M: 26)
John Alan Heal (M: 48) John Alan Heal (M: 48) Michael Lynn Heard (M: 51)
Kevin Thomas Heard (M: 27) Isaac Russell Hearing (M: 80) Shane Thomas Hearn (M: 33)
Daniel Early Heater (M: 36) Kayleigh Lynn Heath (F: 26) Kayleigh Lynn Heath (F: 26)
Aaron Micheal Heaton (M: 33) Richard Claire Heaton (M: 64) Aaron Micheal Heaton (M: 33)
John Gerard Hecht (M: 28) Steven Keith Hecker (M: 22) James Bannon Heckethorn (M: 41)
Matthew Hayes Hedeen (M: 43) Gary Lee Hedlund (M: 65) Richard Darrell Hedrick (M: 79)
Logan Jacob Heeren (M: 17) Robert James Hefel (M: 53) Thomas Bradley Hefflefinger (M: 31)
Charles James Heffner (M: 29) Greg Allen Heginger (M: 42) Jerome Jay Heikens (M: 54)
Jesse Lee Heilman (M: 31) Jesse Lee Heilman (M: 31) Francis Donald Heim (M: 45)
Francis Donald Heim (M: 45) Justin Jo Kapinski Heim (M: 25) Scott Christopher Heim (M: 40)
Dale Edmund Heim (M: 64) Matthew Johnathon Hein (M: 24) Ryan Alan Hein (M: 20)
Matthew Johnathon Hein (M: 24) John Anthony Heiniger (M: 44) John Edward Heiniger (M: 76)
Steven Ralph Helfer (M: 59) Adam James Helget (M: 26) Brian Wayne Helland (M: 60)
David Francis Hellyer (M: 38) Timothy Edwin Hellyer (M: 53) David Francis Hellyer (M: 38)
Ronald William Helm (M: 47) James Robert Helmick (M: 46) Zachary Jacob Helmick (M: 25)
Zachery Jacob Helmick (M: 25) Steven Eugene Helmick (M: 59) Matthew Mark Helmrichs (M: 29)
Matthew Mark Helmrichs (M: 29) Rodney Lynn Helseth (M: 52) Aaron James Hemann (M: 36)
Aaron James Hemann (M: 36) Jeremiah Allen Hemenway (M: 33) Tony Joe Hemiller (M: 40)
James Lee Hemm (M: 49) Jess Jacob Hemm (M: 45) Orville William Hemm (M: 47)
Randy Vester Hemm (M: 55) Michael James Hemmingsen (M: 40) Zachariah Duane Henaman (M: 34)
George Lee Henderson (M: 69) Jamie Linn Henderson (M: 34) Michael Andrew Henderson (M: 20)
Tyson James Henderson (M: 29) Corey Leron Henderson (M: 35) Antoine Dushawn Hendrick (M: 36)
Antoine Dushawn Hendricks (M: 36) Jeremy David Hendricks (M: 33) Chet Allen Hendrickson (M: 42)
Thomas Lawrence Hendrickson (M: 28) Lance Alan Henkel (M: 52) Lance Alan Henkel (M: 52)
Rodney Kenneth Hennigar (M: 46) James Albert Henning (M: 38) Cj Gayle Henrich (M: 40)
Montana Bleau Henricksen (M: 28) Bart Carter Henry (M: 50) Laine Jason Henry (M: 35)
Robert Clayton Henry (M: 29) Justin Wayne Henry (M: 38) Laine Jason Henry (M: 35)
Anthony Turner Hensley (M: 19) Nathan Shelby Henson (M: 45) Nathan Dumond Hepker (M: 33)
Kenneth Joseph Hepperle (M: 54) Neil Gregory Herbold (M: 34) Neil Gregory Herbold (M: 34)
Katherine Marie Heredia (F: 25) Steven Craig Herlein (M: 59) Timothy Greg Herlein (M: 31)
