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All sex offender listings currently in our database from Arizona whose last name begins with the letter D are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Arizona sex offender data.

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Charles L Dabbs (M: 73) Jonathan R Dabney (M: 46) Bradley Eugene Dack (M: 50)
David L Dade (M: 42) Richard E Dague (M: 47) David S Dahl (M: 31)
David M Dahlberg (M: 42) Charles T Daigle (M: 54) Arthur W Dailey (M: 30)
Duane Dailey (M: 51) Richard W Dailing (M: 59) Robert A Daily (M: 65)
David Daily (M: 56) Neil E Dale (M: 56) Richard R Daley (M: 57)
David G Daley (M: 21) Stephen M Daly (M: 53) Aaron M Dalzell (M: 28)
Aaron Michael Dalzell (M: 29) Charles L Dameron (M: 69) Damon B Damico (M: 50)
Nicholas C Damon (M: 31) Richard H Dana (M: 37) Peter F Dane (M: 58)
Willie Dangerfield (M: 27) Chad D Daniel (M: 29) Cornelius Daniel (M: 23)
Delbert D Daniel (M: 45) Kenyard Lamar Daniel (M: 57) Shawn J Daniel (M: 39)
Trevor D Daniel (M: 33) Coleman Daniels (M: 25) Coleman J Daniels (M: 24)
Davin J Daniels (M: 41) Terry Daniels (M: 60) Dana H Daniels (M: 47)
Albert M Daniels (M: 76) George S Danielson (M: 33) Ivan Dann (M: 39)
Freddie R Darden (M: 68) Joseph A Darmiento (M: 24) Mark A Darnell (M: 34)
Montgomery W Darrow (M: 62) Joseph E Darty (M: 36) Michael P Dary (M: 66)
John A Dase (M: 27) Edward V Daugherty (M: 39) Charles Davenport (M: 41)
Clinton Davenport (M: 44) Raymond E Davenport (M: 52) Stylish Davenport (M: 24)
Donald Davenport (M: 73) Donald Davey (M: 69) Evelyne A David (F: 49)
Floyd B Davidson (M: 31) Michael E Davidson (M: 25) Richard E Davidson (M: 33)
Aaron D Davis (M: 70) Alfred Davis (M: 49) Burnell Davis (M: 52)
Charlie E Davis (M: 46) Elvis Davis (M: 42) Fred L Davis (M: 38)
Henry S Davis (M: 55) James B Davis (M: 43) Jeffrey A Davis (M: 51)
Jesse Davis (M: 37) Joe N Davis (M: 49) Kenneth Jerome Davis (M: 41)
Loren J Davis (M: 57) Mark W Davis (M: 56) Martin L Davis (M: 51)
Michael W Davis (M: 31) Philip Davis (M: 50) Rasul Davis (M: 20)
Reginal Davis (M: 45) Robert L Davis (M: 69) Robert Davis (M: 47)
Robert L Davis (M: 49) Sean T Davis (M: 41) Terry T Davis (M: 31)
Terry E Davis (M: 41) Wesley T Davis (M: 20) Willard E Davis (M: 41)
Woody G Davis (M: 87) Terry Tyrone Davis (M: 32) Robert Davis (M: 48)
Richard Davis (M: 56) Bobby J Davis (M: 31) Anthony Davis (M: 27)
Raymond A Davis (M: 20) Jason L Davis (M: 25) David J Davtrevil (M: 54)
Delewis Daw (M: 26) Alfred Dawahoya (M: 37) Jessie J Dawkins (M: 60)
Edward C Dawson (M: 50) Michael J Dawson (M: 56) Jonathan R Dawson (M: 36)
Chris Day (M: 26) Christopher A Day (M: 29) David J Day (M: 50)
Isiah D Day (M: 35) John M Day (M: 54) Leroy A Day (M: 49)
Timothy L Day (M: 37) Patrick L Day (M: 36) Thomas Lloyd Dean (M: 44)
Thomas L Dean (M: 43) Robbie Dean (M: 36) William E Dear (M: 33)
Ronny M Deas (M: 61) Earl J Debouse (M: 40) George W Deck (M: 64)
Michael J Decker (M: 42) Travis Decocq (M: 22) Fernando K Dedman (M: 22)