Charles Robert Herman (M: 61) Tracy Steven Herman (M: 45) Brice Alan Hermanson (M: 35)
Jeffrey David Hermanson (M: 50) Buonfilio Gomez Hernandez (M: 40) David Victor Hernandez (M: 28)
Edgar Hernandez (M: 39) Irving Jean Hernandez (M: 24) John Ruiz Hernandez (M: 44)
Jose Velasquez Hernandez (M: 35) Jose Cortes Hernandez (M: 22) Luis Nathan Hernandez (M: 36)
Miguel Angel Hernandez (M: 38) Paul Edward Hernandez (M: 20) Salvador Santoyo Hernandez (M: 31)
Valente Hernandez (M: 30) Victor Manuel Hernandez (M: 34) Jesse Hernandez (M: 43)
Jesus Maria Hernandez (M: 37) John Ruiz Hernandez (M: 44) Gregorio Hernandez (M: 32)
Rodolfo Hernandez-Barajas (M: 37) Eric Dixon Herndon (M: 52) Shelly Kay Herndon (F: 50)
Ronald Jermaine Herndon (M: 40) Eric Dixon Herndon (M: 52) Nathan Mark Herny (M: 28)
Gaylord Anthony Herrick (M: 39) Gaylord Anthony Herrick (M: 39) Aaron John Herrmann (M: 36)
Marcus Allen Herrmann (M: 28) Marcus Allen Herrmann (M: 28) Kevin Andre Herron (M: 26)
Donald Wayne Herselius (M: 42) Tony Lester Hertrampf (M: 42) William Lee Hesebeck (M: 52)
Jeffrey George Hess (M: 51) John L Hess (M: 60) Ricki Charles Hess (M: 47)
Samuel Matthew Hess (M: 27) William Mark Hess (M: 40) John Leo Hess (M: 61)
William Mark Hess (M: 40) Cass Lawrence Hesse (M: 33) Michelle Ann Hesse (F: 32)
Shawn Travis Hesse (M: 33) Andrew Thomas Hesseltine (M: 30) Andrew Thomas Hesseltine (M: 30)
Ronald Lee Hester (M: 66) Michael James Hetzel (M: 51) Paul Frederick Heuchelin (M: 43)
Charles Mark Hewitt (M: 38) Charles Mark Hewitt (M: 38) Paul Randall Heyer (M: 55)
Theresa Marie Heyveld (F: 38) Seth William Heywood (M: 35) Seth William Heywood (M: 35)
Donald George Hick (M: 26) Carron Raymond Hickie (M: 68) Jessie Hickman (M: 49)
Robert Preston Hickman (M: 55) Jerry Alan Hickok (M: 74) Albert Leroy Hicks (M: 43)
Albert L Hicks (M: 43) Johnny William Hicks (M: 67) Robert Roy Hicks (M: 50)
Terrance Lamar Hicks (M: 37) Terrance Lamar Hicks (M: 37) Terrance Lamar Hicks (M: 37)
Christopher Joseph Hidlebaugh (M: 20) Darren Michael Hieber (M: 33) Randy Edward Higby (M: 58)
James Clifford Higgins (M: 62) Brandin Jeremiah Lee Higgs (M: 34) John Wesley Higgs (M: 42)
Timothy Duane Highland (M: 37) Travis Wayne Highley (M: 36) Joseph Ray Hike (M: 25)
Nolan Dale Hilbrands (M: 26) Randall Scott Hildreth (M: 44) Steven Dale Hildreth (M: 34)
Joseph Leroy Hiles (M: 46) Anthony John Hill (M: 47) Brett Edward Hill (M: 49)
Danny Dean Hill (M: 22) John Alan Hill (M: 23) Paul E Hill (M: 48)
Paul Edward Hill (M: 48) Terrance Dewayne Hill (M: 51) Donald Lee Hill (M: 48)