Shawn E Dedman (M: 27) Edward Dee (M: 48) Steven G Deems (M: 29)
Harry E Deets (M: 46) Stephen Defilipe (M: 51) Anthony C Deforest (M: 49)
Frederick M Degalan (M: 69) Halbert K Degreen (M: 46) John A Deherrera (M: 47)
Alfred Dejolie (M: 40) Erik F Delacerda (M: 28) Carlos Delacruz (M: 33)
David Delacruz (M: 46) Edward C Delacruz (M: 44) Gilbert D Delacruz (M: 56)
Rudy Delacruz (M: 22) Brandon J Delagarza (M: 34) William A Delaney (M: 26)
Joseph L Delao (M: 53) Rudy A Delapena (M: 42) Michael Deleon (M: 25)
Raquel A Deleon (M: 49) Richard Deleon (M: 49) Richard G Deleon (M: 46)
Anthony J Delgado (M: 27) Donnell Delgado (M: 21) Efrain A Delgado (M: 33)
John Delgado (M: 58) Michael J Delgado (M: 35) Peter J Delgado (M: 32)
Robert Delgado (M: 51) Ruben C Delgado (M: 55) Steven M Delgado (M: 48)
Ricky A Delong (M: 53) Sydney J Delosh (M: 45) Allan J Delosua (M: 56)
John C Delp (M: 46) Steven Delphous (M: 59) Tom Demaline (M: 62)
Derry D Demaray (M: 74) Philip T Demarest (M: 52) Troy Q Demby (M: 47)
Mack L Demery (M: 56) Miguel A Dempsey (M: 26) Jeffrey R Denault (M: 39)
Cesar M Deniz-Rodriguez (M: 33) Joseph W Dennany (M: 45) Joseph Wielfried Dennany (M: 46)
Joshua D Denney (M: 29) Robert D Denney (M: 50) Harlan J Dennis (M: 42)
Christina A Dennis (F: 25) Scott Denniston (M: 63) Aaron E Denny (M: 40)
Alfred R Denogean (M: 37) Stephen M Dent (M: 34) Brady Denton (M: 62)
Thomas Lionel Depontbriand (M: 68) James W Derbaum (M: 31) Joseph Dernoncourt (M: 59)
George W Derrick (M: 53) Ramon Desantiago (M: 34) Wesley Desiderio (M: 30)
Raymond Desmond (M: 37) Tullie A Desmond (M: 29) Matthew Patrick Dettloff (M: 32)
Matthew P Dettloff (M: 31) Joshua Detwiler (M: 24) Walter D Devaney (M: 45)
Wayne R Devore (M: 40) David S Dewall (M: 37) Reid Dewalt (M: 44)
Michael E Dewees (M: 31) Michael Eugene Dewees (M: 32) Robert L Dewey (M: 42)
Lucky Dewitt (M: 30) Douglas J Dewoody (M: 57) Paul D Dewoody (M: 23)
John H Dexter (M: 49) Derrick Deysie (M: 53) Jeremy D Dial (M: 30)
Angel J Diaz (M: 31) Armando R Diaz (M: 40) David Martinez Diaz (M: 60)
Julio Diaz (M: 37) Raymond Diaz (M: 46) Santiago Diaz (M: 51)
Arthur S Diaz (M: 42) Zachery S Dibrell (M: 56) Marlon A Dickens (M: 40)
Chadwick V Dickerhoof (M: 27) Charles A Dickerson (M: 61) Nathaniel L Dickinson (M: 25)
Ricky L Dickison (M: 53) Jesse William Dickson (M: 29) Jesse W Dickson (M: 28)
Nelson A Dickson (M: 49) Lamar Shane Dickson (M: 33) Jason D San Diego (M: 34)
Jay D Dietrich (M: 49) Michael S Dignard (M: 58) David A Digusto (M: 42)
Russell Dille (M: 48) Pete H Dillon (M: 68) Shawn D Dillon (M: 34)
Robert G Dimaggio (M: 26) Michael C Dimitrov (M: 33) Dustin A Dingle (M: 25)
Robert L Dinkins (M: 53) Michael T Diorio (M: 31) Paul L Direnzo (M: 59)
Michael Dirodis (M: 49) Robert F Ditmore (M: 44) Buzz A Dittmar (M: 39)
Robert P Divers (M: 55) Eddie Dixon (M: 30) Marlon J Dixon (M: 40)
Gary Dixon (M: 47) Tim Trung A Do (M: 19) Henry L Doak (M: 52)
Wendel L Doane (M: 48) Wendell Leon Doane (M: 47) Michael E Dobson (M: 49)