Michael Paul Hill (M: 41) James Thomas Hill-Robison (M: 20) Michael Mark Hillery (M: 46)
Jimmy Lynn Hilleshiem (M: 51) David Eugene Hillyer (M: 49) Dustin Michael Hillyer (M: 27)
Dustin M Hillyer (M: 26) Marc Robert Hillyer (M: 22) Randy Scott Hilmer (M: 49)
Keith Tramaine Hilson (M: 28) Michael Earl Hilson (M: 48) Keith Tramaine Hilson (M: 28)
Danny Eugene Himes (U: N/A) Jason Randall Himschoot (M: 30) Michelle Jo Hinde (F: 39)
Ronald Lewis Hinders (M: 35) Edna Hindson (F: 64) Edna Mae Hindson (F: 64)
Brian James Hines (M: 33) Daniel Joseph Hines (M: 57) Dwayne Edwin Hines (M: 36)
Joshua Curtis Hines (M: 26) Nathan Linn Hines (M: 38) Stanley Duane Hines (M: 40)
Tobey Joseph Hines (M: 28) Tobey Joseph Hines (M: 28) John Patrick Hines (M: 38)
Jonathan Leroy Hingtgen (M: 30) Anthony Sherrell Hinton (M: 25) Michael Joseph Hintz (M: 43)
Michael Joseph Hintz (M: 43) Kevin Jay Hippler (M: 23) Michael Allen Hipps (M: 45)
Anthony William Hird (M: 29) Anthony William Hird (M: 29) Richard Lee Hirschauer (M: 65)
Brady Carlis Hirt (M: 51) William Bernard Hitchcock (M: 36) Menvil Duane Hites (M: 43)
Joel David Hitsman (M: 32) Joel David Hitsman (M: 32) Glen Richard Hoag (M: 35)
Danny Tuy Hoang (M: 46) Gerald Brian Hoard (M: 39) Ricky Hobbs (M: 45)
Ricky Ronnell Hobbs (M: 45) Tyler Christopher Hobbs (M: 27) Marion Thomas Hobbs (M: 62)
Stephen Douglas Hobert (M: 63) Frank Norbert Hobmeier (M: 61) Joel Terry Hochwender (M: 51)
Nathaniel Bernard Hodge (M: 32) Riley Adam Hodge (M: 20) James Morrello Hodgell (M: 90)
David Michael Hodges (M: 38) Howard Lee Hodges (M: 75) Jerry Dean Hodges (M: 71)
Kyle Allen Hodges (M: 25) Timothy William Hodges (M: 51) Kenneth Walter Hodges (M: 28)
Bradley Joe Alan Hodgson (M: 36) Steve Raymond Hodson (M: 29) Arlo Lavern Hoefer (M: 76)
Eugene Don Hoefer (M: 25) Brad Timothy Hoefing (M: 30) Steven Patrick Hoelscher (M: 33)
Steven Patrick Hoelscher (M: 33) Matthew Lawrence Hoenig (M: 36) David Lee Hoeppner (M: 25)
Michael Dean Hoeppner (M: 45) Tate Jordan Hoeppner (M: 19) Marvin Eugene Hofeldt (M: 29)
Michael Ross Hofeldt (M: 31) Steve Lyle Hofer (M: 67) Ryan Ray Hoffert (M: 34)
Corey Dean Hoffman (M: 40) Lawrence John Hoffman (M: 21) Mark Monroe Hoffman (M: 51)
Paul Jerome Hoffman (M: 59) Kenyon Davis Hoffman (M: 79) Leonard Louis Hoffman (M: 82)
Robert Richard Hoffman (M: 25) Leonard L Hoffman (M: 82) Kurt Robert Hoffmann (M: 31)
Nicholas Alan Hogan (M: 27) Kevin James Hogancamp (M: 49) Alma Michelle Hogberg (F: 44)
Wesley Dean Hogeland (M: 59) Kevin Miles Hogue (M: 53) James William Hohl (M: 54)