Rick G Docekal (M: 49) Monte T Dochterman (M: 51) Steven R Dock (M: 35)
Lee W Dockal (M: 38) David Dockery (M: 51) Glen C Dockham (M: 41)
James S Dodd (M: 44) Maurice G Dodds (M: 62) Glen W Dodson (M: 38)
Lloyd D Doeden (M: 55) Donald D Dohrman (M: 37) Victor A Doka (M: 48)
Scott R Dolezal (M: 41) Scott R Dolezal (M: 35) James A Dolph (M: 51)
Stanley M Dombroski (M: 54) Blaze P Dominguez (M: 34) Jesus T Dominguez (M: 29)
Joseph A Dominguez (M: 40) Manual M Dominguez (M: 22) Richard A Dominguez (M: 47)
Rosalinda Dominguez (F: 38) Roy A Dominguez (M: 50) David J Donan (M: 68)
Daniel R Donnelly (M: 34) Darrell James Donoho (M: 56) Thomas A Donovan (M: 72)
Marcus A Dorn (M: 43) Edward B Dosch (M: 46) Lanson Dosela (M: 52)
Wesley A Doss (M: 30) Kent B Dotson (M: 47) Ronald L Dotson (M: 53)
Danny Ray Dotson (M: 65) Joshua T Doubrava (M: 27) Sean P Dougherty (M: 33)
Carl A Doughty (M: 32) Tommy L Doughty (M: 28) Deandre L Douglas (M: 34)
Robert Douglas (M: 62) Paul K Douglass (M: 50) Stephen Ray Douglass (M: 61)
Keith D Douillard (M: 35) William J Douzart (M: 56) Kenneth A Dove (M: 24)
Carlos W Downell (M: 53) James Patrick Downey (M: 46) James P Downey (M: 41)
William Doxey (M: 30) Bryan C Doyle (M: 53) Bryan C Doyle (M: 51)
Michael Doyle (M: 52) Timothy J Draayer (M: 29) Amandalynn L Draine (F: 26)
Jim Edgar Drake (M: 50) Jim E Drake (M: 48) Martin H Draper (M: 66)
Jack D Dreams (M: 30) Frank A Drennan (M: 48) Sean D Dresser (M: 38)
Glen R Driggs (M: 84) Richard Drury (M: 77) Ronny L Drury (M: 68)
Jaron C Druyon (M: 43) Michael D Dryden (M: 29) Rudolph A Duarte (M: 38)
Glenn Alan Dubay (M: 48) Isaiah Duberry (M: 33) Aaron G Duchene (M: 58)
Bruce L Duchesneau (M: 22) James H Duckworth (M: 56) James Henry Duckworth (M: 57)
James Henry Duckworth (M: 57) Vito F Duda (M: 74) Phillip W Dudley (M: 34)
Damien Dudley (M: 35) Edward J Dudo (M: 66) Brian C Duede (M: 52)
Patricio C Duenaz (M: 43) Robin S Duenaz (M: 44) Burton J Dugan (M: 28)
Jessie T Duke (M: 24) Lawrence E Duke (M: 53) Richard E Duley (M: 39)
Ronnie E Dulworth (M: 42) Gary L Dunagan (M: 52) Roger N Dunbar (M: 49)
Joseph R Duncan (M: 42) Kevin W Duncan (M: 42) Rickie L Duncan (M: 54)
Samuel B Duncan (M: 28) Michael Weldon Duncan (M: 54) Mark J Dunegan (M: 49)
John M Dunham (M: 40) Trey A Dunlap (M: 21) Christopher S Dunn (M: 50)
Christopher R Dunn-Fowler (M: 20) Kevin R Dunphy (M: 21) Michael D Dupree (M: 44)
Andre R Duran (M: 30) Arturo G Duran (M: 45) Francisco M Duran (M: 33)
Glen M Duran (M: 48) Jason Duran (M: 36) Samuel Duran (M: 50)
Terry Duran (M: 46) Ruben Durazo (M: 48) Santino R Durazo (M: 23)
John P Durazo (M: 36) Herbert T Durfee (M: 78) Coleman O Durham (M: 46)
Fred E Durham (M: 74) John Durham (M: 38) Ronald J Durham (M: 32)
Brian J Durling (M: 51) Jefferson A Dutton (M: 64) Albert R Duval (M: 53)
James R Dvorak (M: 47) Jack J Dyer (M: 43) Brandon E Dykens (M: 36)
William Thomas Dykes (M: 33)

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