Norman Herbert Holby (M: 75) Collin Loran Holcomb (M: 42) Christopher Bryan Holder (M: 35)
Christopher Bryan Holder (M: 35) Trent Joseph Holdgrafer (M: 37) Jack L Holford (M: 62)
Daniel Curtis Holland (M: 25) Glenn Dewitt Holland (M: 72) Robert Orville Holland (M: 45)
Cory Andrew Hollander (M: 28) John Michael Hollen (M: 65) Todd David Hollen (M: 44)
Allan Mark Hollenbeck (M: 56) William Carl Hollenbeck (M: 47) Randall Aubrey Holley (M: 32)
Charles Darrell Hollinger (M: 62) Joel Adna Hollingsworth (M: 45) Lenny Leroy Hollingsworth (M: 53)
Walter Dewell Hollingsworth (M: 68) Clyde Hollins (M: 55) Darrell Thomas Holloway (M: 49)
Larry Wayne Holloway (M: 28) Shawn Eric Holman (M: 51) Andrew Warren Holmes (M: 27)
Anthony Tremale Holmes (M: 35) Craig Allen Holmes (M: 52) Larry Darnell Holmes (M: 37)
Samuel Vaughn Holmes (M: 47) Samuel Vaughn Holmes (M: 47) Shawn Duwayne Holmes (M: 36)
James Andrew Hols (M: 39) Randy Brent Holsinger (M: 38) Jesse James Holsinger (M: 22)
Chad Allen Holst (M: 37) Daniel Keith Holt (M: 29) Richard Anthony Holt (M: 45)
Randy Lee Holtmyer (M: 26) Daniel John Holtz (M: 60) Christopher Thomas Holub (M: 31)
Marcus Edward Holveck (M: 33) Timothy Gene Holz (M: 35) Kevin L Holzheuser (M: 25)
Marie Jeanette Homan (F: 40) Kenneth Ray Hon (M: 60) Cory Daniel Honeycutt (M: 23)
Anthony George Hook (M: 26) Charles Roger Hook (M: 46) Lonnie David Hook (M: 41)
Anthony Leon Hoover (M: 42) Brett Louis Hoover (M: 48) Dustin Herbert Hoover (M: 35)
Herbert Raymond Hoover (M: 83) Michael Jay Hoover (M: 21) Carl Joseph Hopkins (M: 29)
Justin Albert Hopkins (M: 29) Rodney D Hopkins (M: 40) Daryl Edward Hopkins (M: 30)
Barney David Hopkins (M: 39) Dusty Joe Hopkins (M: 24) Mark Allen Hopwood (M: 23)
Lee Charles Horacek (M: 30) Edwin Warren Horn (M: 33) Jay Edward Horn (M: 32)
Kory Scott Horton (M: 27) Monte Lee Horton (M: 46) David Adrian Horton (M: 36)
Larry Raymond Hosford (M: 38) Larry Raymond Hosford (M: 38) Corey Deshay Hoskins (M: 33)
Larry Eugene Hoskins (M: 32) Richard C Hoskins (M: 62) Richard C Hoskins (M: 62)
Iraj Hosseini (M: 58) Joseph Mcconnell Houchin (M: 34) Edwin Mckean Houck (M: 61)
Eric Earl Houk (M: 27) Michael Leo Houlton (M: 72) Dennis Ray House (M: 51)
Arthur David House (M: 33) Arthur D House (M: 33) Ronald Lee Houselog (M: 58)
Peter John Hove (M: 24) Travis Alan Hovey (M: 31) Chris Lee Howard (M: 38)
David James Howard (M: 50) Elizabeth Ann Howard (F: 20) Fred Dewitt Howard (M: 60)
Frederick Howard (M: 37) Jeremy Lee Howard (M: 27) Michael Phillip Howard (M: 58)
Milton Lee Howard (M: 27) Jerry Wade Howard (M: 39) Frank Loren Howe (M: 37)
Timmy Dale Howe (M: 49) Timmy Dale Howe (M: 49) David Matthew Howell (M: 48)
Michael Alan Howell (M: 29) Robert Allen Howell (M: 48) Brian S Howes (M: 32)
Brian Scott Howes (M: 32) Daniel Lee Howie (M: 33) Joseph Edward Howie (M: 35)
David Gearold Hoxsey (M: 48) Clint Henry Hoy (M: 27) Brian Paul Hoyer (M: 52)
Jason Edward Hoyle (M: 32) Steven Michael Hoyle (M: 31) Timothy Wayne Hubbard (M: 30)
Joshua Bernard Hubbell (M: 34) James Allen Hubbell (M: 38) Benjamin Jay Hubble (M: 33)
Thomas James Hubert (M: 50) Shane David Hudelson (M: 36) Gregory Joseph Hudgens (M: 28)
Austin Robert Hudson (M: 24) Curtis Wilson Hudson (M: 31) Daniel Ray Hudson (M: 32)
Jonathan David Hudson (M: 28) Timothy Michael Hudson (M: 27) William Clifton Hudson (M: 31)
Roger William Huebner (M: 53) Erik Aaron Huerta (M: 29) Neil Wesley Huffman (M: 41)
Rodney Lee Huffman (M: 26) Alex Dean Hugen (M: 31) Barrett A Hughes (M: 41)
Barrett Antonio Hughes (M: 41) Clifford Lawrence Hughes (M: 61) Patrick John Hughes (M: 58)
Larry Lee Hughes (M: 69) Shannan Lee Hughes (M: 40) Tracy Lynn Hughson (F: 37)
Robert Dale Huisinga (M: 38) Christopher Todd Huisman (M: 31) Ricky Roy Huisman (M: 58)
Travis John Huizenga (M: 23) Jeffrey Scott Hukill (M: 41) Bart Allen Hulbert (M: 53)
Bart Allen Hulbert (M: 53) Billie Dean Hulen (M: 79) Larry Wayne Hulen (M: 47)
Larry Wayne Hulen (M: 48) Robin Diane Hulen (F: 45) Louis Lee Hull (M: 42)
Charlie Allen Hull (M: 32) Terry Dean Hulstein (M: 33) Leo John Humke (M: 51)
Todd Arnold Hummel (M: 42) David Aaron Humphrey (M: 44) Shawn Patrick Humphrey (M: 40)
James Humphrey (M: 40) Ryan Jay Humphreys (M: 18) Dean Alan Humphries (M: 52)
Brandon Leo Hundley (M: 22) Halsey Lee Hunt (M: 32) Terry Lane Hunt (M: 65)
Dante Darnell Hunter (M: 35) Michael James Hunter (M: 20) Joseph Daniel Huntoon (M: 36)
John Charles Hurd (M: 45) Ian Patrick Hurley (M: 34) Michael Alan Hurst (M: 20)
Dennis Warner Hurt (M: 34) Dennis Warner Hurt (M: 34) Michael Lee Hurt (M: 46)
Ryan Patrick Hurt (M: 29) Ryan Patrick Hurt (M: 29) Tyler James Hurt (M: 19)
Matthew Douglas Husted (M: 25) Bradley Joseph Hutchcroft (M: 29) Richard Leon Hutcherson (M: 47)
Scott Richard Hutchins (M: 43) Roger Alan Hutchinson (M: 50) William Charles Hutchinson (M: 60)
Lambert Dean Hutchison (M: 34) Shawn George Hutson (M: 31) Paul Thomas Huxford (M: 50)
John David Hyde (M: 38) Richard Franklin Hyde (M: 45) Ryan Michael Hyland (M: 23)
Michael Ryan Hynes (M: 21) Anthony Wayne Hynick (M: 30) Brandi Ann Hytrek (F: 29)

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